How to Safely Hang a Tree Stand
Every fall, a few hunters who were not careful are found where they fell. Their troubles are over. Job One here is not to join these people. Even if you've recently used the stand, always do a "preflight-¿ check to be certain that it's working properly and that there are no frayed straps or missing parts. Step 1:Clear away any rocks or potential hazards from the base of the tree. Put on a climbing harness, strap it to the tree, and only then start attaching the steps or climbing sticks. Field & Stream Online Editors
Step 2:Keep steps just a foot or so apart at a 90-degree angle from one another. When climbing, you want your feet to find the next step naturally. Check each step twice to make sure it can bear your weight. Field & Stream Online Editors
Step 3:Once you reach the proper height (15 to 20 feet is plenty), trim away branches that will be in your way, then haul the stand up the tree using a heavy pull rope. Never carry it while you climb. Set it so that you can step down onto the platform, not up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Step 4:Once you’ve attached the stand per the manufacturer’s instructions, get onto it with your safety belt still fastened to the tree to confirm that it can support you completely. Forcing your weight down onto the platform will help set the stand securely against the trunk. Sit and stand, trimming away any branches that will impair your ability to enter and exit safely. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bow Hunting Guide: 2006
Find and Prepare a Place to Hunt
How to: scout out a trophy, read a buck rub, hang a tree stand, plant a food plot and more pre-season tips you need to read before you hit the tree stand. Lesson Plan: How to Scout for a Trophy Buck
Follow these three assignments from trophy whitetail guide Rick Krueter before the season starts, and you chances of putting pins to your local monster this fall will get a whole lot better.
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Every fall, a few hunters who were not careful are found where they fell. Their troubles are over. Job One here is not to join these people. Here’s how to hang a stand safely.
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