Took this buck on Nov 13, with a hard quartering away angled shot from 25 yards on the last morning of my 2013 bowhunt in Adams county Illinois.

trail camera – bobcat or lynx

when I got home from work last night it was late and cold, probably only about 5 degrees. I went out to check my trail camera and to my surprise originally found the pictures of the doe and raccoon eating together. I was further shocked when I got to the next picture and saw the cat. I’m lucky to have gotten a rare glimpse into the Predators world in my own back yard.

Hey, Bear Hunters!

My motion trail camera took this photo at the perfect time. The bear is standing up, with his paw raised and his tongue is sticking out. It looks like he is communicating to all us bear hunters. lol

Big Pike – Christmas Gift

A picture can speak a thousand words. My sons smile is priceless. We were fishing for walleyes and caught this huge pike on a minnow on a 12lbs mono leader with a no. 6 octopus hook. It took over 15 minutes and 3 attempts to get it out of an 8″ hole.

The big buck

My dad mad I were walking in the woods to go to our blond and I saw the buck and shot it and it ran in the woods then I saw it laying there it was a perfect ten point buck I was so excited I killed a big deer

best day ever

Woke up six thirty in the morning….in the Johnboat by 7, get to the mouth of the canal to the main lake…bam there she was

Green Bay muskie

51inch muskie lower Green Bay. Catch picture and release. Gorgeous fish

Ohio monster

2013 Ohio gun season. Shot this monster while pushing for my uncle and brother n law,who shot his first deer ever On the same drive.

Dinosaur Brown Trout

Stream fishing a lake ontario tributary in the fall produced this monster of a brown trout.

Do these wings make my tail look fat?

This turkey was photographed flying into a feeder pen for a mid-morning snack.
During the last day of fishing the marshes out of Hopedale, LA in November we had boated lots of reds but no monsters, yet. Then we fished the outside. This toad was taken on a fly we call the “Ax-handle” which is tied by a good buddy of mine.
300lbs. apprx score of 165-168.
After years of calling in coyotes, I was finally able to accomplish something I have been trying to do for years. I called in this nice female bobcat using an electronic caller. One hunt I will not soon forget.


The Gypsy (rest her soul) was an excellent Old Beastie. A talented and experienced hunter, she kept us from going over a 5oo ft cliff while being pursued by coyotes. She refused to go ant further in the dark,and it turned out to be a cliff-hanger for me, literally. After that, she got steak or roast beef or pork every night for the rest of her life.

13 lb, 32″ Walleye

Fishing in Sioux Narrows, Canada Father’s Day, 2013 with my son and other friends. Hooked this monster walleye on 6 lb Sufix line & small white jig & minnow. Largest walleye I have fought fishing in Canada for 50 years.

Airport Hog

I drew a tag to hunt the Pittsburgh International Airport and this 12 point was one of the photos I got. I never saw him however.

Song Dog bites the Snow.

This was one coyote hunt I’ll not soon forget. For one, I was able to capture the entire hunt on film hunting by myself. Also, this was one song dog that nearly got away. Once he came into the call, he scented me and made a sprint toward the thicket. At the last moment, I was able to make a perfect running shot!

My Biggest Fish

Fishing thru the night with a couple friends when i landed this 42lb monster. Caught on a 4 inch long live shad.
After sitting in the cold for a majority of the day the “ON” switch clicked and the ducks went wild. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
My 15 year old daughter and my husband have been tracking a 6 point buck all season with the bow and on December 8, 2013 they were in the tree stand when this deer a 9 point came out to them and after she got control of her nerves she managed to shoot this beautiful deer at 30 yards with a bow while her Dad was by her side. She is so excited and she is envied by a lot of boys at school.
Walked up to the Delaware River this afternoon, fired a few shots, got 4 ringnecks, 2 redbreasted mergansers and a drake black in a few minutes without using boats, dogs, decoys or calls. One of the ringnecks was a young drake banded 8/10/2013 7 miles east of Sackville, NB, Canada, for my 232nd bird band. The last 12 banded waterfowl that I shot in NJ were all banded in Canada.

Fox in the hen house

I found some tracks too small for our German Shepherd. I hung up the camera and caught this little guy sneaking around the old chicken house.
Finally in the right place at the right time. Harvested this 16 point Buck in Nelson County, VA the last day of November.

Madison County Monster

I have been hunting this buck on the family farm for 2 years. We finally crossed paths on a cold Saturday afternoon around 5 pm. It was a cold front that passed threw the day before that helped get the bucks moving. He showed up 75 yards away from my stand with his nose in the air trying to wind a doe. I shot the 170 inch monster with my Remington 300 win mag using 180 grain federal ammo.