I caught this special moment on my Bushnell trail camera in Aug. 2012. I didn't think that bucks interacted with fawns, but I guess I was wrong!.

posing for the camera

This big guy loves the camera!

high country goats

I put in for a goat tag in this unit in central Idaho after seeing goats during a deer hunt last year. Went hiking in there this summer to see what the area looked like and found a big herd of goats. Set up a trail camera and in 2 days had a bunch of pictures.

Wide Rack in SC

This deer was caught on trail cam during the middle of the day. Who says all the big ones are nocturnal? The deer looks more like a northern deer than a SC deer.

The Big Boys

I was amazed to see both of these bucks on the same photo.

Fighting foxes

I had my camera on this fox den for three months and caught lots of action.

Midnight buggle

watched a natural water hole and decided to set up trail cam to just see what I was missing at night. Got this amazing picture and spent remainder of hunt looking for him. Never got lucky but had a great time knowing he was there.

Wide Open Skies

Everything about this picture is awesome. Gorgeous sky on Antelope Island with coyote posing and great clarity. Gotta love this picture

Mountian Lion Fight

These two mountian lions were caught on camera while playing on a log near Condon, MT. This picture was one of many caught on camera of the two playing.

Fawn in the Stream

In the hot summer months, this stream crossing becomes a great photo opportunity. Out of hundreds of pics and videos this was one of the best shots.

Kansas Monster

This picture tells it all on why guys want to hunt Kansas. I put up this trail camera just to see what was in area that I had never hunted. POW this guy was on there during the day and night of July 30, 2012. I have spent a lot of time and dollars this year trying to figure out how to put an arrow in him for a buck of a lifetime.

Fighting Coyotes

I’ve been hearing these two yip back and forth for weeks. I checked my trail cam to find over 20 pictures of these two.

Bigfoot blasting through?????? You decide

It wouldn’t be a contest without the possible Big Foot photo right!

Running Pronghorn

I thought this was a gorgeous picture with perfect timing of a buck running on the beach of The Great Salt Lake on Antelope Island. I love everything about this picture; the clarity, lake, beautiful sky, timing, and of course the animal.

The lightning buck

I was amazed at this photo when I pulled the card on my trail camera.

Michigamme, MI Moose

This bull wandered into my black bear bait of cracker jacks and molasses during the first snow. I over looked the picture initially, he blends in pretty well under his fresh white blanket.

Sow and Five Cubs

Really cool pic of a sow and her five cubs!


Massive buck preparing his territory with a little pre-rut action


With the wicked storm brewing in the night sky, and sinister glance of this mean looking buck… darkhorse seemed like a fitting name.

Love is in the air !

I have been hunting Moose for the last 12 years in this area and it always seem to produce nice Bulls! This one is young Bull compare to others in this area. We captured two this year a 16 point and a 17 point…another good year hunting. All I can say is without this Bushnell Trail Camera it would be hit and miss without knowing what you are hunting.

Trudging Along

I really like this picture of a good buck making his way through the snow. The rut was on and he was following his does

Showing off his Rack

This amazing mule deer wanted me to get a close look at all of his extras. He is a very old buck that has actually regressed for a couple years (watch “Muley Freaks Vol I” and keep an eye open for “The Fog Buck”). Lucky for him, there are plenty of monsters on Antelope Island and only a few tags. He’ll die of old age and hopefully we’ll see some of his sons one day.

Wolf Walk

A pair of wolves caught on camera using on old logging road near Condon, MT. A herd of elk was caught on camera 45 min ahead of them.

Fawn jump!

This fawn must have got hissed at or even poked by the big porky in it’s path! And it would have been pretty dark down there. Quite the vertical! Hopefully it was a safe landing.

Bangin’ heads

Two young scrappers going at it with the look of determination in their eyes. Gotta love the rut! even the young ones get fired up!

Roosevelt Elk with hanging velvet

I saw this bull while scouting and decided to put cameras up to find the trails he uses. I checked the cameras two weeks later and found that i had got a picture of him!

Flock of Starlings

Bushnell camera caught a flock of starling as they swarmed near this spring.

Awesome Albino Buck – in my subdivision!

I got this shot on the second day I put my camera out this fall. “Ghost Buck”, as we call him, has become legend and a popular topic of conversation with neighbors in our subdivision. We saw him a few times at night last spring without his antlers. What a gorgeous deer! I am thrilled to capture this daytime pic.

Monster buck close up

This is a picture of a 24 point whitetail buck taken on 09/08/12. He was later harvested on 09/29/12. His sheds from last year were found in March 2012.

Bobcat in Flight

This bobcat was caught in flight!

Buck Paradise

This photo was taken on our trail camera one July day in Ohio. There are 6 nice bucks ranging from 8 points to a monster 21 point whitetail. On opening day of archery, I harvested the 21 point while hunting with my dad. This preparation and hunt was dedicated to our good hunting buddy, who died of lung cancer during last years gun season.

