My son James, age 11, shot this 18 pt buck on Nov 15, 2009 from a climber stand on a farm in Ohio. The buck was trailing a doe during the rut. James shot the deer from 27 yards with his Hoyt Kobalt set at 43 lbs. It was a clean pass through and the deer only ran 10 yards before going down.
This is my fathers (Steve Harmon) recent kill from Illinois. It was later in the day and way to hot outside for big deer to be moving or so he thought. After setting up where a 126 class deer was seen crossing earlier it wasn’t long till this monster came within ten yards of him and made a rub. Seconds later he made his draw and a perfect shot.

new kansas nontypical whitetail muzzleloader record

I shot this nontypical whitetail 10/4/09 with a muzzleloader at 100 yds. This deer scored (232 and 1/8 gross 223 and 3/8s net with 24 pts)This is the largest whitetail ever shot in the state of kansas with a muzzleloader.
Our Friend Nate (one with the goatee) harvested this monster 17 pointer last Friday (12/4/09) in Lorain, Ohio. It was a 18 pointer, but its right split G1 broke off. Unofficial score of this buck is 213 7/8 inch non-typical and 187 typical, making this buck a top 30 all time in Ohio and the #2 biggest buck taken with a muzzelloader in Ohio.

My First Kansas Buck.

This is my first kansas buck. I shot it when i was 14 with a 7mm 75 yards away. I shot the deer 3 times an thought i missed on the first 2. We walked up to the deer and it had 2 shots through the heart and one through the liver. I have always wanted a picture of me and my deer on field and stream and i hope this deer is big enough to qualify.

The Trail-Cam Buck

We saw this deer after the 2008 season on trail-cam. This year we saw him in Sept on trail-cam, but never saw him other than on camera at night. On the 23rd, two days after opening day, I missed him at 200 yrds, but he came back, unbothered by the shot, and I harvested him two days later. He has 17 scorable points, split brows, 6 in. mass between his G2 & G3 and scored 175.

Missouri Monarch

22 point monster shot in northern missouri

Last minute Buck.

Whew…..I had a chance to sit one last night before the gun hunters hit the woods. I’m glad I harvested him before the “cheaters” hit the woods.
This 18-point buck was taken November 16th with a Hoyt bow.

Were gonna need a bigger boat

Taking a friend’s advice, on November 23rd I launched my small kayak into a secluded waterway. I hung scents, sat behind a blown down tree, wind and water to my back. After hours of doe bleating and buck grunting, I was almost done. With five minutes of legal hunting left, I gave one more call. A 12 pt buck crashed towards me, and I shot him at eight yards!

I passed this guy up!

I had this bruiser at 15 yards broadside with my bow at fulldraw and my sight pin floating over the lungs but I never let the arrow go. There was a twig the size of a pencil hanging over the kill area. He was staring at me when I had to let my bow string down. He took one step into the open and let me pull back again and the picture says the rest.
Early Nov. Hunt in the heart of Texas!!

My Buck of a Lifetime

A storm destroyed our 200 acres of Mississippi River hills hardwoods. The road to the property was also flooded, so we paddled in by boat. I walked the ridgeline looking for bedded deer. I sat on an downed tree when this buck came across the next ridgeline. I shot and he fell 20 yards away. Three hours of dragging and a 1/2 mile boat ride later I had the buck of my lifetime!
These sheds were picked up this April. It has over 210 inch main frame,44 inches of extra on its right side and 22 inches of extra on its left!

Where’d he come from?

All of a sudden there he was. He gave me two shots both on target. When I got to the downed giant. I was in amazement, I knew he was big but he was breathtaking.
All the practice with my compound bow, the months of sweat, heat, but feelings of great success for this 2009 season. When it became crunch time,I put him down.Practice pays off.This 13 point buck should go into the high 170’s. Southern Ohio in such a treasure for deer hunting. Notice the thickness of the beams and points. Deer shot by Mike Detty of Frankfort Ohio.
10 Year Old Austin Barker shot this awesome 14 Point Buck on the Opening Day of Maryland Gun Season. This buck was shot at 6:25 am with a 243 Rifle. This was the second buck shot by Austin, the first was in 2008. This massive buck was a typical 10 pointer with kickers coming off the front and back of each browtine. Congratulations Austin!
Shot November 11th at 3:55 pm in northern MN. He came in hot on the heels of a doe and gave me a 12 yard quartering to shot. He went about 150 yds after the shot. 19 4/8″ inside spread, and 11″ G2’s. Net typical score of 155 (156 7/8″ gross). My biggest deer to date and third Pope and Young buck in as many years!

locked up!

my buddys son was walking a creek with his bow and seen this 155″ dragging a 130″ and got a good shot! the bigger buck was almost dead and the smaller one had been dead for awhile.

Big Buck!

BUddy Got this Big BUCk!

The “Backyard Brawler” from Oklahoma

Seven years ago I took over managing a 122 acre farm and after an agressive doe harvest. We are starting to reep the fruits of our labor. With this main frame eight point buck with a 20 inch inside spread, and a 12 1/2 inch G-2. And the funny thing is our area is not known for producing big bucks until now! I guess the cat is out of the bag. He is the smallest buck on our hit list.
Zach was lucky enough to be born into a family of hunters. He got his first deer rifle for Christmas last year. He drew a tag in Nevada and harvested a MEAN buck! He got shots off earlier in the season, where he was aloud to take either sex. He had a 20 yard shot at a Big Doe and the gun misfired, the next week he took a MONSTER buck, his first ever…

The River Buck

18 point buck shot opening weekend of hunting! Was chasing two does along the river bank. Weighed 230 pounds
My daughter holding a Muley mount I bought at a flea mkt. It had the original Colorado tag from 1938. I had it scored at 240+ NT 33+ inches wide
Hunting the last day (December 13,2009) of the NY rifle proved to be a very lucky day!

