T. Edward Nickens
By T. Edward Nickens The best venison backstrap you’ll ever eat is also one of the most impressive cuts to serve–and very easy to master. Here’s what you need: One piece of venison backstrap
Italian dressing
Cream cheese
Fruit chutney
Kitchen string T. Edward Nickens
Step 1. Marinate the backstrap in Italian dressing for 12-24 hours. Remove from marinade and butterfly the backstrap by slicing through the meat to within about one-half inch of the far side. T. Edward Nickens
Step 2. Open up the butterfly cut and line one-half of the backstrap with cream cheese, then slather on the fruit chutney. Cranberry or mango are my favorites. T. Edward Nickens
Step 3. Wrap the backstrap with slices of bacon, and run one slice down the butterfly seam. T. Edward Nickens
Step 4. Now the slightly tricky part: Tie the backstrap with kitchen string. Start with a simple double knot on one end and stretch a few inches of string along the backstrap. Hold it in place with your thumb. T. Edward Nickens
Step 5. Wrap the string around the backstrap, pass the string behind the first loop, and continue to wrap the entire backstrap. T. Edward Nickens
Step 6. At the end of the backstrap, pass the string on the other side of the backstrap, threading it under the wraps. Tie off to the first wrap, and you’re done. T. Edward Nickens
Step 7. Grill until medium rare. Snip off the string, slice, and serve. T. Edward Nickens