2 coyotes chasing this doe that they have cornered. They got ahold of it a little bit because it has a little bit of blood on its back flank.

Fighting Foxes

Found this dead buck and set the camera on it and had these two foxes fight over the carcass. We also had a coyote come in to check out the carcass.

Drumming Ruffed Grouse

This photo was taken with a homemade 6mp trail camera in N Minnesota. I located the grouse by listening for his drumming sequence & quietly advancing while he was drumming. I set the camera on the down-slope of the ridge & angled up pointed at the worn section of the log. The speed of his wings make it look as though they are transparent.
If you look, there is a 4-5 inch spike coming out below his right antler with its own seperate base. This buck showed up on christmas last year, hung around for two weeks, and we have not seem him since.

Dogs attacking buck

I found this buck dead about 10 yards from where the series of pics was taken (8 total). These are not my dogs. The pics are very upsetting, and not something you would expect to see on your cam.

Olympic Mountains baby lions going to momma

Olympic Mountains baby lions going to momma

“Easters cancelled !!! “

We live with the Mtn lions in the Santa Cruz Mtns. in Calif. Caught on one of my game cameras!

Olympic Mountain Big black bear suspicious of camera

Big Black bear suspicious of camera in Olympic Mountains

suckling bobcat kitten

bobcats kitten feeding in front of the camera

Resting up fot the rut!!!

I have about 15 pictures of this buck laying in front of the camera. This was just a couple days before the Vermont rifle season started, I am sure just teasing me. He was shot on the last day of the season by a kid. It was his first buck a 8-pointer 165 lbs.

Balancing Bear

This picture was taken with a homemade 6mp trail camera in N. Minnesota. I pounded a stake in the bed of the pond aimed down the length of the log expecting to get roosting waterfowl. To my surprise this bear decided to take a stroll down it.

Big Daddy say’s out of here boy!

Old buck teaches young buck who’s boss around here
Had the camera up for a week and these two showed up

Curious Buck

Curious buck looking at the camera.


Captured a great series of interactions between these two. In the 1st photo, they appear to be praying or giving thanks for a meal. Obviously, the racoon didn’t realize the bear considered him part ot the menu. In this photo, the bear suddenly leaps toward the racoon. The racoon disappears from the next photo only to sneak back in later photos none the worse for wear.
We found this 4 x 4 buried under the dirt and then we put a trail camera by it and we got this badger on it.
Giant 11 point

Tidal Reflections

This is a moultrie I-40 placed on a tidal creek crossing. This buck was caught on the move @ 202 in the afternoon of our second day of firearms season…


got this pic from my bro’s cabin.some vultures and bald eagle eating a deer

Its been a rough day!

Set this older 35mm trail cam in a Michigan’s U.P. in an ambush style setup. I knew a large back bear was hanging out and was surprised when this big guy showed up. There are not many bull moose in the entire UP and on this set up, I got 2 of them.

bunny snatcher

owl taking small rabbit

What did you eat last night???

If one stops they all stop !!!!!

Step Away From My Corn

This is a photo of “Scar-Face”, gently removing a subordinate buck from his dinner table. This buck is a super nice 8 pointer. I have many photos of him, but this one is the most interesting. Note the white patch on his snout. These north Georgia bucks are within one mile of our down-town square!

Olympic Mountain goats momma feeding kid

Olympic Mountain goats momma feeding kid

Buck in the Snow

Caught this buck traveling during the snow falling. Great picture for the holidays.

Bambi in the creek

This doe and her fawn spent alot of time infront of my cam. I got to see her grow picture by picture.
This pic is at the new land we bought In U.P MI. I came home from a Montana hunting trip. The camera was out for two week wile I was gone.

Best Buds

Monster raccoon hangs out with this nice 11.

Pacific Northwest Monster!

Giant Bull out for a walk about.

red tailed hawk in flight

I got this hawk in mid-flight going to land on the remains of a dead deer. The bird is a red tailed hawk. My trail cam has great trigger speed and picture quality. I’m 12 years old and this is my first trail camera.

Walking on sunshine

Good bull taking a walk.

Thanksgiving Buck

This is one of the photos of many of this buck. I shot him Thanksgiving day and he scored 193 3/8 with a 22 3/8 spread.

Scrape bully

this guy looks like hes about to beat up this little buck for cutting in line to make a scrape.

The stand off

Had been getting a lot of doe’s but never any bucks. You can emagine my surprise when I checked my camera on this snowy morning.

Diggin’ for gold!!

There is corn under the water. We were told that coons would love it and the deer and turkey won’t eat it since its under water. Well, deer and turkey love bobbing for corn I guess.

Albino Squirrel

I was in awe when I saw how much wildlife there was in this little area. I put out corn behind my girlfriend’s dad’s shop and within a week I had pictures of a nice 10 point buck, does, ratcoons, and finally these playful squirrels. This is the first albino squirrel I have ever seen!

Bugling Bull Elk

Bull Elk bugling in Medicine Bow Range near Esterbrook, WY. This camera was set up about 300 yards from the house! We have MANY pictures of elk throughout the year…but he by far is the most photogenic!

Cold Fox.

A fox on the big drift right after the blizzard here in Nebraska.

Pecking Order Dance

This is a great picture of two foxes figuring out who is boss. Next picture they are back to looking for food and all is forgotten.

Nike (The buck with sweet kicks)

This buck appeared on our trail cam from time to time for 3 months, 7:30 am on the opening day of gun deer season he was on the ground.

Northwoods albino

One of three albino does that visited my stand on a regular basis.

A deer hunters nightmare

This is one thing you don’t want to see go by your tree stand. I can’t believe how good the trail camera even shows the smoke from the trail bikes. I have no idea who they are but they went right under my tree stand. If you look close you can see the ladder to my stand.

Pretty Buck

This was just a pretty looking buck. Interesting thing, he had a club on the right side of his rack.
found this huge bow buck right after rifle season in Wisconsin 150 yards off highway13 on public land

Giant black bear

got this pic. last year in northern nj. im guessing he weighs 700 lbs hes a giant.Wish we had bear hunting last year.

Momma Kitty taking care of her babies.

this is trail cam pic of a female mother bobcat and her 3 baby kittens. there is one in the back that is kinda hard to see.
Also, got smaller bucks fighting on the same trail cam this year. Just seems to be the place they meet up. Starting to call it the Spoon River Fight Club.

Raghorn watches over cow

Caught this raghorn bull elk watching over his cows just as the Arizona elk rut began. Shortly after a larger bull ran this one off its cows.

Awsome Turkey Buck

Got this awsome pic of this tom turkey and eight point buck out in the food plot..

Monkey or a Bobcat?

Two years earlier a mile down the road 2 hunters came out of the woods swearing they saw a monkey. Also there was at Camp Hopewell that had a mini zoo and when a tornado came through the animals escaped, the lions were recovered but from what we have found out not all were recovered so we are still very skeptical

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