Courtesy of
Hunter: Mark Drury Date: September 19 Location: Missouri Score: 153 Mark shot this monster at 28 yards just before dark on his Missouri farm – it was his first bow kill in Missouri since 1986. Courtesy of Mark Drury and
Hunter: Jim Kostroski Date: September 13, 2003 Location: Rochester, Minn. Score: 214, non-typical Jim Kostroski took off work early on the opening weekend of bow season and shot this monster after having been in his stand for only five minutes. It was a nice payoff after having hunted the buck for three years without success. He had grunted to get the buck to come in, and when a squirrel started barking, the deer stopped and gave Kostroski a shot at about 30 yards. Courtesy of Jim Kostroski
Hunter:Jason Irish Date: September 19th Location: Kansas 9-point whitetail Jason Irish took this 9-pointer with a muzzleloader during the early season in Kansas. He had set up between a bedding area and a food plot. Courtesy of Jason Irish and
Hunter: Eric Bothun Date: September 3, 2007 Location: North Dakota Score: 161 Hunting out of a ground blind off of water, Eric Bothun shot this 12-point half an hour before dark. The buck was 6 1/2 years old, and was the largest buck that Bothun had ever taken. Courtesy of Eric Bothun and
Hunter: Dave Reisner Date: September 1, 2007 Location: Washington Score: 150 Dave Reisner shot this buck near Spokane, Wash. It and another big buck had been standing just out of bow range for over 40 minutes before finally moving in close enough for Reisner to get a shot. Courtesy of Dave Reisner and
Hunter: Scott Fowler Date: September 18, 2004 Location: Livingston County, Mo Score: 178 4/8, typical Courtesy of Scott Fowler
Hunter: Joseph Gizdic Date: September 6th Location: North Dakota Score: 162 4/8 Joseph Gizdic shot this giant in an alfalfa field at 35 yards. It had been walking with a smaller 8-point, still in velvet. Courtesy of Joseph Gizdic and
Hunter: Scott Bestul Date: September 24, 1998 Location: Minnesota Field & Stream deer guru Scott Bestul shot this giant 10-point during the first week of Minnesota’s archery season. He had heard about the deer from a farmer but never seen it himself. So he set up 100 yards from what he’d heard was the buck’s favorite beanfield, and finally got a shot at the giant in the last hour of light. Courtesy of Scott Bestul
Hunter: John Sligh, of Ocala, Fla. Date: Mid-September, 2005 Location: Buffalo County, Wis Courtesy of Tom Indrebo and
Hunter: Chad Knutson Date: September 21, 2007 Location: Pope County, Minn. Score: 155, non-typical When Chad saw this deer, he almost wanted to let it get older and bigger. But when the buck stopped at 25 yards away and offered a shot, Chad couldn’t pass it up.”Initially I was kinda upset because I love bow hunting so much and I didn’t want the season to be over so soon,” he says. “But then I got up to him and saw how magnificent the rack was.” Courtesy of Chad Knutson
Hunter: Casey Heine Date: September 28, 2007 Location: Dodge County, Wisconsin Score: 204 7/8, non-typical This remarkable buck had 36 scorable points, and grossed 223 5/8 inches. Courtesy of Casey Heine
Hunter: Stuart Clodfelder Date: 9/25/81 Location: Logan County, Colo. Score: 194, typical Stuart Clodfelder used to hunt the irrigation fields in Colorado for one to two weeks at a time in search of monster bucks. His hard work paid off when he arrowed this mammoth, the highest scoring typical whitetail ever taken in Colorado by bow or rifle. Courtesy of Stuart Clodfelder
Hunter: Larry Brezenski Date: Sept. 21, 2007 Score: 175 gross score Larry Bezenski of Omaha, Nebraska shot this buck about five yards from a ground blind. The 13-point had a 19-inch spread and weighed over 250 pounds. Courtesy of Stewart Wetzel
Hunter: Justin Hall Date: September 13 Location: Rockingham County, North Carolina Score: 139 “Man, what good scouting can do for you,” writes Justin Hall, who spotted this 10-point in a soybean field where he’d been setting up off of a highly used game trail. The first time he shot at the buck, he missed, but the deer came back several days later and Justin made his second shot count. He took the buck at 40 yards. Courtesy of Justin Hall
Hunter: Weldon LaVon Coates, Jr. Date: September 14, 2005 Location: Georgetown, South Carolina Score: 132 1/4 At age 29, Weldon LaVon Coats, Jr. took this 185-pound buck, which had a 16 1/2-inch spread and was 15 inches high. Courtesy of Weldon LaVon Coates, Jr.
Hunter: Joel Shucavage Date: September 30, 2006 Location: Pennsylvania 8-point whitetail Joel Shucavage of Macungie, Pa. harvested this buck on the first day of Pennsylvania’s archery season. This 8-pointer had an estimated weight of 215 pounds, a spread of 20 1/2-inches, and was taken on state game lands. Courtesy of Joel Shucavage
Hunter: Bill Gigax Date: September 29 Location: Lowellville, Ohio 12-point whitetail Bill Gigax used a crossbow to take this 251-pound buck on the first day of archery season in Ohio. Courtesy of Bill Gigax
Hunter: Dylan White Date: September 22 Location: Huron County, Michigan 8-point whitetail Dylan White, age 12, took this whitetail on his first youth gun hunt while out with his father, Darryl. The buck had an 16-inch spread. Courtesy of Donald Jay White
Hunter: Brian Helin Date: September 2002 Location: Crook County, Wyoming Score: 155 Courtesy of Seven J Outfitters,
Hunter: Clay Hair Date: September 2007 Location: Crook County, Wyoming Score: 148 Courtesy of Seven J Outfitters,
Hunter: Jackie Caudle Date: September 2001 Location: Crook County, Wyoming Score: 182 Courtesy of Seven J Outfitters,
Hunter: John Caldwell Date: September 2007 Location: Crook County, Wyoming Score: 152 Courtesy of Seven J Outfitters,
Hunter: Paul Johnson Date: September 2007 Location: Crook County, Wyoming Score: 160 Courtesy of Seven J Outfitters,
Hunter: Dylan Hundley Date: August 24, 2007 Location: Bamberg County, S.C. 7 point Because of school, Dylan wasn’t able to get into his stand last August until 7 pm–he wasn’t even fully attired with camo. But that didn’t stop him from getting a shot at his buck just before last light. Courtesy of Judy P. Hundley
Hunter: Lance Chapman Date: September 1, 2007 Location: Kentucky Score: 145 inches On opening day of the Kentucky bow season, Lance Chapman set up 120 yards from a soybean field, and saw several deer pass through the staging area to get there before this 10-point came through. He killed the deer at 17 yards. Courtesy of Lance Chapman and