Been hunting since I was 8 and this was my first time killing a deer. My dad, sister and I were hunting for several hours until I spotted a nice looking buck about 175 yards from where I was standing, threw up my dads B. A .R 7 mag and shot off-hand. I shot him right in the heart! Little did I know I had to haul him all the way back to the truck, but very well worth it! He was a 4x2 Black Tail.

Small Stream Brown Loves To Eat Mice

My buddy and I did a night time attack on a huge hooked jawed male brown I found. We were both throws whitlock mice. The brown exploded on the mouse the first cast. We were fishing at 3am.

Little Show Off

While revisting my hunt with my family at Christmas, my grand daughter shows off my record buck rack. He was offically entered in Pope & Young all time records with a score of 182 6/8 a new Marathon county WI record typical and Ranked 8th in the state for bow. Also scored 168 3/8 BTR Buckmasters with composite score of 189 which is a new perfect typical state record and 13th all time world record.

Fish of a lifetime…

This is the biggest Lake Trout I have ever caught…40″. What a giant. When people ask me why I put so much time and effort into fishing….I say to them…THIS is why!

Colorado Monster Muley

I bought my bow in January 2010 and bagged my first big game animal. Could be ranked in the top 5 for Colorado non-typicals.

191 3/8″ Gross Score Kansas Whitetail

This is my 5th year hunting on the same farm in Pratt, Kansas. It finally paid off this year. I moved one of my tower stands on the back side of a greenfield about 150 yds. into the CRP near a “draw” I saw deer traveling last year. I have always wanted to hunt the area. The huge Kansas Whitetail came within 75 yds. when he met his demise on opening day of this year’s season.

Elk in geese formation

This is from 2 or 3 years ago during one of my “OMG, I have to get out of the house before I go crazy” walks. Thought it was cool the way the elk came up out of the bottom of the canyon in V formation.

Squirrel protecting food

Seems the squirrel didn’t want to share any of the food. Picture was taken with a deer cam in Racine Wisconsin

Kelcey Sulak buck

Kelcey has taken other deer with her .22-250 but decided to use her dad’s .270 on the morning of December 20. She first saw the buck at 7:10 AM but it did not present a decent target until 7:35. She remained perfectly calm during the 25 minute wait. She wasn’t so calm when the buck did not get up after her first shot. He grossed 161 1/8.

Enormous Wisconsin Small Stream Brown

Massive male small stream brown it measured 30.25 inches. Caught in a beaver dam on a stream typically 3 feet wide. It got that big by eating brook trout.

First Time Large Mouth Bass

My very first time bass fishing and look at what I reeled in…a natural!
big rack worth alot

Why run up the tree when u can sit on a branch?

Brandy our walker dog, tree’d .. This time she find a branch to rest on.. Any other time she feels the need 2 run up the tree!!!

First Buck with Bow

Sarah Terril from Carmel, Indiana downed her first Buck with a bow in Pike, County Illinois. Sarah who is an experienced and successful whitetail huntress with firearms decided early in 2010 that she would step up to the challage of hunting with a bow. And step up she did, with her Mathews Passion bow she downed her first buck, a 140 class, 200lb Pike County Monster!
shot this nice deer 7 am was walking out in between 2 fields looked over to the right and seen about 5 inchs of the top of the antlers my heart started beating like a drum i cruch down so he could not see me he walked about 40 yrds shot at him he fell down waited 30mins went up to him he got up and run over the hill and turned around and grunted and ran out of sight looked 4hrs


had some c’mere deer out the night before then we got 2 feet of snow.look at the third deer in the back.he just dove in head first.
walking a ditch when this guy came out
I busted him as he stood perfectly broadside,“through and through”. He ran another 40yrds into the bean field and crashed. I knew he was big, but I wasn’t sure just how big until I recovered him. Wow! As you can imagine when I pulled out beans plants from his rack and the rest is history.
While archery hunting in mid October with a friend 5 feet away in another tree, this buck presented me with a shot. Luckily he crossed my shooting lane first. Since it was my friend’s hunting spot and he holds out for big ones I whispered,”are you going to shoot?” He didn’t answer. I guess that’s the end of the story. Thanks for keeping quiet buddy.

Stuck in the Sand at Surf Side

Took this shot on the last day of a fishing trip last fall at Surf Side beach on Nantucket Island while waiting for a tow to free our jeep from the sand during a rising tide. No Stripers that day, but if my brother had listened to my back-seat driving, I may not have gotten this shot.

Hunting season ender with minutes to get pictures!

You see I’m a quadraplegic and I have to rely on the buck to stand in front of cross hair, or having someone moving riflerest/gun rest up/down & left/right to get scope cross-hair on to shoot! I was very well pleased with my 8 point!

My Personal Best in NEPA

The evening of 10-26-2010 was supposed to be a hot and windy day in NEPA. I almost didn’t hunt. Then I read F&S; Best Days of the Rut. That segment motivated me to get out there. I shot a great PA 9 pointer with the bow. He strolled right into my stand shortly after i grunted. I made a clean 15 yard shot, and he was recovered quickly. My best hunt ever!

