A surprise buck that showed himself the last day of the season. We hadn't seen any wall hangers the entire season. My dad spotted this guy from about a mile or more away so we decided to get a better look. It's a good thing. We ended up getting him in the "Wall Draw". No doubt this one is a wall hanger!.

Girlfriends first deer ever

I took my girlfriend on her first weekend of deer hunting ever. She took her new bow out in hopes of making her first kill. The evening before she passed on a nice basket rack 8 point in hopes of something better, and it payed off. The very next evening on a wind blown November day in north Missouri she killed this behemoth.
My mom harvested this 165″ WI buck on Halloween night with her PSE bow in Jefferson County, WI. We have had several pictures of this buck the last two years and he finally showed up in daylight. This is my mom’s first buck in over 20 years and only her third buck ever! She never gave up and it paid off!

Buck of a lifetime.

My 12 year old Grandson shot this buck on 10-25-11 with his Parker crossbow. We had been hunting this buck for two years and had never seen it but had trailcam pics. We were set up in a blind and the buck came in chasing a doe and my Grandson shot him at about 18 yards.This was a buck of a lifetime. I’m very proud of him.

Moose (Alces alces pfizenmayeri)

In the Irkutskaya region there is a Yakutian or Mid-Siberian kind of Moose. The body of an adult male is 300 cm, the height is 235 cm, and weight is 570-620 (1250-1365lbs) kg. Only males have antlers of different forms, with a span almost 2 meters and weight of 35 kg. Similar size than the British Columbian moose. http://huntertours.co.uk/animals/moose-hunting-russia

Mule Deer Fight

Mule deer fighting during the rut.

High Country Toad

Spotted him from about a mile away and spent six hours skirting does to get up on him. Took the shot from just inside of 200 yards and then spent the next two days packing him out. He was up on a steep slope above 8700 feet with Mountain Goats overlooking the kill site.
november 16 2011 – shot a 16 point buck with my bow scored 172inch. plus in warren county ,ohio 16 year old youth…
Hunting hard, thorough scouting, some advice from my wife and of course with some luck, I harvested this awesome buck. It was a 15 yard shot and I double lunged him. He expired 70 yards from my stand. This buck has 15 scoreable points plus two kickers, he weighed over 200lbs and was aged at 6.5 years old. He was green scored at 183+ inches and has triple brow tines on both sides.
I took 12 year old Kaylee out with her brother and Mom hunting for her first deer. After 3 days of hunting hard she finally made it happen. Nothing like taking a kid hunting, something as hunters we should all try and do at least a couple times a year.

Tennessee Non Typical taken on public hunting land

I eased in before daylight; sat down on a dead tree. Few minutes after daybreak; some does moved through 50 yards away. Few minutes later, I heard a buck rubbing; I grunted. He moved closer and rubbed again; I grunted. After this happened a few times; he stepped out 30 yards away looking at me. I grunted again to calm him and eased the rifle up. He stood there; I made the shot.

Tyler Hensler White County IN Buck

Tyler harvested this giant on opening morning of the 2011 firearm season.
Two Big bucks, shot by two best friends, shot within 24 hours, shot 6 miles apart, with a one inch difference on the score. The ruts a crazy thing.

Monster Muley in Northern SD

Far too much to tell about the hunt after this guy.

Florida Keys Swordfish

I caught this 455lb swordfish with my wife Pam in Islamorada Florida, fishing with Capt Nick Stanczyk from B & M Charters. The fish was foul hooked and took 5 hours to bring in. It is to date the largest swordfish caught in the Florida Keys.

Off to a good start!

My step-daughter was hunting with her dad on Ft. Hood, Texas. This monster was spotted in a field chasing a couple of does and as she fired her single shot .223, she missed! The buck ran for about 20 yards and stopped giving her enough time to reload and fire again. She quickly became the center of attention with all of the adults in awe that this 10 year old took down this buck!
Six year old Finch Vergnolle shot this eight point buck in Union County on November 4. He and his dad had been hunting for eleven hours when this guy finally walked out 100 yards from their stand. Finch has been hunting with his dad since he was three but this is the first year he was ready to shoot. The deer weighed 150 lbs.

