I saw the target in this months field and stream and just knew I had to give it a try, I mean really who could resist, every country boy has grown up shooting cans! And after some serious pondering and crazy ideas, I figured nothing could be more patriotic than catching something blowing up in the shot. With a Colt M4, this pic is harder to catch on camera than you'd expect! Finally got it.

Life’s A Beach

Kick back with a cocktail on the beach when you’re done shooting – but be careful, this one’s kinda on the heavy side…..

A Toast to The Constitution

Raise your cans in a toast to The Constitution of The United States of America.

carnival shot

My son Logan and I set up the target and decided to shoot it like at the carnival. By shooting out the entire center with our 22’s from 20 yards away.

There you are.

Just got the scope dialed in now time to shoot this can.


I had the idea of trying to get a picture of a bullet going through the can.

Field & Stream Stock-Auto

“Field & Stream Stock-Auto” was a concept that developed while at the shooting range. I set up the camera and clicked away. The rifle is the Rugger 10/22, a very accurate machine. I figured if one target was good, the several more must be great. Hope you enjoy the image.

Field and Stream Enthusiast

I spelled out Field and Stream in my front yard with guns, fishing poles, bows, deer, fish, skeet, boots, arrows, and other things your subscribers read about and use in their recreational activities.


Clearly, I was sent a target that had been infected with the rage virus. It attacked me and, in a panic, I backed away firing. Luckily, a single head shot rendered the monster incapacitated. I’m confident that using a beatiful new M&P; AR-10 would make me able to take down the target from a much greater distance making the range a safer environment for everyone. Andrew Howard Fort Smith, AR

Shootin’ the can

My brother had an old toilet from the house he is renovating, so we filled it up and shot it with his Springfield XDS .45!

These photos are the top finalists from our 2013 Gun Nut Target Photo Contest. We asked you to shoot a page from our magazine and take the most creative photo you could, incorporating the target.