John Hendrickson’s Graduation Buck

My son, John Hendrickson, hunted all season looking for a huge mature whitetail buck. After graduating from college, he took some time off to hunt the last two weeks of deer season and shot this huge mainframe 8 point with 3 kickers that last day of the season. What a graduation present!
I shot this dandy 10 point buck on the evening of December 27, 2010. I borrowed my Dad’s Tenpoint Crossbow during later archery season here in Indiana. I had only shot it 2 times before when he first got it 2 years ago. Pretty Lucky!! I thought my season was over. Guess that’s a lesson learned–Never give up until season is closed. A TEN POINT with a Tenpoint Crossbow..

First Sturgeon

My Dad took my step mom (right) and i (left) fishing for sturgeon for the first time. Within the first 45min her and i had already caught both of these fish. Mine is 59 in, 65 lbs and hers was 66 in, 85 lbs. These both were caught on the Young Gun 2.

First fish of the day

My grandson Louie and I went fishing in Lake Charlotte the other day. Just at daybreak, as we were getting under way, we saw something feeding way in open water. We made our way out to where we thought it was and Louie made a cast with his Pop R (favorite bait) and WHAM!!! 9 pounds of early mornin, fightin fury! Photo’d and released.
After 31 years of of Whitetail Deer hunting on the same property I finally got what I can call a trophy, and most of my neighbors agree. When I got my first deer in 1979 it was the largest deer taken on our property, a 7 point. That rack would fit inside of a basketball. I sure was proud of that rack and even more so of this one. I have to say, that Missouri’s genetic stock has improved.

Wildlife Summit

About a half mile from a bend in the Blanco River, deer and wild turkeys have taken up residence in this Wimberley Tx. neighborhood. In late July 2010 when antlers were still in velvet,I went out to take some photos of the birds and deer when these two approached each other as if they had an agenda to discuss. Whatever it was, they appear to see eye-to-eye on it.
Shot this morning at 9a. They’re still rutting hard down here … swollen neck and smelled to no end.
Killed This 9 Inch Droptine Buck Opening Day On My Brothers Land 10/16/2010 Opening Day net 161 3/8

Sibling Rivalry

Boys will be Boys! luckily, this is a tough bunch.

Beagle’s First Bunny!

Surprisingly, this is our first bunny together!! We’v been runnin rabbits since he was a pup (6yrs), but he’s always been too gun shy with a shotgun…. So, I never truely hunted him. Thought we’d try with the the new TC 17hmr!! and He did awesome!!!

Chesapeake Zeke on Millwood Lake

“Zeke The Millwood Boy” manages one of many greenheads on Millwood Lake in southwest Arkansas during the January 2011 duck season. The big Greenhead winged down 150 yds in the fog as 15 year old Cole Pearson’s Browning echoed across the lake.

My buddy and I tagged two nice Indiana bucks

My buddy Cody and I shot two nice bucks on the same morning on my property.

Explosion In My Hand

My friends and I were out target shooting. One of my buddies took this picture at just the right time. I have never seen anything like it. I thought it was cool.

Daddy’s Deer

My eighteen month-old daughter helped me hold this 13-point Arkansas bowkill for a photo.
Antero Reservoir Cutbow caught on a tiny pink rat finkee through the ice

Two Tough Toms

I was riding in North Carolina on Janurary the fith and saw 70 to 100 wild turkey watching these two fight. I walked about 500 yards with a zoom and got within 25 yards and shot this and many more…. I shot this with a rebel digital camera

Honest, it was thiiiiiiis big!

I was out walking along the river, taking photos of birds, etc. came upon this pooling area and saw fish skimming the top, I stood on a boulder waiting for the right moment to click my shutter, was really pleased with the outcome. Not sure what kind of trout this is though.

Bringing in the Biggen

Out trolling for rooster fish in Los Suenos Costa Rica. Caught some very big ones out there and they sure are some fighters.
Killed during the start of the rut. First saw this buck from trail cam pics from the summer. Had been hunting him all season. Found fresh scrapes above a valley and decided to hang a set there. He Came in chasing a doe and stopped to check one of the scrapes at 30 yards and that’s when I smoked him with my Mathews!

Worth the wait

I finally dropped a big 8 point buck after 11 years of deer hunting. Thanks to Kirk for introducing me to deer hunting back in 1999, thanks to Bill for selling me his Remington BDL 270 in 2003 and thanks to Mark for hosting me this year at deer opener. It was absolutely worth the wait.
Kansas archery whitetail, not the biggest one in the woods, but, what a great day!

Buck and Wiley

I was hunting at my farm when I saw a spike run out of the woods with this coyote chasing it. I dropped it on the run and went out to check it to make sure that it was dead. It was just seven in the morning so I got back into my stand. Later I saw the buck and stalked within 30 yards of it and shot it. Both were with my .243.



First Buck with a Bow.

My 14 yr.old son Joey got this buck in Pike County. It was his first buck with a bow. 13 point, 185 pounds! Awesome!

Almost Heaven

Fishing in the winter is one of the best times to fish WV. You often times will have whole rivers and streams all to yourself, along with the great scenery!!!

Moose anatomy

I got four to five pictures of this young bull. I think he wanted me to see that although his rack was small he was still packing.