Colorado Lion

In early April of 2009 I found where at least three lions were using the pine needles and duff under the Ponderosa Pine trees as a litter to cover their urine. I set up a camera on a trail that came in from the NE. As I knelt down to check the camera’s perspective I simply asked for early morning light, a little snow on the ground, and a lion quartering toward the camera. Three days later…

Doe with antlers nursing fawn

1 in 10,000 doe have antlers. This is a bona fide doe with antlers nursing a fawn. This trail cam photo was taken in September 2009.

Strutting Ruffed Grouse

I captured this image with a homemade, 6mp trail camera this past May. I mounted the camera to a Norway Pine pointed at an active drumming log I had tracked down by slowly advancing while he was busy drumming. This male had finished his drumming sequence, hopped off of the log and began strutting. I was very fortunate to catch him in full fan with his neck feathers ruffed up.

Heart to Heart Talk with Dad

Buck and fawn taken in late June while Dad was still in velvet.
I got this photo on my Parents property after hunting another area hard for several weeks. So I went back and hunted their. I ended up harvesting this buck several days later, and he scored just over 150.The date is wrong its early Dec when the pic was taken

Beaver Tending Dam

I captured this image this past April using a homemade 6mp trail camera. I pounded a stake into the dam and mounted the camera to it. I then removed some of the material in the dam in order to coax the beaver to come out in daylight to repair it. The sky was just right, and I couldn’t have asked for a better pose.

Beauty of the Wild

I am not sure who was more surprised, the girl when she saw the red light flash on a tree, or me when I checked my trail cam. Not exactly the trophy I was hoping for but I guess I cant complain. I still cant figure out what would bring a girl down a deer trail after dark.

longbeard with white hen

There are a few of these salt n’ pepper hens in this flock of about 50 birds, Some real big longbeards too.

A Late Drummer

Was out checking cameras and heard a few Ruffed Grouse Drumming. I flushed one off of a drumming log on the way in, so I hung one of my homemade 6mp trail cameras on an Aspen tree directed at the log. Sure enough he came back right after I left to put on a late Autumn show! The fall colors in the background and the snow on the log really add to the image.

it happens…..

We knew coyotes had been visiting the area, but this photo confirmed why no deer had been coming to the bait!

Early Storm

A heavy storm moved in right at first light , deer were still eating in the fields and one of our target bucks got caught in the frame with a bolt of lightning

Run its gozzila!

First time i’ve ever seen otters (besides in a textbook).


this is a trail camera picture i got on a moultrie d-40 i have it on multishot(3) the 1st and last pictures were blank and this one was the 2nd. all i can figure is that the possum set off the camera at the exact moment the owl swooped down towards him…pretty neat i thought!!

Bears Mating

THis photo was taken on my trail cam in Birchdale MN. I hear its not often to see a brown bear around here so i thought this picture was a once in a lifetime photo. I actually have two other pics leading up to the event u see here, but i chose this picture as it is the full mount.

Family Photo

The hen and the buck have been caught together several times and then some baby turkeys started showing up in the pictures. They always hang out together sharing the same apple tree. It almost looks like they are fighting over who gets the most camera time!

David vs Goliath

This big eight pointer fought the smaller eight pointer and it appears that the bigger eight points rack is surrounding the smaller eights!

Tough Love

This little three point buck was VERY interested in my archery target. He bedded down behind it and stayed throughout the night.
I set up my Moultrie I-40 over a water hole hoping to catch a big buck going for water. I was blown away when I downloaded the pictures and realized I have bears in the back 40! I was able to capture quite a few images of the bears on various dates.

I’m gonna eat you!

This mountain lion is approaching a deer carcass cached the night before which I found not too far from my house, so I set up my deercam next to where the deer was buried under a large fir tree. The lion has a light dusting of snow on her back, and one of the deer’s hoofs can be seen in the shadows.

Quack Quack Crunch

I always have this guy on trail cam, but this time he brought dinner. Looks like a duck, but not sure.

Under the pale Moonlight

Great photo of two bucks one in velvet and one that shed his velvet standing together under the moon.


Taken with WildView Trail Camera in Putnam County Florida 2009.

