I had my camera set up on my trapline this spring and caught these two cats doing "the deed".

Take Cover

Got this yearling fawn taking cover under its mom… from a hawk whose eyes were bigger than his stomach.

Winter Wile E. Coyote

Scored this awesome photo in my childhood hunting grounds.

Bobcat Vs. Coyotes

Coyotes and a bobcat fighting over a deer carcass in the Paulina area of Central Oregon.

Facing a Bear

In all the years that I have used trail cameras, I have never seen a raccoon come face to face with a black bear.

Tic Tac Toe

a bachelor group posing for the camera

does a bear make love in the woods?

While hunting property outside of Dobbins,Ca We knew there was a bear in the area. We set up 2 tree stands and the trail cam to determine how and when the bear was coming through. Over a week or so we got this picture and many others of 2 bears coming into the orchard. Alas we were never able to get a shot as they never came in while we were on stand only on the day before or after.

Supper time

This fox has 8 kits and I got this trail cam pic of them nursing in front of the den site

pretty twins

these are a pair on twins that my camera caught this spring on my farm in NY

Fully Fluffed Ruff

Just another day on the drumming log in the swamp – from a Nikon L14 homebrew

Piebald Buck + buddy

I set up this trail cam on a creek crossing near my home in Middletown, NY, and was very surprised to see it had caught a piebald deer that was a buck in the early stages of antler growth.

Until we meet again!

Maybe this will be the year I get a pin on this guy, come the first week of August he has disappeared for the last two years!

Captured the Yes

On a brisk Saturday morning in April my girlfriend and I hit the woods for some turkeys. We had longbeards gobbling off the roost and headed our way but they caught a glimpse of our movement and turned around. We didn’t end up bagging a gobbler that morning but I was able to capture the moment I proposed and she said YES!

Bear on the Front Deck

anyone home?

Great Blue Heron with great big Bluegill

This is the Blue Heron that taunts me weekly by parading in front of my camera to show me all of my fish that he catches. I think it’s payback time when he swallows this huge bluegill.

Redtail Hawk after a Fox Squirrel

This squirrel was a frequent visitor to my feeder. I didn’t see him again after this day.

” that’s a spicey craw a fish “

This trail cam picture was captured on a creek near my home in Middletown, NY. Looks like the dripping wet owl went into the water and grabbed the crayfish. Considering the look on the owls face and the flaming red eye, the crayfish likely went down fighting, and as a result the owl got a very hot meal.

Fox kits on the den

This fox has 8 kits in this same den site that I put my cameras on last year

Fawn meets Turkey

This took place in our Imperial Whitetail Clover food plot. This is one photo in a sequence viewing them together would make them appear as if they are dancing.

Kansas Dandies

These bucks sure are not camera shy

Barn owl nesting in hunting stand

we found animal bones and debris in out stand, so we set up our camera to try and find out what done it after a few days we retrieved the memory card. It was this barn owl and her mate.

I was here first!

My brother suggested one day to try placing a camera lower to the ground for a different perspective on wildlife. Low and behold, I ended up capturing two hawks fighting.

Adorable Little Cubs

I set up three motion trail cameras last month in bear country. Each camera was in a different area. One was near a beaver pond, one was on a mountain top and one was above a ravine near a thicket of rhododendrons. The camera near the thicket was the only one with photos of cubs. These tiny bear cubs are the smallest cubs I ever got on trail camera photos.

Nice buck by anyone’s standards!

My father and I have been hunting on some private property in LaSalle County Illinois for a few years. We hung trail cameras to find deer travel patterns throughout the area. This impressive and curious buck showed up within a week of hanging the camera. The buck was spotted by my dad during the bow season that followed but he never came within shooting range.

Painted Turtle Vs. Otter

I got this photo in a wetland using my Bushnell trail camera. The painted turtle was basking on this piece of floating vegetation when the otter popped up next to him! The turtle had dove into the water by the next shot and the otter was left staring into the camera.

crow and hawk

hawk eating crow

Caught in the Fight

First day of Spring and snow on the ground. Two Missouri bucks (still with antlers) locked up in a fight.

Big buck

Started getting pictures of this big guy late last year. Hope he is there next year.

Twin fawns drinking at the same time

I have hundreds of twin fawn pictures and hundreds of pictures of a fawn drinking, but this is the only one that I ever got of twins drinking at the same time.

Bobcat close-up

My wife bought a purse with some gaudy fake tails hanging from it that she removed. I took one of those tails and hung it from a tree next to my trailcam. Sure enough this bobcat came in to investigate and I got this nice close-up.

Ruffed Grouse Drumming at Dawn

Taken 5/12/13 at 4:48am in Northern Minnesota.

Cub’s First Tree

The sow is watching her little cub learning to climb a tree. Climbing a tree could save the cub’s life from predators like coyotes, bobcats, stray dogs or even a large boar black bear. In most cases the sow will aggressively and successfully fight off predators.

Fox Family

Taken 5/14/13 at 7:07am in Northern MInnesota.

Fox babies wrestling

These 2 are always messing around and their 3rd sibling is very mellow.

One-Horned Wonder

The two-antlered version of this guy teased us throughout rifle season last year, only making appearances in the last minute or two of daylight, far too far away to even get a very good look at. This was his debut on the trail cam. We found his missing antler about a week after this photo was taken. Have not yet found this one tho. Sure am glad he survived the season, to be hunted again next year.

Double Vision

The bucks are lining up to check out my new trail cam!

Wait! My Hair’s Not Fixed! (Alternate Title:Who Says Girls with Wiskers aren’t Pretty!)

I photoghaphed this doe coming down a trough trail from an AG field in western Tennessee. She stuck her face right into the camera, thus you can see every detail on her face and neck.

Showing Off

This is a great photo of a bald eagle and a red-tailed hawk showing off to each other I’ve had here. I’ve had 3 eagles in one pic and 9 hawks in one pic!

Wall mount preview

I hope that fan ends up on my wall.

Motherly Love

I got this picture on my bushnell trail camera of a whitetail doe bonding with her baby fawn. How cute is this!!!!

Fox on The Front deck

This female fox was on the front deck everyday for weeks.

Turcock Sighting?

We just leased a new property in central Alabama for next season and decided to put some trail cameras out to get an inventory of the deer and turkey population. When I checked the cameras after the first week, I couldn’t believe what I saw! We had multiple pictures of this peacock strutting with jakes and hens.

Morning Coyote

I was looking for deer but got this nice coyote instead.

Mountain lion kitten Western ND

Cat photographed in Killdeer Mountains October 2007

Back scratcher

This black bear was headed down for water and on his way back up scratched his back against the camera and broke the strap. Then went to the other tree and as you can see the camera is tilted as he rubs his back on that tree.

Sunbathing Heron

Either this great blue heron is soaking up the sun or communicating with the extraterrestrials.

Lazy Lynx

This lynx is laying around enjoying some warm spring weather up here in the Yukon Territory.

Moonlight Madness

A coyote hunting on top of a ridge at sun set

Cascade Fox

Cascade fox are a rare subspecies of red fox that occurs in the mountains of Oregon and Washington. The silver or black phase is common. This one is a little ratty looking because it is shedding its winter coat.

Speckled Scare

When I uploaded the chip from this trail I was amazed to see a Speckled Rattlesnake! He was crossing the exact path that I take when I retrieve my game cam. I decided to be a bit more cautious on my next visit.

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