Sometimes You Get Lucky

I used a regular old Cannon EOS Digital for this shot. I set it on “fast” and held the button down at the flush. Among all the rubble I found this frame that shows the shot charge just leaving the muzzle of my friends Citori. The quail was also caught upper right.
I caught this 9.5lb largemouth bass on the sunday after thanksgiving
Hunted all morning and saw only does and then nearly hit two in my car on the way into town. With only a week left I was determined to get the Big One. I went out to the tree stand and fell asleep for about 20 minutes and awoke to a forky. Thinking maybe I should bag it a doe walked in from my right soon followed by this awesome buck. A close and clean shot with a 30.06 put it down fast.

Still hunting with a bow.

On leave from the US Marine Corp, I decided to do some still hunting with my bow. The ground was wet and the wind was right. This buck came 15 yards from me before he realized I was there. The doe he was chasing was right behind me and he did not know what to do. Well, I knew exactly what to do, I drew back and let that arrow fly right behind the shoulder.

Fall Brook trout

This fish is a good reason not to put the boat away too early, which can be a very rare thing in late October in Saskatchewan.

fishing the storm surge

took a trip down to fish one of the nor easters we had hit new jersey found the jetty under water it should be sitting 5 foot above the water not today no fish but still a good day on the water
Killed this 14 point 20 inch inside spread buck along the White River in Southern Indiana with my young son Kolton. Deer green scored 167-7/8 It was fighting and chasing a 8 point buck when it came into gun range. one shot from my old H&R; single shot shotgun took it down. Little 5 yr old Kolton was extremely Happy ! Dad liked it too 🙂

Fly fishing with an audience.

In September I was fishing the Gallatin River, near Big Sky, Montana when my wife, fishing up stream, got my attention on a spectacular Bull Moose that had enter the river just below me. The moose stopped to take a drink and my wife asked what we should do. I responded take our picture. She calmly got her camera out and did so, seconds before the moose moved on and left the river.

Homemade Jig

Caught this guy on a jig I tied. Not the prettiest jig, but it worked.

Dream Deer

217 lbs fully dressed, 20 1/2 inside, 13inch g 2’s, 8 pt
Measured 34″ x 19″ mad it around 14-15lbs..still swimming 🙂
Evening hunt on 100% public land. Bull came in to the left i ranged a stump that he was heading towards and read 62.3 yards! The arrow went straight through his heart, the bull went 40 yards and fell over!

Celebratory pose!

picture the morning after we packed this bull out.
I bought my dad Elevator brackets to build him a rifle stand and didn’t finish in time for the Wisconsin rifle opener so told him to hunt one of my bow stands.He sat all day until 3:30 opening day and shot this main frame 8×6 buck at about 65 yards trailing a doe.He had a split G2 on the right beam and 3 stickers off the bases.He was like a 5 year old kid on x-mas after he shot him.

Mock Scrape Buck

After making a mock scrape and hanging a new set I was able to take this fine deer the next day. Even with 2 broken tines he groses over 151 inches.

First Mulie

9 shots later! First time it ever took me more than 2 shots to bring anything, including a bear, down. Was hitting sheep silhouettes at 500m before I left. The day after, I shot the gun and it was spraying everywhere. Moral of the story…don’t drive 1800 miles and not re-shoot your gun before hunting!

Triple Main Beam

Another buck my dad shot in 2008 with his bow. The buck has 2 main beams on its left side! Jefferson County, WI

a frustrated buck

found these in a hedge row saw a number of rubs but came to this corner and they were on every tree, i was hunting on a property i got permission that day to pheasant hunt. Im thinking I should have asked for permission to bow hunt also.

Montana Mulie

After a late start hunting, it was nice to see this buck bedded and sunning himself in a draw. After a short belly crawl, the gap was closed to around 80 yards. One shot from my .270 ruined his day without him even knowing I was there.

Two Keepers

My husband is an avid fisherman and we recently had our first son, Eli. When Eli was one week old, we took him down to the bay house for his first fishing trip. He caught this keeper redfish and we laid it down next to Eli to compare how small Eli was (or large the redfish was). It’s fun to see my husband introducing his passion to our newborn.
A Massive 13 point non-typical 200 + buck . Taken with Croosbow ; In Murfreesboro , TN. By Ricardo Marquez

Big Rut Blessing

After work I got in the stand at 5:20 PM. My friend told me to grunt, as he saw a buck. I had no grunt so I mouthed a grunt and doe bleat (after hearing it I was sure no buck would respond). This big buck walked into my shooting lane 15 minutes later. God is Good. We gave our friends meat from my first deer this year, and God blessed us with this 260 lb 11 point buck to help others with.

