I set this trail camera up on a scrape. Due to the foliage on the branches above I placed the camera low to avoid movement from the leaves during windy days. Having the camera low turned out to be a bonus as I was awarded a great shot of a buck I call "wishbone".


Pick on a tree your own size… silly iowa giants

how many timbers do you count !!!!!!!!!!!

i cant beleave how many wolf are here in northern mn. i walked up on 2 of them yesterday in the same spot at noon and they didn’t care i was watching them . they are getting way to tame.


This trail cam picture of twin fawns was captured on Aug 1, 2013 by a Bushnell trophy cam (model 119436) that I had placed in a well lit marsh near my home in Middletown, NY.

Can you see me now?

Nice little Whitey checking out the game cam near Edmonton Alberta!

Screamin Eagles in the heartland

We placed a deer carcass out to try and lure in coyotes to get an idea on the population. Heavy snow fall led to most of the carcass being covered with many pictures of eagles. Here is one of the most unique photos you will find from a trail camera!

You in there?

A hungry sow in the U.P. of Michigan.

what was that?

mama with three cubs?

Check Out This Rack!

A giant 8-point buck with a spread of over 20 inches and tall tines walking pas the camera.

Heart Attack

First record book deer I have seen on my camera since putting it out a few years ago. And he is a dandy!

Backyard Monster

Caught this guy in my backyard a few nights ago. Needless to say I’m pumped for the opener.

fox pup

after looking for one for over two years I finely found one this spring so could set up my trail cam on it


his tines look like they form flames

Herd of Mnt Lions

While hunting the Aug-Sept archery deer in Az I had a huge coues whitetail coming in daily then he vanashed and after checking my cam i found the answer and here it is 5 lions in 1 pic

Cool coyote

This beautiful coyote decided to pose for the camera early in the morning.

close up

Close up of a late november iowa buck!

Apple thief

Doe having some early morning breakfast.

Leap of Faith

I had placed a Bushnell Trophy cam attached to a small tree in Pine Bush, NY watching over this setting, when a grey squirrel made a leap from the downed log to the big rock. Surprisingly the commercial cam caught the squirrel at the height of its leap and in good focus resulting in this unique trail cam photo.

Momma and her Calves!

Momma Moose and her calves checking out the Trail Cam!

Wolf pup walks the beach

A pair of this years young wolves was just 2 hours ahead of me when I went to check the cam on the shore of Lake Superior. This one gave me a nicely centered shot.

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