Home made sony P41 trail camera set up on a fox den.
My nephew Chase was hunting the Wisconsin opener. It wasn’t long when he saw a deer come through. Chase scoped it and thought it looked like a good buck. He shot and thought he heard it crash but was not sure. The buck did not go far and it was way bigger than he could have imagined. 21.5 inches wide, main beams 25 inches, and lots of mass.

First day, first hour, first rooster

Goose’s first day hunting the Dakotas with uncles Crosby and Chief. One hour in, a patch of cover 1/2 mile behind an abandoned farm, Goose at about 8 months pushed this young rooster up in front of my shotgun. Talk about it all coming together….good breeding, some training, and plenty of encouragement from his fellow bird dogs.

Owl catching dinner

This awesome picture was caught on my trail cam. Not sure if this is a bob cat or a house cat.
20 years later and I finally drew a Unit 2 tag.This hunt has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.The time had arrived to pack up and head to Douglas Mountain.I had the opportunity to pass up 12 bulls.The weather brought a challenge too as we received 16″ of snow.I have always said that the trophy is in the eyes of the beholder.I will treasure this memory and hunt of a lifetime.

Hammerhead Attacking Tarpon

After fighting tarpon to the boat the shark comes out and begins to chase tarpon before we’ve released him. Tarpon darts to trolling motor and snaps line, for 15 minutes the shark attacked the tarpon never landing a bite because the tarpon would stay on its head where the teeth could not touch it then hid under boat.

Giant Striper

I caught and released this giant striper, my new personal best, with my good friend Dan Dougherty while fishing the Susquehanna Flats area of the Chesapeake Bay in early April. We ended the day with about 25 stripers and three 5+lb. largemouths, on light tackle in shallow water. (Tagged “saltwater” because it’s a tidal area) – Matt Morgan

hey little guy

Two big bulls at my salt lick.
Caught this one at Camp Creek Lake outside of Franklin, TX on a 6″ Zoom worm fishing off of a pier.

Bears Face to Face

These two black bears are staring at each other. Bears will fight over food.

Delaware River COW

My girlfriend caught her first keeper striped bass today and called for smiles, it went 44″ and weighed in at 39 lbs! After a quick picture, she was promptly released to head upriver, drop her eggs, and hopefully fight another day!
south central alaska – 2011

A Wet Drag

With all the rain this Fall, my father reaching his stand required an hour walk in water over his knees, breaking through ice with hip boots on. Fortunately for him he shot these two on the same morning. Unfortunately, that meant I needed to strap on the hip boots and help drag. However, with a little ingenuity, we drug the canoe out, piled the bucks in and floated them to higher ground.

Might need a dentist for that hooked jaw

Fishing a large lake ontario tributary in western ny for migratory brown trout

Passing good bucks pays off BIG

162 inches of GREATNESS after 15 years of shooting OK bucks pays of after I pass 6 on the last day with 2 hours left!

Alaskan Lingcod

Big Lingcod caught with Captain Rob of Classic Alaska Charters.
I shot this buck on Saturday 11/16 at 7:15 in the morning. He only went 80 yards before piling up. At 156 and 3/8 inches gross, he is my biggest whitetail buck to date.

Rut in Upstate New York

I never did see him again after that morning on Thanksgiving. Hopefully he’ll still be around this year to bow hunt him. I’m hunting on a small farm way up north along the Canadian border and bordering Vermont across Lake Champlain. As far northeast in New York you can get. Really beautiful up here in the fall with the Adirondack Mountains and many lakes and ponds.
My wife and I purchased a 50 acre tract of all woods 2 years ago that had been heavily logged and was grown up with thick cover. After clearing an acre in the middle of the property and planting Imperial Whitetail clover this large buck started showing up on my trail camera every day. On October 9th with a good wind I put a early end to my 2013 season.

big striper

my son and i where fishing off block island when i landed this 40lb striper wich was to big for my son to hold up

NJ State record Tiger Musky?

On Fathers Day I Caught this 46 inch Tiger Musky on Greenwood Lake NJ using a Mega Strike spinnerbait while fishing for smallmouth. We estimated the weight to be around 28-30 lbs. The current State record is 45 inches and 29 lbs. I took a few pictures and then released. It was only later that my friend had told me about the current record. Oh well, now we know! Lol
Last years winter was very mild, it was february and still no ice. So me and a friend took advantage of a weekend and I literally had a mini 4.5 inch perch flatbait out for 2 minutes while we were rigging up another rod to put out and the reel started squeeling.For a very mild winter it only got about 15 degrees for a high that day

Lake Trout: Salcha Alaska

One of the many lakes I enjoy winter fishing at during my ice season Near my home in North Pole. This Laker was caught at about 80 feet and hit like a frieght train. Couple of photos, and a good release. Measured the fish at about 36 inches in length.

First Coyote .

10 year old Hunter Shmon with his first coyote. The coyote was called in with a Fox Pro electronic call, the one eye coyote came right to call on a full run and Hunter made the running shot with his 222 Savage at 50 yards. That’s one happy boy.
We spotted a group of 5 bachelor bucks about 400 yards away.There were 2 shooters in the group. After 2 hours we got to within 23 yards of the giant 11 pointer.I had a small juniper tree between the buck and myself. I drew back my Bowtech Insanity Cpx and the arrow found its mark. I later recovered my mule deer of a lifetime, and it was done on public land.

PA Black Bear up close and personal

Caught this curious bear snooping around just outside Wellsboro, PA.
This is a picture of my wife who went out hunting with me this past weekend. She is 39 weeks pregnant and still going strong. We called in this bird on the last day of season. She could only sit against the tree for so long until her leg fell asleep. Luckily she toughed it out long enough to get this one at 47 yards.

Trophy Whitetail

I harvested this Whitetail in Wisconsin at the 2012 Youth Hunt. This trophy buck was coming down to feed on our food plot, and I took him at about 105 yards. What a start to my 4th year of hunting!


Taken in early November by Erick Edwards just outside of Woodlands, Texas

My First Big Fish

While fishing off the dock at a cabin my grandfather built in Georgian Bay, Ontario Emily landed this nice smallmouth. She caught it on a worm and a 2 foot plastic Dora The Explorer fishing pole. I can’t count how many fish that pole has pulled in since then, but none of them matter as much as the first!