Big Central Illinois Buck

11/20/11 9:06 am I dropped this big boy at 100 yards with my mossberg. I army crawled 400 yards over a chisel plowed field to get a shot. Totally worth it!!!! He dressed out at 200. Thats corn fed for you!
I had spotted a large deer on a field edge @ first light. He had moved into a large valley as soon as it got light. I quickly set up a deer drive. Just 80.0 yards into our drive he jumped up with a large cow @ his side, I quickly made the shot @ 45 yard as he ran up the valley. He went down and I could not have been happier it was the largest deer I had shot in 30 years of hunting.
sohot the buck at 7:05 at 200 yards

Urban Angling at it’s Absolute Finest

Guide extraordiare Chris Licato of Coral Springs, FL. put Louie on this monster Snakehead. The beauty slammed Louie’s Rage Tail frog Saturday and the battle that ensued was nothing short of spectacular as Louie’s angling skills were put to the test. Jumps, tail-walks, & drag screaming runs, these fish are awesome fighters.
After hunting a prime location in West Tennessee for the past 3 years, hunting the woods finally pays off. This 15-pt whitetail follows a doe out of a thicket in the early hours of Thanksgiving day about 75 yards in front of my stand. 1 shot dropped him, but 2 more made me feel better. It was a Happy Thanksgiving!

Salmon River Steelhead – Idaho

I caught this 31″ steelhead on the Main Salmon River with a pink yarn ball and shrimp. My wife (Kira Hanson) caught a 30″ native, her cousin (Maddie Digrazia) caught a 28″ hatchery and Rick Russell caught a 30″ native. Great day on the river.

South Platte (Dream Stream) Trpohy Trout

Fishing in murky water on light tippet with a size 20 fly, I didn’t know what I had hooked, but I knew it was big. When I first saw the flash of the fish under water, I thought it might be a lake run salmon. I landed the fish about a hundred yards downstream of where I hooked it after about a great fight and snapped a photo with my dive camera.
This picture was taken this past August in the Brooks Range Mountains of Alaska. August and Austin Manelick, along with Jon Dykes took three beautiful bull caribou on a non-guided DIY hunt in the Alaskan wilderness. This was the first 6 days of their 30 day journey, attempting to harvest Alaska’s Big five animals. Stay tuned for more pics from the Alaskan month long expedition.
This big guy came trotting in on 11-11-11.What a day.

Baby is happy daddy got his buck

I deer hunt in northern Minnesota on my in-laws land. During the second weekend of the 2011 rifle season I shot a nice 8 pt I had been passed on the year before. When we got back to the house we snapped this picture of my 8 month old daughter next to the deer. Obviously she was thrilled that daddy got his buck this year.

Monster Brown from the Salmon River in NY

Float fishing at its finest

First bow harvest

This is the first deer that I had an opportunity to harvest with a bow. I first shot over him at 35 yards. He ran off and came back out at 20 yards, giving me a perfect broadside shot. He ran about 75 yards.

WI Buck

I have been hunting this guy since 2010 and he has managed to get the best of me. Never coming closer then 60yrds. In the photo he is about 20yrds from my spot. Hopefully this will be the year!

thumper and the bonus buck

this deer we named thumper at the end of july when we first got trail cam pics of him and as the bow season started no sign of him and on 11/13/11 poof he walked back into our life and i put him down with my cva optima 50cal muzzle loader!! the day after my dad put down a giant main frame ten to our surprise we had not one trail cam pic of that deer!

SD Mule Deer

My dad shot this South Dakota Mule Deer with bow on September 30, 2011. If officially scores 183 5/8″ Net P&Y;, making it the # 2 Typical Archery Mule Deer in South Dakota!

My first deer ever!!!

Its a 6 point 130 lb point Killed in Santuc SC. Super excited to have killed my first deer on 10/16/11
After no luck during bow season, I took my rifle out on opening evening and got this buck! He was already in the field when we got there so my boyfriend and I had to crawl up to a big wash out and then belly crawl through a patch of plumb bushes to get a clear shot. I shot him off my knees at about 60 yards with a Remington 300 ultra-short mag. He grossed 150 4/8 and aged 6.5 years.

Oklahoma Bruiser

This monster Oklahoma whitetail walked into my sites an hour after sunrise Thanksgiving morning. At 125 yards, it wasn’t long before my cross-hairs found his shoulder. A true testament to what patience, management, and some luck can bring you in Oklahoma during the rut.
i took this 268 lb 12 point buck in Worthington Ma, with a ten point crossbow on 11/09/2011 awesome crossbow thank you Ten point

Baby Moutian Lion.

