Thomas Morrison caught this 44-inch redfish in Laguna Madre, near Flour Bluff, Texas, on a piece of cut croaker that had died in the live well earlier that day.¿¿ "I am very proud of this fish," says Morrison. "The hour-and-a-half battle it took to reel¿¿him in was worth every second."¿¿. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Curtright, with his 6×6 Roosevelt elk taken in Washington’s Cascade Mountains with a .338 Winchester and Federal Bearclaw ammo. The bull gross scored a 353, netted 346, and currently holds 14th place in the Washington state record book. Field & Stream Online Editors
Harrison Nash caught this thirty-pound peacock bass in Brazil on a fly rod using a black and red Deceiver. Field & Stream Online Editors
“Yes, it got away from me,” says Bud Sorenson, who almost caught this nice rainbow on the North Platte River near Casper, Wyoming. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeremy Lee (15) with a 39-pound carp he caught on a jitterbug while bass fishing on a small pond at night.¿¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Cox (7) caught this striped bass in Lake Beauclaire, near Tavares, Florida.¿¿ “Jared is a fish fanatic,” says photgrapher Diedre Whigham. “He will stay at our pond and fish all day.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Fink, of San Fransisco, California, took this nice shot of a rainbow trout he caught on a beautiful day spent fishing California’s Hat Creek. Field & Stream Online Editors
“My husband Brandon was pretty excited this year when he shot this turkey that weighs 5 pounds more than our daughter Ragen. She thought it was pretty cool too! Brandon is looking forward to getting our little hunter out in the wood for the first time.” Ragen’s stats: 17 pounds, 14 months old. Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Turkey’s stats: 22 pounds, 1 1/2-inch spurs, 10-inch beard. Shot in Door County, Wisconsin. –Melissa Trepanier, Hunters Wife Field & Stream Online Editors
Glenda Cantlon, of Spring, Texas, with a 25-pound, 37-inch chinook salmon from Alaska’s Kenai River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrey Klimenko, from Port Vanino, Russia, caught this 50-plus pound taimen from the Tumnin River. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Snyder rattled in this 12-point, 300-pound whitetail at Tower Lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was the 13th buck he had seen on the very first day of his hunt. “It was a perfect day with fresh snow and cold temperatures that got the rut going full blast,” says Snyder. “I’ve hunted Saskatchewan for the last six years, taking a number of good bucks, but this was the most exciting trip to date.” Field & Stream Online Editors
A 35-pound salmon caught last year in the Humptullips River by Joe Blaseg of Billings, Montana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bob Bunch, with his first striped bass of the season, a 42-inch keeper caught in the mouth of the Delaware Bay. “Lets hope the rest of the season is as good!” says Bob. Field & Stream Online Editors
Curtis Henning with a 22-inch largemouth bass caught in Maffit Lake, near Des Moines, Iowa, on a Rapala Countdown minnow. “The fish nearly broke my reel,” says Henning. “I have been fishing all of my life and have never caught a bass over 15 inches. Even the walleye I’ve caught on trips to northern Minnesota don’t come close to this fish in terms of weight. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Soles, of Erie, Pennsylvania, killed this 20-pound gobbler 15 minutes before noon after napping in the woods all morning. The bird had an 8-inch beard and 1-inch spurs. “My son Jacob and daughter Alexa had to get in on the picture-taking once I got home,” says Soles.¿¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
William Nash, Sr., caught this fifty-one-inch musky in Canada on a fly rod using a Dahlberg Diver pattern. “I’ve been subscribing to your magazine for fifteen years straight and have always been satisfied,” says Nash. “Keep up the good work!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Elliot Grossman, of Buena Vista, Colorado, with his first-ever fish, caught on his first cast. He caught the trout using PowerBait. Field & Stream Online Editors
September 2004 was a great month for Lee Lawson’s family antelope hunt in Wyoming. Clockwise from the top left: Dorie Lawson (grandma), Lee Lawson (grandpa), grandson Alex Smith (14), and grandson Zach Smith (13). It was the first antelope for both grandkids. “Both my wife and I are from Wyoming, raised on ranches, and try to get back there as often as possible,” says Lawson, who now lives in Centennial, Colorado.¿¿ “My grandsons take hunting very seriously and made excellent shots (one each) to collect their bucks.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Tony Nefediew of Vancouver, Washington caught this nice rainbow while fishing with his son on the day after the boy’s 6th birthday. Field & Stream Online Editors
