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After shedding a few tears over a missed doe, young Clayton Cheatham thought his first hunt last Thanksgiving was going to be ruined. Luckily dad Deane called to ask mom for a time extension on the hunt. Clayton redeemed himself not 30 minutes later when this buck came by. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Weems got some weekend leave from his home on Hawaii’s Hickman Air Force Base to doing a little trolling. His efforts paid off when this 37-pound Mahi Mahi found his spread. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Straiter and pal Jack Weleba show off the fruits of a great morning duck hunt on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charles Scobee sent this photo to his son via cell phone to bust his chops for choosing to go on a date instead of fishing with dad. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Before a Cubs game, Ryan Easter and his buddies scored a few Lake Michigan king salmon. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jordan Kowalski of Goodyear, AZ, with a nice sailfish he caught off of San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
After bringing home the biggest deer he had ever shot, James E. Hill, Jr. brought his son out to the truck to help celebrate the trophy. Hill says he can’t wait for this little guy to grow up and come hunting with him. Field & Stream Online Editors
William Winkel, Jr. traveled from New Jersey to Plymouth, MA, and pulled this 37-inch striper from the waters near famous bass haunt Race Point. Field & Stream Online Editors
Pete Lewis of Ware, MA, caught this nice bass on the Quabbin Reservoir this July. Field & Stream Online Editors
W. Travis Young nailed this huge brown trout on a gray scud fly in Lake Taneycomo near Branson, MO. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Szenborn with a few giant Ohio crappies. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Herpel of Severna Park, MD, with an 8-pound bass taken from a local neighborhood pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Mahatadse and son-in-law Russel Chapman hold up a double trout hookup from Christmas Tree Lake in Arizona. Field & Stream Online Editors
Shawn Kowalski of Glendale, AZ, shakes hands with his uncle James in celebration of Shawn’s first javelina. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bryan L. and his buddy hold up a groundhog Bryan shot with a .22 rifle at 50 yards. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lily Krummel and dad Bob show off and 18-inch Wisconsin smallmouth she caught over Fourth of July Weekend. Field & Stream Online Editors
Perry St. Jacques of Roanoke, VA, with a 15-inch crappie from Smith Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Young Alex Brandt was nearly pulled into the water by this monster bass, according to his dad. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian R. Thomas of Emporia, KS, with an 8-pound walleye from the Brown Bear Lake System near Kenora, Ontario. Field & Stream Online Editors
David L. Bergen of Sellersville, PA, got this monster pickerel to smash a live bluegill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Guidos of caught this steelhead on a blue-and-silver spoon right in downtown Chicago. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sean and Ryan Barrow with two nice bucks shot in 2007 near Columbia Falls, MT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eugene McDonald of Lawton, OK, shot this sow while on a whitetail hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jake Krish caught this 19-inch bass in Kentucky’s Rough River Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Walsh of Lebanon, ME, sent in this shot of his three-year-old grandson and his great catch from East Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Deborah Day of Grants Pass, OR, gives a farewell kiss to a bass before release. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tristen Greenfield, 5, caught these little perch on New York’s Cayuga Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Alder of Westland, MI, with a Hodenpyle Dam Pond smallmouth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Nemetz, with a giant South Carolina bass hooked up on a Rapala Floater. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Toland crushed this smallmouth during his first trip to Ontario. Field & Stream Online Editors
Graham Collins of West Plains, MO, hooked this bass during a trip to Arkansas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eleven-year-old Kaleb Bishop hauled up this big snapper during his first bottomfishing trip off of Singer Island, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tony Pitchley of Boise, ID, got a big surprise from this carp while on a bass fishing trip at Swan Falls Dam. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nick Pickering of Alexandria, VA, with a Potomac River largemouth caught on a SPRO Fat 30. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Moore landed this bass near Seymour, TN, while fishing a night tournament on Douglas Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Belvins scored this walleye during a trip to Ontario, Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nickles Mirmow of Lexington, SC, with a near 7-pound largemouth that ate a SPRO Frog. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bryan Lockman used a fathead minnow on 4-pound line to whack this nice bass just this summer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Greg Jackson hooked this largemouth on a Zoom Super Fluke in a Madisonville, KY, city park. Field & Stream Online Editors
Adam Willis scored this bass at his favorite fishing hole. Field & Stream Online Editors