We treed this little guy and his sibling and mom two days be for christmas while hound hunting last winter, We took some pictures of them and then took off befor they got to mad.
November 6, 2011–Area 12 in the White River National Forest (near Craig, CO). Stalked the elk for several hours over two ridges in knee-deep snow before getting a 150-yard shot at him while he rested in an scrub oak thicket. Ruger Mark 77 Hawkeye, 300 Win-Mag, Federal Premium 180-grain Nosler Partition, Leupold VX-III 6.5-20x scope.

Bow hunting for the first time

Nov 14 I was out looking for some deer .The sun was setting and I was on my way back to my pickup and seen this buck looking right at me around 120 yards.The sun went as did the buck the next day I went the next day and stood in some plum thickets and I turned to my left and he was there 15 yards away drew my bow and 40 yards later he was on his way to the house.

Tink tink

It was opening day of the shotgun season in Indiana with 20 mph wind, and I was in an urban area hunting with my bow. I drug some doe in estrous urine to my stand that afternoon, and made a 12 yard shot at 5:30pm. Watched him fall 50 yards later.

Dad’s “Big Boy”

Having been in the military for over 15 years now, I treasure the rare opportunity I get to go deer hunting with my dad. Dad had named this buck “Big Boy” and had been waiting to get a shot at him. I downed him the day after Thanksgiving. To his credit, Dad was thrilled for me! Big Boy was an 8-pointer with a 21 inch spread – by far the biggest buck I’ve ever killed!

The Road Monster

This monster lived in Northern Indiana, Land of the Big Bucks. This is our cousin Jim’s MONSTER whitetail!! Though he wishes he was the one to actually harvest this buck, a vehicle did the work for him. He found the buck on the way out of the woods from his hunt on the side of the road.
This Is Elaina Kirkland 5 Years Old Of Brooksville Florida, She Shot Her First Deer While Hunting With Daddy, He Held Up The .270 While She Looked Through The Scope And Lined Up The Cross Hairs And Pulled The Trigger. Elaina Dropped Her 8 Point Buck At 100 Yards, She Was So Proud Of Her First Deer That She Thanked God For Giving Her This Animal.

Snow Storm Walleye

This 33 inch walleye was caught in Colorado right after a snow storm on 10/27/11. It was serene night, with fresh snow on the ground and no other fisherman in sight. Around 8:30 PM, as I was finishing up a retrieve, I felt what I thought was a snag on a rock. I set the hook anyway. To my surprise, the rock starts moving. I knew I had a good fish on.

Last Youth Season got-r-done!

I shot this nice 8 point on opening day of my final youth season. Filled my buck tag for the year early, but I’ll still be out there for gun season and muzzleloader hopin to get a few more does.

Public land buck

My first year bow hunting got this nice buck at 15 yards away in south dakota public land

ND Mule Deer

I was hunting near the Blue Buttes area of western North Dakota (Badlands)when my hunting partner Lloyd Vigen and I spotted this nice 5×5 Mule Deer Buck with two does. I used a 7MM Remington mag to get this beauty. By far the largest Mule Deer Buck I have ever shot!

Bear Break In

First trip to the cabin of the year, got there and a bear had tore the plywood off the window and broke in, made a pretty good mess. never seen any other signs of it all year.

my dreams come true

I harvested this beauty on Oct. 14, 2011 6:57pm Coshocton Co., Ohio He is a main frame 10 point, with a split G1 on his right side,a 22in inside spread, and 26.5 main beams
Nash James Christenberry (10 yrs old) shot a 10 pt on 11/23/11 on his granddad’s land. Nash dropped the deer in one shot at 135 yd. Nash loves to hunt & it comes natural. Last year he killed his first buck, an 8 pt & a spike at 200 yd with one shot. Nash relies on his keen vision when hunting since he was born deaf. Pictured are Nash, his granddad, Danny Christenberry, and his dad, Cody.
This 5 by 6 buck was taken at 150 yards with a 30-06 by Tyler Marr in Jewell Co. Kansas.

Indiana Bow Kill

Nothing like hunting the pre-rut in Indiana. Saturday, November 5th 2011, the bucks were chasing, as I watched this monster follow a doe up the ridge and 34 yards past my stand. What a blessing, what a buck 172 unofficial green score, but his mass is unreal 6 inches around his G2’s and G3’s

South Dakota Archery

5×5 with a green score of 130 1/8

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