Erin Gahringer with an 85-plus pound halibut caught out of Homer, Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Merry Beth Ryan lives in southwest Florida and loves to fish. She caught this tarpon while fishing with Captain Van Hubbard of Boca Grande. “It was a real treat being able to get in the water with this beautiful fish and being able to revive her and watch her swim away,” she says. Field & Stream Online Editors
16-year-old Corinne Paget with two big kings caught out of Fort Bragg, California. “She had the option of going shopping with the other girls or join the boys at sea fishing,” says her dad. “Pretty obvious what her choice was. She outfished everyone on the boat.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Eleonora Troksberg of Buenos Aires, Argentina with her first bonefish, caught at Cangrejo Caye in Belize. She caught the fish on a fly, cream-colored Crazy Charley. Field & Stream Online Editors
Colette Dunlop (from Dunlop’s Fly-In Lodge and Outpost in northern Canada) sent this photo in to our Deputy Editor Anthony Licata, who went fishing with her husband recently. “I just wanted to show him the fish I got right after he left, a 42″ Northern Pike. At 5 months pregnant, it was a chore reeling in this monster and not being able to rest the rod on my belly,” she says. Field & Stream Online Editors
You may remember Dino Ramaciere as the man behind our gallery of tarpon photos. This is his friend Nancy. “Although Nancy has fished with me before,” he says, “she declined all requests to bring in a tarpon until this trip. Before then, she was afraid of losing the fish or falling overboard or generally making a mess of things. “Much to her surprise, but not to anyone else’s, she’s a fine angler who displays the cunning, endurance and strength to withstand a 45-minute battle to land her first tarpon.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Tammy Klinger first lake Texoma striped bass. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chelsie Thomas with a steelhead from Jefferson County, New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
17-year-old Sandra Bloom of New Richmond, Wisconsin with a pike from the Willow River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lindsey Emmons with her first bass ever, caught on Murphy Lake (near Lake Martin) in Alabama. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jennifer Young from De Pere, Wisconsin with 26-inch walleye caught and released in the Pipestone Chain of Lakes at Happy Landing Lodge in Ontario, Canada Field & Stream Online Editors
Maria Skarbek of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a nice spring striper. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jennifer Savage’s husband is in the airforce and was shipped out, but she says she can “still fill the freezer while he’s gone.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Susanna Danner of Marina, California caught this brown trout in the Owens River in California, on the first fly she ever tied, a Griffith’s gnat. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donna’s first Bluegill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donna’s sister Amy fears no fish, but will not touch a cricket. Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors
Kara Popp caught this¿¿smallmouth on Chequamegon Bay in Lake Superior near Ashland, Wisconsin this June. Field & Stream Online Editors
Diane Capkovic Field & Stream Online Editors
Amber Allbright caught this incredible 13.75 lb. bass in June¿¿fishing out of a friend’s tank in Proctor, Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Theresa Winkler of Escanaba, Michigan caught and released this sockeye salmon while fishing the Upper Kenai River. Field & Stream Online Editors