Ghost Buck

There is a big Old 6 pointer who seems to have scared this big rack buck off.

Wisconsin Hunt

I’m in the woods,putting a few apples out for the deer, but I’m seeing more on my camera, than when in the woods. Opening day this guy decided to join me at my stand. He not only walked up to me while I held my rifle, he then laid down just a few yards away. He’s a cute little guy!
Trail cam pic of my deer i shot 10/4/09 with a muzzleloader. Scored (232 and 1/8 gross 223 and 3/8s net 24 pts) This is the largest whitetail ever shot in the state of KS with a muzzleloader

Ghost in the fog

Nice buck passing through a creek bottom in the rain and fog right at sunrise

Can you please dim the lights, I’m trying to be sneaky!?

After cleaning a catch of October northern pike from a SW Colorado lake, I put the remains in front of my game cam to see what critters show up. This bobcat must have heard the shutter release on the camera and looked right into the flash! I probably would have never known a bobcat was in my area without this picture!

Midnight Moose

After drawing a moose tag in Montana I began scouting an area and found it to be full of moose. Big Moose at that…

Buck and Turkeys

Minnesota DNR suspects hog activity in our area. Our trail camera shows a lot going on, but no pigs yet.

Badger at my Doe Carcass

I captured this badger feeding on the carcass from my archery doe on 11/21/09 at 9:15pm in Northern Minnesota. It was taken with one of my 6mp homemade trail cameras.

Scared Racoon

The day after I saw this photo I actually saw this cougar as it scared some deer out from under my feeder.

Goofy Buck

This is the second year I have seen this goofy looking buck around one of my bow stands. He is a really unusual buck that I thought others would like to take a look at.

Dancing Bears

In an attempt to get some photos of coyotes, my dad and I hung some very old pieces of chicken in the vicinity of a game cam on the family farm in north central West Virginia. We got something better – this family of bears!

“You lookin’ at me?”

I was home from college last weekend to do some rabbit hunting and stumbled upon a deer carcass. I could tell a cat had been there, it had covered the deer up with ground litter. So I set up my trail cam for the weekend and got a picture.

Humming bird

Hummingbird caught on trail cam.

Twin baby Rocky Mountain Elk

While scout pre-season for archery. I captured a shot of twin baby elk. I actually captured few more pictures of them losing there spot.

Pure white wolf taken on trail cam at my place in Ontario

I had a trail cam on my land and was taking pictures where we deposed our fish guts and I got two pictures of this white wolf. Also many bear pictures.

Late Night Hunter

I captured about four pictures of this coon messing around on the ladder of my treestand. Once i seen them i was just glad he didn’t leave me a present on my seat!

I’m Comin’ To Get Ya!

This doe was scared stiff by this buck coming out of the woods or she does not want to participate in what this guy has in mind. Necedah, Wisconsin.

Snow White

My sons and I discovered this piebald deer on our hunting property in early August in Central Michigan. We have enjoyed watching her throughout the bow and gun season. She stuck out like a sore thumb during the Fall months, but now she is a little more difficult to spot in the snow. In any season we think she’s a beauty!

Papa Bob

This is a Bobcat that my family has been watching around our property for years.
This photo was taken the night before I was lucky enough to take this buck on opening day of rifle season. He was killed about 800 yards from where this picture was taken. He is 22″ wide outside and weighed around 180 pounds.

Supper Time

This is the runt of the litter. I guess he was trying to catch up with his siblings.

Doe Over Fence

I just purchased a Moultrie trail camera and this was one of the first pictures from it.

What’s that smell??

Big buck finding something on the camera to be quite interesting. Maybe he was just really photogenic!

Great Horned Owl

My trail cam had been getting several pictures of rabbits along the field edge. I guess the owl noticed the rabbits as well and swooped on one for breakfast.


Never gotten a picture of him real close but this is as good as a picture gets

Posing for the camera

Nothing huge, but a nice buck anyway

Fox picked wrong food.

When I got this picture I had to laugh.

Hey – how are you?

Taken at my “honey hole”. I have taken one big buck at this spot and I will give this guy anothter year or two to size up a little before I go after him.

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