Three bucks that would visit my camera often then they disappeared.

Dancing Bears II

These two boars mixed it up for awhile in front of my camera.

Anybody have a towel?

The big boy out for a stroll on a rainy november day.

Like looking in a Mirror

lots of moose at our hunting hole it was nice to see these two monsters after the season, anyone wanna go hunting next year?

coyote and skunk show down

Put out bait for my fox set and these two beat the fox to it the coyote won

Near Perfect Tom Turkey Display Photo

A tom displaying…my family agreed this picture almost looks like a Thanksgiving Greeting Card. There must have been hens behind the camera.

Wapiti War

This picture was obtained 5 miles from the nearest road in the middle of Montana wilderness. This is a public place void of motorized vehicles, fences and bait.

Another buck showing his chin at the scrape

None of these big boys were caught the rest of the summer

what a catch

In the many years I have been setting trail cams on a creek in my hometown of Middletown NY, it very rare to catch a mink on camera. In this case the homemade trail camera also caught the mink with a fresh catch.

Wing Span

Set up on a couple road-killed deer carcasses here in northern Michigan. The photos were incredible.

Snow Frosted Bear

This bear is coated with snow after an earlier snow fall.


this coyote thinks theres some food here

I’m here!!! Where are you?

This big buck showed up while I was at work. I have been hunting this buck for three years now and had a couple encounters with him.

Coyote with deer

Caught this coyote passing thru with my game cam.

Public Land Giant

This buck showed up on camera during gun season. This photo is taken on public land in Ohio. I had him on camera for a couple of days until he disappeared again.

Wolf and deer skull

This could be the 2nd wolf harvested in Michigan’s hunt. Only 4 left in the pack of 5 that frequented here…I did see 3 of the remaining 4 a couple days ago when I called them in with a fawn bleat. Panasonic fx100 homebrew

Northeast PA Bear’s Fighting

Two PA Bear’s Fighting
These two bucks showed up one evening 27 yards from my treestand. Still looking to see them again, but they are big deer for Virginia.

nice buck breeding a doe

Of the hundreds of thousands of pictures I have over the years this is the first time I caught them in the act. I have about 20 pictures of this doe and buck together that night.

Close Up

Close up of a nice Northeast PA buck

Jaw Dropper

This is a 5X7 12 pointer. Named the title jaw dropper cause going through my photos that is exactly what happened when my dad and I saw it. This is northeastern Massachusetts.

This Buck wants his Girl

This is a Night time Buck. Over 300 pics of him at night. Just two daytime pics. He’s a old Smart Kentucky Buck!

Bear’s unreachable itch!

Black bears love to scratch their backs on trees in the forest. This bear looks like he is enjoying it with his head facing upward. The other bear in the photo is watching the action.

Gentleman’s Club

My boyfriend and I have found one thing that both of us like to together, hunting. He has taught me so much about the sport and now I am a registered NJ hunter. We hunt on private property owned by our friends and they let farmers come in and use their land also. This shot is from the trail camera we use on the edge of the farm field. Hope to see these boys during buck week!