Ten pointer taken in Texas

This is my biggest buck to date. I took him November 17th, 2009 while hunting in Texas with former tv hunting show host Steve Lecorchick. He scores about 145 B&C; and is so far my buck of a lifetime.

Rebekah’s first buck

My wife and I recently took Rebekah, a young girl from our church in St. Louis, hunting on our family’s farm in Virginia. Starting with hunter safety and progressing through good shooting techniques and practice at the range, she made herself ready for deer hunting and made an excellent shot to take down the nice buck pictured.

Monster Indiana Buck

After two years we finally got him. With the help of our guide we caught this buck coming out for dinner just minutes before dark. It’s the buck of a lifetime and we couldn’t have asked for a better hunt.

Huge Buck

My Friend shot this big guy just out of town! He is for sure getting this boy mounted!
I shot this 12 point buck in 2008. It scored 167 5/8 ” and had an inside spread of 24 5/8″.
This buck was shot on second day of the 2009 gun season. by Randy weber it hasn’t been scored yet but we think that it will score 160 to 170 19″ inside 5″ mass 10 point
Frank Bauman of Richboro, PA shot this 9-point buck in Juniata County, PA on November 30, 2009 at 1PM. The rack measured 23 inches inside spread.

Garrett B’s First Deer

Garrett shot his first deer during the 2009 Iowa Youth Season. He is 9 years old and was the first time she ever shot a gun at an animal. Proved he could hit the target at the range so he earned the chance to shoot at a deer. The buck is a 20″ wide 10 point that gross green score 162 7/8″ It will be hard to top that one over the rest of his life.

Washington State Split Main Beam Muley

I was lucky enough to take this buck on opening day in central WA State.
After sitting the first day and only seeing one doe, the second day started off better with 5 does at daylight. About 9 a.m. I saw this buck in the distance and then again an hour later. The third time I saw him was at 40 yards.

My best yet

Here’s another one of my buck I got last week. I can’t believe how well this picture turned out, being that I took it with my phone 30 seconds after finding him. I was shaking good enough that the picture should just be a blur. I hope everyone else’s season ends up as blessed as mine has.
19 non-typical points, gross green score of 186” & 173 5/8” after deductions. Weight: 285# before dressing and 245# dressed. He will be the potential non-typical record holder for Barron County, WI- the previous holder as published in the 2005 WI Buck & Bear clubs Trophy Record Book scores 158 1/8”.

Trophy Mule Deer

Mule deer taken in Colorado in 2008.
friday the 13th before school went hunting missed a doe at 6am and saw two other deer no shot i hung my head about to sleep and heard a crash looked up and he is ten yards away running in i quick grab my bow he saw me pegged me for a sec.he put his head down i drew he started to run i grunted he stopped i shot him. he went 35 yrds and died. i immediatly called my dad. happiest moment of my life
I set 6 of my buddies on very good spots. I had high hopes that one of them would see or shoot a nice buck. I just reached for my lunch in a climbing tree stand and saw a heavy rack. Within seconds I had my opening day lunchtime buck.

The kind of antlers you don’t want to find shed hunting

I was shed hunting on my grandpa’s farm where I do all of my whitetail hunting. I spotted this giant rack from 70 yards away through the timber. As I got closer my heart sank to see that this deer did not make it through the winter. He has 14 points, and had a gross typical score of 189 2/8. As the picture shows, my 3 year old son Jake really took an interest in this set of antlers.

My best deer

After spotting some antlers in the tall grass from several hundred yards away I decided to crawl down a fence line to get a closer look. After crawling for what seemed like forever I got about 200 yards from the buck I had spotted. When a doe came walking by him he stood up to go after her – but so did this huge 6×6 that I didn’t even know was there.

Deer Photo

My wife, Corinne Wolfe shot this 11 pt with a crossbow after being in the stand approximately 15 mintues. This is the third buck she has taken since she began hunting in 2006.
I was looking behind me and when I turned around he was already through my shooting lanes but one. I grabbed my bow, drew, and he stopped in that last opening. I hit him right behind the shoulder and he only went 60 yards.. It all happened so fast…less than 10 seconds from the time I first saw him to the time that the arrow hit him. He grossed 184 3/8.

Tall Tine is Down

My son Brady took this monster in Buffalo County, WI after watching 2 smaller bucks fighting he stepped in to face the winner. It’s a main frame 9 point with 14″ G2’s and 12″ G3’s, with stickers at both bases. It grossed 170 green score by taxidermist. It field dressed out at 196 lbs.

Ohio Archery Giant

Missed hunting season last year while deployed in Iraq. Returned in October and was invited to hunt in western Ohio with some friends. The 3rd day of the hunt, this buck came to a grunt call. 18 yard shot and watched the buck fall only 60 yards away. The buck green scores 174 P & Y and my hunting buddy captured it all on video, so I can relive the memory.

Luke Newman’s Corkscrew Buck

I shot this crazy corkscrew buck with my 300 Win Mag. Out trophy buck hunting with my buddy Cory for a few days and had passed up some nice bucks but was holding out for the big one. Finally shot this one on the forth day. Just could not pass up this deer mounted on my wall.
me and my daughter whent for her first deer hunt. the second day in of the hunt me Russ & paige Schmitt’s known as team Schmitt. about 5:15 pm we had this buck come right up to us.way to go PAIGE DAD LOVES YA

Wisconsin Halloween Buck

150+ class buck shot in western Wisconsin on Halloween morning. 1st buck shot with the bow.

Our readers sent us nearly 2500 photos of deer in 2009. These are our editors’ picks for the 50 best bucks of the bunch. Do you have a great hunting, fishing, or outdoor photo? Enter it into our Trophy Room today!