Florida Panthers

Un-collared Florida panthers – mother and kitten (far left) – in the Fakahatchee Strand’s remote cypress swamp, utilizing an old elevated logging tramway to stay dry. Florida panthers are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.

oklahoma backscratcher

this guy is sly he only comes out at night. My hunting buddies and i nick named him Backscratcher because of his drop tine.

Big Buck Stare Down!

This Monster Whitetail stood in front of my trail cam for 15 minutes getting his picture taken.

Fox fight

Not sure the odds of getting a fox on a trail cam, much less two at the same time about to duke it out!

Sparring partners

Two nice West Virginia bucks fighting for the camera.


This was a great picture from a Busnell of a big bull and his little friend. They posed perfect for the camera

Elk at camp

I have a camp in the middle of Elk county Pennsylvania.I set the camera so I could get pics with camp in the background

Black Coyote – Mississippi

Black Coyote – Mississippi

Prairie King

American badger in central Kansas’ Smoky Hills, yawning as he/she exits the den. This badger was responsible for predating a nesting radio-collared greater prairie-chicken hen.

Bear Band?

This guy is making short work of my 6 foot four-inch thing PVC gravity feeder…It looks like he is auditioning for a “Ricola” commercial..

You’re staring at my rack, aren’t you?

I do have eyes… This big fella is still around. He disappeared from the cameras for over 20 days, but he showed himself Saturday night.

Pups at the Salt Lick

I already knew there were a lot of coyotes in the area I hunt. Almost without fail, afternoon bow hunts are serenaded by a pack of coyotes in full chase right at dusk. At least these four little pups provided some very entertaining trail camera pictures. They have shown up at this mineral lick several times. I really like this picture because one of them is gnawing on it!



duck flock on deer cam in sunrise

This trail cam was set up to catch a nice 5×5 and 4×4 whitetail pair feeding in the alfalfa field. this flock of ducks looks like they were spooked one morning right in front of the camera.

King vs. Prince

These two bucks fought for over ten minutes in front of my camera. By the looks of their racks’, they must have some of the same genetics.


A threesome of playful cubs who appear to be making a pyramid….

Leopard And Cub

This female leopard and cub are using the bar in our bush camp as a den

The Gambler

I shot and missed this deer at 33 yards, a day later he is mocking me in front of the camera.

Fork Horn Battle

There is still some tension between the young guns after the rut is over.

Squirrel having a bad night

Poor poor squirrel didn’t know what hit him. It’s amazing how the camera caught this event…right when the owl was first grabbing our little furry gray friend.

Whitetail Doe and Timber Rattlesnake

Doe sniffing the southern end of a northbound Rattlesanke
The big 12 in the back my father ended up harvesting scoring 175 on the dot. The closest, 17 pointer i ended up harvesting He ended up scoring 167 3/8. The only pictures of these two bucks together before being harvested.

Dancing With The Bucks

In all my years of hunting, I have frequently seen does and young bucks stand on their hind legs and play the “dominance” game. However, I have never seen two mature bucks stand up and attempt to dominate. This is a very unique pic that I doubt I’ll ever see again.

The Great Divide

This NE IOWA monster has a giant spread and very respectable mass. He ranges from crp fields to several 50 acre timbers. What an awesome picture.

Super deer to the rescue!

This bandit raccoon corn thief doesn’t stand a chance against super deer! This deer is part of a study being conducted by the UGA Deer Lab evaluating the effectiveness of a new fence design as mitigating deer-vehicle collisions. For more information on this deer study and others visit: www.ugadeerresearch.org/

Hitching a ride

I still have no idea how this happened.



Red Baby

Neat picture of newborn calf with mom. Cows segregate themselves from the herd for a little privacy while birthing and then group back up with everyone shortly thereafter. Considering this, the calf must only be a few days old. They lose the red hue after 1-2 months.

Sneaky Bucks

I’ve been watching these bucks all summer, along with several others. I hope to take the big ten pointer during the opening week of the Missouri archery season in September.

Bald Eagle versus Golden Eagle

One of the interesting pictures we found on the trail camera at one of our wolf bait locations.

Desert Monkey Rare Find

These two with a small family are causing ruckus in this area.

“When it’s 102 outside, you do what you have to do.”

I couldn’t figure out where the water was going and why it was so dirty. Now I know.

Here are the editors’ picks for the best entries in our 2012 Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. Congrats to kjay112 who won the contest’s Grand Prize Pack, which includes includes a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14×44 MilDot Rifle Scope (MSRP: $453.95), a pair of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars (MSRP: $412.95) and a Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder (MSRP: $605.95). The total value of the grand prize pack is over $1,400!

Congratulations to all this year’s winners and thanks to everyone for the hundreds of great submissions. Keep those cameras in the field and stay tuned for our annual Spring Trail Cam Contest!

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