I put a dead deer down there and they were fighting over it.

Lets talk about this big guy?

This little buck either has big kahounas or isnt too smart. As you can tell by his back he is taking one heck of a beating. Thing is he didnt back off and they fought for 10 mins before he gave up!

Wolf and Bear Standoff

This is on my ranch in Montana. We have lots of bear and wolf. Thought this show was a good example of what happens at night between the predators.

Looking down on the lil’ guy…

One of the areas on the property where we had a feeder to find out what was in the area….David meets Goliath story…

Beaver Pond Otter

This picture was captured on April 23, 2010 at 4:52pm in Northern Minnesota. I pounded a stake into a beaver dam and aimed one of my homemade 6mp trail cameras at a run. It is amazing the number of visitors you see at a beaver pond. I was especially excited to get this clear, in-focus, closeup of an Otter!


This is a buck I named Zeus. I have over 2000 pictures of him and over 500 trail cam videos. This was the first pic I ever had of him. I had him at 20 yds opening day of bow season and came to full draw and he lacked two steps from bein in my shooting lane. I later had him 3 times with my bow at 24 yds but it was to dark for a shot

Knot County Ky Elk

not exactly the big rack I was looking for, seems they knew the Camera was there and wanted to show off.

Fox with a chicken

Fox with a chicken. The odd part is we cannot figure out where the chicken came from!

double droptine dandy

I have been hunting this buck for acouple years now. I have only seen him acouple times during daylight hours, and that was during bowhunting season. Now it is muzzeloading season with two days left. Hopefully i will be able to harvest this unique buck. If not there is always his sheds to hunt for and the attempt to try again next year.

Fawn Closeup

I caught this little guy in a small, woodland food plot I planted. It was taken with a homemade 6mp trail camera in Northern Minnesota. I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic youngin’!

Bobcat & Turkey–“Best friends Forever! “

” You just don’t act like any other Turkey I’ve ever known!!!” said the Bobcat! Santa Cruz Mtns, Ca.

Wisconsin swamp buck

Photo taken only 1.5 hours after setting out the camera. One of the biggest caught on camera in the area. Lots of mass, width and tine length.

” Mtn Lion on the prowl !!! “

Mtn Lions are always fun to see! Santa Cruz Mtns, Calif.

Not Happy!

When your not happy it can show.

Ringing In the New Year

This doe did not seem to mind the fireworks at the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party. She even turned to watch in later frames. Our game camera is set up on the edge of our property and a woodland area which makes for some interesting mixes of wildlife and people.

Bear Cub Looking for Mother

Trail cam caugh bear cub trotting along a rock wall but unfortunately the mother was not caught on film.

Say Cheese

Taken with trail cam on my property in Ontario. Curious about cam

Double Drop tine

Saw this double drop tine buck during the youth hunting season with my son. We continued to pursue him, but he “dropped” out of sight. We were only left with memories (and a nice trail camera photo or 3).


We knew we were having night time visitors so we hung one of our trailcams outside to see if we could get a picture. This is what we got.

Turkey Reflection

Two turkeys back to back…seems as though there is a mirror behind one of them.

Backyard Buck!

Nice 8 pointer visiting my deer target in my backyard!

Checking the scrape

This was 15 yds in front of my bow stand. I hung my camera the Sunday of the last week of archery season. Got to my stand Friday morning and checked the card. I almost fell out of my stand when I saw 3 pictures of this guy! Taken mid-day during the week while I was working. I was the only one to get pictures of this buck during daylight. Next year, I’m taking the last week off!


I have enjoyed watching this Piebald doe this entire season. I am hoping the doe hunters leave her walk so I can watch her again next year!

Non-typical in the middle of the city

While driving on the highway in the middle of the DFW metroplex, I saw this buck running through a small field adjacent to a square mile patch of woods. I got in touch with the landowner, and he allowed me to bow hunt on his property. Here’s his side-profile.

Bears dont just crap in the woods

Back in August I went to see if we had any deer coming to one of our stands. No deer this time. I find six pictures of these bears doing there thing right in front of the camera.