One of the great things about having readers who contribute so much to our site is getting to see the photos they take on their outdoor adventures. One reader submitted a photo to our Trophy Room and it caught our eye. We contacted him and found out that photo was just the tip of the iceberg... Denton Wilson, an amateur photographer from Dallas was fly fishing alongside some grizzly bears in Alaska near Kodiak Island back in 2009. Not only did he see a bear fight from only 10-15 yards away, but he got to watch some of Mother Nature's best fishermen do what they do best. Wilson explains in his own words how each bear had their own personality, and style of fishing.
“The bears were in full feed mode, trying to fatten up. It was a joy to watch them, they were all so talented.”
“Most of the bears seemed to be going after the sockeye, but a few seemed to specifically go after the rainbows. I could have spent all day watching the bear’s fish; each bear had their own technique.”
“This bear munched on what could easily be a 20lb fish, while continuing to look for more.”
“The search, chase, and attack is so unbelievably effortless, especially for the older bears who hardly needed to chase their dinner.”
“The only time that I found myself concerned about being surrounded by bears was when the younger ones would start chasing a fish and cover a ton of ground, making sudden directional changes that before you knew it they were coming right at you.”
“This young lady–as I would find out–was that one bear that you don’t want to meet. On our first day fishing out on the coast directly across from Kodiak Island (at the campsite that Timothy Treadwell was killed at), I had the pleasure of meeting Psycho Lady. The guides had named her (with a word that is not as nice as lady). The week before she had jumped out of the tall grass as one of the guides was walking by with a fish and took it right out of his hand.” “In my case, she had decided to see if we had caught anything. This picture is of her looking directly at me just before she charged. My guide kept telling me not to run, that she would put me on the ground. Ask yourself what you would do if a bear charged…”
“These cubs were getting schooled by mom on the how to’s of fishing.”
“These two youngin’s were just learning to fish on their own, but they had a system of ‘I fish–you watch for intruders’.”
“You could tell that this was a hot spot for the bears. The bank was worn down from a number of bears jumping from this bank into a deeper pool.”
“You could easily find yourself in a sticky situation in the dense foliage surrounding the rivers–plenty of opportunities for the bears to stumble upon you unaware.”
“A male bear made his presence known and both mother and cubs were visibly distressed as they ran off.”
“This is a photo of me with Psycho after my heart had stopped racing.”
“All that fishing and romping around made many of the bears tired. You could often find a bear napping along the stream. We found this bear as we were following the stream looking for pools of fish.”
“This big guy was so large that he had to physically start leaning in the direction that he wanted to go before he pounced.”
“Simply stated, this bear was the most impressive that we saw on the trip.”

One of the great things about having readers who contribute so much to our site is getting to see the photos they take on their outdoor adventures. One reader submitted a photo to our Trophy Room and it caught our eye. We contacted him and found out that photo was just the tip of the iceberg…