Petzal on the Weatherby Terramark RC
As the long-range frenzy continues, we should not forget that Weatherby has been specializing in rifles for extreme distances ever since the company was founded, and I mean hunting rifles, not tactical guns. Newest in their lineup is the Terramark RC, a Mark V with a special earth-tone camo stock and dirt-colored (sort of) metal finish on the receiver and fluted barrel. “RC” stands for Range Certified, and attests to the fact that each of these rifles was fired at an indoor 100-yard range and produced sub-MoA groups with Weatherby ammo. You get the actual target, signed by Ed Weatherby. The rifle comes in .30/378, which is something of a revelation to shoot, because its bullets don’t seem to drop. The stainless barrel is 26 inches, with a muzzle brake, which you need, and is deeply fluted to save significant weight and promote cooling, which is nice when you’re burning as much powder as this round does. A great many factory barrels are fluted for cosmetic reasons, but this one is the real thing. Two things to bear in mind about the Terramark RC: Like the rest of the Accu-Mark series, this one is put together to custom-rifle standards. Fit and finish are immaculate. Second, if you want to hunt with a rifle that will deliver the goods way out past 300 yards, you don’t have to carry some ungainly tactical rifle that can best be hauled by a team of mules. This is a practical sized rifle of manageable weight that is accurate enough for any big game and packs more than enough wallop to put it on the ground. The price is $3,000. –David E. Petzal
Last year, Beretta rolled out the 20-gauge A400 Action and this year they’re going even smaller. This is the first 28 gauge semiautomatic shotgun that Beretta has ever made. It has all the features that Beretta fans have come to expect from an A400 but scaled down in a sub gauge. We haven’t got the specs for this gun yet but it weighs only about 5 pounds. The 20-gauge version of the gun retails for about $1,500.
Q&A with Eva Shockey
F&S and OL interviewed hunting legend Jim Shockey’s daughter Eva Shockey in our video suite. The 26-year-old is an up-and-comer in the hunting industry and has already hunted all over the world. We tapped our readers for questions and then let the cameras roll. See the video here.
Cabela’s Onyx
Beretta hasn’t offered the Onyx model in years, but, now, Cabela’s has resurrected it. The shotgun is offered in a sporting version, trap gun, and field gun. It has the standard features of any other Beretta over/under with a low profile and strong action. It’s a handsome gun with a black anodized receiver and an upper mid-grade walnut stock. The gun sells for about $2,500.
Benelli Ethos
The Ethos is Benelli’s inertia-driven semiautomatic shotgun introduction for 2014. It’s a lightweight upland bird gun that features a new shock absorption system in the stock and a comfortable cheek pad. The gun is available with a nickel-plated receiver or an anodized receiver. Field & Stream Shotguns Editor Phil Bourjaily has shot the gun in the field and found that one of the best features is the reliability of the bolt. It utilizes a detent spring system that ensures the bolt closes every time. This means no more misfires because of an unclosed bolt. “I’ve tried and tried to make these guns go click and you can’t do it,” he says.
Grenade Launcher Training
The Heckler & Koch booth featured a GMG 40mm grenade launcher training simulator (GMG stands for Granatmaschinengewehr or “grenade machine gun”). The simulator was meant to demonstrate the accuracy of the firearm, and while it didn’t actually fire grenades, the shooter could blow up digital trucks at a variety of digital ranges. The real-world version fires at a rate of about 350 rounds per minute.
Benchmade HUNT Series
Benchmade surveyed backcountry hunters to come up with the designs for their new HUNT Series. The series includes 8 different knives (both fixed blades and folders) with blades forged in CPM S30V steel. This is a powdered steel known for edge retention, an attribute critical for hunters trekking off the grid. The folders in this line utilize the classic Benchmade axis lock system, which slides a safety bolt into place.
Waiting on Gunny
What would cause grown men to stand around in line when there are thousands of guns to peruse? Ronald Lee Ermey, better known as Gunny or Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from the film “Full Metal Jacket.” Gunny hung out, talked to gun nuts, and signed autographs for a few hours at the Glock booth.
Chiappa Triple Barrels
Chiappa introduced two triple-barrel shotguns last year–the Triple Crown and Triple Threat–and believe it or not, the guns sold well enough for the company to roll out a turkey hunting version and a duck hunting version in 2014. In case you missed last year’s introduction, the gun has one trigger and the barrels fire in order of right, left, top. The new turkey gun, called the Triple Tom, comes with 24-inch barrels and three extra-full choke tubes. The new duck gun sports 28-inch barrels, comes with five different choke tubes, and weighs a substantial 8.6 pounds. The price is heavy too, with an MSRP of about $1,650.
Havalon Baracuta Edge
One of the most exciting knives we saw today was the new Baracuta Edge. As with all of the knives from Havalon, this one has an insanely shape blade that you remove and replace after it loses its edge. Unlike their other knives, this one is a fillet knife. The 5-inch blade has just the right amount of flex you want in a fillet knife, and the handle is rugged and has a good grip–which is helpful when your hand is covered in fish slime. This knife should also be terrific for trimming silver skin from venison. The Baracuta Edge comes with five replacement blades and sells for $65.
Traditions Single-Action Revolvers
Talk about cool. The new 1873 Single Action Revolvers from Traditions are enough to make you want to don a cowboy hat. The guns, made by Pietta, come in two series–Rawhide and Frontier–and are available in a variety of finishes, caliber and handle colors. We had the chance to shoot a few of these guns late last year, and it was the most fun we’ve had at the range in a long time.
Rocky Game Changer
This photo does not do justice to how thin and light this boot is (or how comfortable it is). Shown here is the Level 3 insulated Game Changer. It has a reflective lining (kind of like a space blanket) and has been tested to -60 degrees. The Level 2 boot is not insulated, which should make it a great boot for the spring turkey season. Both boots are available in Mossy Oak Infinity, Real Tree Xtra, and green, and they’ll retail from $190 to $210.
Weatherby X
We’ll talk more expansion of the WBY-X later in the week, but for now we thought we’d give you a taste on one of wilder camo patterns available for the rifle. This is Boneyard’s Legends Blaze. It’s a bit flashy, sure. But it certainly looked cool on the show floor.
Spyderco Hungarian Folder
Here’s the latest to Spyderco’s Ethnic Series of knives. We don’t know much (okay, anything) about Hungarian knives, but we know a pretty knife when we see one and this folder is certainly pretty. The blade measures just over 3.5 inches and, as with every Spyderco knife, it’s crazy-sharp. The Hungarian Folder feels wonderful in your hand and, we’re sure, feels just as good in your pocket.

Manufacturers from around the world are introducing new firearms and hunting gear at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s the single largest outdoor industry trade show in the world and our editors are wading through the infinite mass of gear to bring you highlights. Here’s an inside-look at what went down on day 1.