On Playing Mountain Man, and Some Other Things

The ride in.
Base camp (look closely), deep in the Gunnison National Forest.
Home, for a week.
A ride through the aspens.
Bowtech Archery President Mark Pezzoni--a brave, brave man--back in the saddle.
Guide Steve Bashaw and a dirty, smelly wallow. Bashaw is the one on the left.
Bushnell Product Manager Darin Stephens: "Where the $#@% am I?"
Cabela's Brand Manager Tim Joseph and dead grouse. Tim is the one on the right. Nice shot, Tim!
Tight quarters in spike camp. F&S/OL Sales Rep. Stephen Mitchell was the only one who got his own tent, which covered almost all of his upper torso. In a similar tent, most of my upper torso was covered, too--by Mark Pezzoni.
F&S/OL Sales Director Greg Gatto, man of steel, atop (for the moment) Nitro, the horse no one else would ride.
Lucky. Damn lucky.
Okay, Rodney Lane Ross, master guide/mountain goat (at right) did call it in for me. But I dressed and quartered the thing. Well, I helped-- while pictures were being taken.
Rodney and Cherokee packed the meat out. I offered to carry Rodney's game saw.
Me, trying to suck in the gut, and showing off some cutthroats.
B.S.ing on the last morning. If you want to play mountain man, have a good crack at arrowing an elk, and enjoy some fabulous cutthroat fishing, contact Commander & Company, Ltd. at coloradowildernesshunts.com. They do a fantastic job.