Jerry’s Biggest Pike

My friend is a Gulf War Veteran and it was his dream to one day go to Canada fishing. His dream came true. Part of that dream was to catch a monster Pike and a big Walleye. I wanted to make that dream a reality. We had 12″s of rain but with the Good Lord’s help his dreams came true. Memories for life.

nursing twins

I was walking behind my house when I came upon this set of twins nursing. The mom was busy grooming one of them so she didn’t notice me and I got within 15 feet of them.

Maddy’s Whopper

This past weekend my duaghter went on her first Striper fishing trip with me. We hooked into this giant and even though I landed the fish she stuck out her arms and said, “Daddy, put the fish in my arms! I want to hold him.” The fish was as big as she was but that didn’t stop her. I was one proud Dad!

Girl out fished the boys!

I caught this large mouth bass late march in Missouri. Weighing into nearly seven and a half pounds!

Cool Pic

My hunting partner from texas took this pic of me while we were hunting a Slough in Texoma. Didnt get much action that morning but the sunrise was well worth it

First Pheasant Hunt

Hailey was a rescue dog I adopted after she was bounced through several homes. At age four, she was introduced to birds and hunting. This photo captures her first pheasant hunt in a natural enviornment.
Last afternoon fly fishing in Manitoba. Finally had some luck as soon as the sun came out between lightning storms. The guy who took the photo apparently handed me the net from his boat (it’s on my lap). The next day we actually did have two big walleye in a landing net at once. Should have taken a photo of that.

Lunker in small pond.

I caught this 9.25 lb Large Mouth Bass in a retention pound behind my neighborhood. Proof that the big ones are everywhere you just have to be lucky.

Opening Day Master Angler

I caught this trophy Northern on 14 lb test line. And although it was great to catch a nice trophy, I let her go to be caught again. Weight was 22 1/2 pounds, and 44 inches long


Red River Sky. Cant beat it
A buddy and I caught 3 almost identical 45″ muskies in 1 hour .All three muskies where caught on spinning rigs with 12 lb test.Two where caught on a white chatterbait and the 3rd on a spinner. We did not have leaders or a net.Boating the 3 bruisers was an adventure to say the least.
Matthew Capelli, 18, of Kenosha, Wisonsin reeled in these two 25 pound king salmon while fishing in Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin. They were caught with large spoons while trolling in about 60 feet of water.

Hawk on point

This was taken when i was a guide at Ruggs Ranch in Heppner,OR.

Future Queen of Bass

To celebrate this Father’s Day, I took my 3 year-old daughter Ava fishing for the first time. Using her Barbie rod she caught 6 fish, including this 14 inch bass, which she promptly named “Bubba.” I don’t know what was more precious, her excitement at her newfound hobby or the lectures she gave me and my wife whenever we dared to catch one of “her” fish!


yep thats a shark right there in the surf

Dad’s First Saltwater Fishing Trip

Being stationed at an Army post near the Gulf of Mexico, my son and I have been able to go on numerous fishing trips on the Gulf of Mexico. Before we moved I always wanted to get my Dad out. It was finally possible this past May. The fishing was a little slow that day, but all was worth it when Dad caught the trophy of the day, a 27lb Cobia while his grandson caught the catch on video.
fought this thing on 10 lb mono (non coated)

True Fisherman

Five year old grandson in Paducah Ky. He is a true fisherman.

The Release

On an annual trip with my dad, grabbed this shot of a great rainbow trout leaving in a hurry on Grey Reef on the North Platte in Wyoming. Just one of a great number of trout we landed on this trip.

Fishing in Iraq

Talk about die hard fishing, Couldnt go without it!

Shenandoah Cat!

Shenandoah River Cat caught on cut bait in the blue light of dusk… Kate hopes this will inspire other female anglers to get out on the water and hook into some monsters!
Caught this nice pike on Lake Dauphin in Northern Manitoba. We figured he was about 37″ long. He was back to killing minnows shortly after this pic was taken.



Sunset on the dunes

I was at the silver lake sand dunes in Michigan. I saw the sun going down over the dunes. I took this picture and hope you enjoy it.

South Carolina Golf Course Bass

This was on June 18th (my birthday) and it was my last cast with a chartreuse with a black back, bass pro lipless crankbait.

Life is Good Moment

I left everything I knew in Nebraska, to move to Minnesota for a fishing moment like this. A beautiful bass, a glass lake, and a divine sunset… Life is good.

