In the world of field fashion, pink just might be the new camo. At least for three-year-old Bailey Hughes. She used a bright pink squid and jig head rigged to her pink Disney Princess rod to land this sunfish.
In the world of field fashion, pink just might be the new camo. At least for three-year-old Bailey Hughes. She used a bright pink squid and jig head rigged to her pink Disney Princess rod to land this sunfish. Field & Stream Online Editors
This Kodiak was known by locals as “Ol Scarface” and considered a problem bear, says hunter Brian Pearson of Macon, Mississippi. Field & Stream Online Editors
While fishing Alaska’s Talkeetna River drainage, Josh First, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, hooked this 74-pound king salmon, which actually pulled him into the water and dragged him 300 yards downstream through a stretch of whitewater. He distinctly recalls watching the stream bed zip by and thinking, “I am going to to die here under water, and I’m not happy about it, but I have to accept it.” When he got to shore a tour guide found him “puking his guts up,” but with his rod still in hand, and the fish on the bank. As for the fish’s fate: “In return for him dragging me through 300 yards of whitewater and nearly drowning me, and breaking my rod, I ate him.” Now that’s a fishing story. Field & Stream Online Editors
This rainbow was the “fish of a lifetime,” says Brian Crossley of Wolcott, Colorado. “Better than a hole in one!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Bob Armstrong of Penhook, Vir. with a huge landlocked striper. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ralph Winkler of Escanaba, Michigan is joined each season by his daughter (and best hunting partner)¿¿Mackenzie Pfeiffer of Chelsea, Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dominick Fleo of Grand Forks, North Dakota with a 21-pound channel cat caught in the Red River near his home. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Neubauer, Corona, Calif. Field & Stream Online Editors
1st Sergeant Don Hancock (right) and Sergeant Robbie Jones landed these 15 fish in just two hours while fishing their native Kentucky. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher Karickhoff’s son with his 40-inch pike. “I guess it is going to be next to impossible to make him content with bluegill fishing anymore,” says papa. Field & Stream Online Editors
Emily and Christopher Cox (and pup Tulie) nabbed this bird on their first duck hunt in Overton, Nev. Field & Stream Online Editors
“Michigan flyfishing at its best,” says Chris Deboer. He caught this 21-inch brown on a streamer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christmas lasted an extra day for Chase Farmer, who tagged this 8-point buck in Lowndes County, Miss. on Dec. 26, 2005. Field & Stream Online Editors
We were all afraid of fish at some point, right? When Colin Rodgers grows up to be an avid angler this photo might come back to haunt him. But don’t worry Colin, maybe this whole “internet” thing is just a fad. Field & Stream Online Editors
A true testament that your mother-in-law can, in fact, be good for something tangible — like access to giant bass. Mat Sutor live-lined a red-eared sunfish in his mother-in-law’s pond to catch this fish. “Nothing gets the big bass in this pond going like live bait!” he said. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben Wagner with this buck killed near his home in Roanoke, Ill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chase Botkin of Kyle, Texas with a monster pike he caught in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Randall of Lemoore, California with a 24-inch largemouth caught in California’s Eastman Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
16-year-old Spencer Schultze of Michigan with a 7-pound, 22-inch largemouth caught on a F11 Rapala. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jordan Rapper of Sugar Mountain, North Carolina squeaked in a couple of casts before work, even though he was already running late, and was justly rewarded by the fishing gods with this nice rainbow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donnie Dunavant of Stephenville, Texas with a Crockett County Rio Grande gobbler that fell victim to a hen and jake decoy setup, a 3-inch Federal Heavy Shok turkey load, and a Mossberg 835. Field & Stream Online Editors
On a trip to the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation in south-central Florida, Sam Miran took his father Felino hog hunting. It was dad’s first successful hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joseph Hubbard of Boca Raton, Florida., with a chum salmon caught in British Columbia’s Fraser River. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Koch with a monster brown from the Manistee River in Michigan. “The big boys come out at night!” he says. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ken Spencer and two of his buddies spent 35 minutes trying to get this 19-pound brown trout into the boat while fishing on Cayuga Lake near Ithaca, New York. “You never saw three more excited men in your whole life,” says his wife. Field & Stream Online Editors
5-year-old Heath Pieczynski of Forsyth, Georgia with a 5-pound bass. Field & Stream Online Editors