Terry O’Neil caught this 36-inch steelhead in Oregon’s Wilson River.¿¿ The fish weighed 18 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Felix Konat, of Bothell, Washington, landed this 24-pound steelhead using cured eggs and a 9-foot G. Loomis spinning rod. “Released to produce offspring like him …” says Konat. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Stevens with a 42-inch red drum caught in Galveston Bay, Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Courser’s dog Abby Girl (full name HRCH Star Labs Coursers Abby Girl) makes a water retrieve at the Great Lakes Hunting Retriever Club finished water test. Field & Stream Online Editors
A 37-inch muskie from the Chippewa Flowage near Hayward, Wisconson. Jon Zimmerman, of Wedowee, Alabama, caught the fish on a Northland 1/8-oz Mimic Minnow Jig while walleye fishing. Field & Stream Online Editors
It was mid April and I had a free week. So I decided to take my boy to my nearby fishing hole, Lake Casitas, for a camping trip. We packed the gear into the boat, got permission from the boss (my wife), and were gone the next morning. After setting up camp we strolled about the camp looking for bugs, gathering kindling, climbing rocks, and exploring the creek.¿¿Eventually the day fell to dim light, and then to darkness and he said, “daddy we better go to bed so we can be on the lake before anyone else.” The next morning had a slight crispness to it, with some high cloud cover. The water was like a fine polished mirror, not in our favor but absolutely stunning. I grabbed his lightweight trout rod and hooked on a 4-inch oxblood roboworm. He went at it like a pro but with no luck until I sighted some spawners and pointed out the spot for him to cast. What an unbelievably lucky cast he made, right were I was looking. Within 15 seconds he was screaming, “I got one, I got one!” That pole was nearly bent in half and line was peeling out like he had a 10-pound fish on. So what do I do?¿¿I reach over to tighten his drag and “SNAP,” his line breaks. He turns and yells at me “WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING!” I felt like a complete knucklehead, but I just had to laugh because his expression was so funny. After I got him to calm down. I retied his rig¿¿and he made a second unbelievable cast right back to the same spot and hooked the fish again! This time he fought it all the way to the boat. Just look at the smile on that boy’s face! ¿¿ Rick Schmeets and son Brandon, of Simi Valley, Field & Stream Online Editors
“No, I didn’t shoot them all myself,” says Dave, of Washington state, with his dog Gypsy. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donald Brongiel of New Lenox, Illinois caught this 46 1/2-inch northern pike in northern Saskatchewan. Prior to this trip (with the Cree River Lodge), Brongiel had never been able to catch a pike over 28 inches. On this trip, in 4 days of fishing, he caught 17 northerns over 35 inches long. Seven of them were over 40 inches. All were released. Field & Stream Online Editors
An Easter morning steelhead, caught in northern Ohio’s Vermillion River on a brown nymph fished with a 9-foot spinning outfit. Angler name unavailable. Field & Stream Online Editors
Maurice “Reece” Carter shot this 23-pound gobbler on private land near Whitestone, Virginia from 17 yards away with his bow, a Hoyt MT sport that he borrowed from a friend. It was his first bow kill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Katie Mae Waters, age four, holds a 20-inch brown taken from the Tomorrow River, in Wisconsin, by her father on a 3-weight fly rod. The fish hit a gold and black Zonker pattern. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Lawyer, with a 44-pound flathead catfish he caught in the Congaree River near Columbia, South Carolina using cut bait. “Everybody keeps telling me it’s the ugliest fish they have ever seen, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” he says. ¿¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
After seven years of catching nothing but one 6-inch walleye, Travis Linn of Brookings, South Dakota finally landed this nice 27-incher near the town of Volga. “She was so pretty I almost kissed her,” he says. “I was reminded of why I fish … this is what it’s all about!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Bob Hedden caught this 38-inch, 23-pound striper in the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with a live herring. “When it hit, it ran off at least 75 yards of 17-pound-test line,” says Hedden. “It had 3 other run-offs of varying lengths before it was boated, which took 25 minutes.” Field & Stream Online Editors