Sunrise on the flats

Paddling back to the ramp after a successful night of striper fishing from the kayak.

fawn taking an afternoon nap

i was making my way through a farmers field to one of my favorite bowfishing spots when i stopped to adjust my gear when there not 2 feet away lay a fawn catching some zzzz in some tall grass

Big A** Bass! All Night Long!

I recently moved to Victoria Harbour Ontario, and literally 30 seconds down the road is a little beach. This is within Sturgeon Bay. The fish here are incredible, and you dont need a boat. Its so shallow you can fish off the beach all night and catch monsters, but you have to use top water lures, lots of weeds here.

I am watching you…

I set out my trail camera a few months ago to see the deer antler development. This little bear has been hanging around my camera now for weeks… super curious. This particular picture reminded me of a human… I thought it was quite funny.

Texas Cinnamon

Beautiful Bird.

German Hogzilla

This wild boar was taken during a drive hunt at the German Army Infantry School at Hammelburg (Bavaria) in December 2011. The boar was the largest taken on the day, and weighed in at 180Kg, or 396 lbs! The bulbous clumps of hair indicate that this boar had been in the “rauschzeit” or mating time.
Practicing for National Fishing and Boating week, 4 year old Cotes reels in this nice pan fish with a Zebco 33. The hour before he caught nine smaller ones with a homemade cane pole.

In the Field

Was driven down the road and saw this adorable baby fox. He looked like he was a bit lost. We called to him and he started to walk toward the car, then he realized we weren’t who he thougt we were and turned and gracefully walked away..

Fish kiss

Caught this little large mouth and thought I’d have a little fun with him.

Quade’s Rainbow Fish

I just thought it was funny since I had read him the Rainbow Fish children’s book for bedtime the night before.

looks good

looks like a great sopt to start fishin

Aydens first rainbow

This was Aydens first rainbow trout. He caught it this April 2012. Ayden loves to go fishing, and is always asking if I have the day off, followed by can we go fishing. Doesn’t matter what my answer is. He is very enthusiastic about fishing and loves to practice casting in the driveway. He can almost cast as far as his two older brothers. Its amazing to watch.

Sister Act

11 year old Madison “Mad Dog” catches the local monster carp with her little sisters Caroline and Reagan. “I fought this giant for 10 minutes after he bit my special bait – a raw hot dog”. Mad Dog brought him all the way in to shore by herself. The sisters had just enough time for a quick photo before they released this huge fish.

My giant

I caught this bass at a farm pond in Penssylvania. It was 21.5′ (7 lbs). I knew it was a big one because my line just stopped and then it started pulling drag. I was only using 4lb test at the time so i was a little nervous about having it rip, but it didn’t. It was the biggest bass I ever caught.

Three amigos

A group of three of the bucks running around my property

What kind of Rattler?

Had this rattlesnake keep harassing some friends and I while fishing the other night. Trying to figure out the species of rattlesnake. I’m thinking Western Diamondback or Mojave. We were fishing at Lake Pleasant in AZ. Any thoughts?

Opening Day on the Firehole

I try to never miss one. I couldn’t tell if the risers were looking at my Baetis or the snowflakes. I may have tricked a couple if I recall…

team work

we team faught this small fighter

shot and lost

just found this skull that someone shot last fall

My first time fly fishing experience.

I caught this 25lb. 38″ coho on my first fly fishing trip. He hit on a Berkeley white worm and fought me for 20 mins. Man did he taste good. I caught 6 more nice size fish the rest of the week. What a thrill!

Daniel Strickland and his proud catch.

Daniel Strickland,15 years old caught this Black Drum from his grandmother’s dock on Ochlockonee River, Saturday, June 23, 2012.

Idaho Sunset

Doing a little Varmint control in Idaho…but mostly enjoying the sunset and cool evening breeze….Cowboy Boots, a Sunset and a Winchester 94, all a country boy could possible need…..
I caught this largemouth bass from the shoreline in my home state of NJ. She was on her spawning nest and full of eggs. I used 1 1/2 inch curly tail grub on a jig hook to entice a reaction strike. I took a few pictures and released her unharmed. The fish had amazing gold marking on her gill plates that I have never seen before, what a beatiful fish. Truely an honor to catch her!

Sunset Deer

Scouting deer and enjoying an Idaho Sunset.

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