How To Fake an Early-Season Scrape

Bow Hunting Guide: 2006
Bring Bucks into Range Using Scents
When 50 yards is the farthest shot you can take, using scent lures (and controlling your own stench) becomes extremely important. Without cover scents and attractants this sport would be alot more difficult. And that’s saying something. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to help you get started.
Use Tarsal Glands To Attract More Bucks Some commercial scents claim to contain or approximate the real thing. A whitetail’s tarsal or “hock-¿ gland is the real thing, and it can be especially effective for that reason. But you won’t find any hanging from display racks alongside the hottest bottled scents. Click here for the story
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How To Fake an Early-Season Scrape Scrapes are often compared to a buck’s calling card or a singles bar, but veteran hunter and scent manufacturer Sam Collora believes a more accurate comparison is a truck tire. To make one, you need a hand trowel, buck urine, waxed paper, and a machete. Click here for the story
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Make Homemade Scent-Killing Deodorant Even if you shower in no-scent soap right before your hunt, the little bit you sweat going to your stand will turn into a powerful stench to deer. That’s why smart hunters compulsively use scent killers. Here’s how to make your own, cheap. Click here for the story
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