Tree Stands: This year’s best fixed-position models

Lone Wolf Alpha Assault
($189; 414-744-4984;
Weight: 8¿¿ lb.
Construction: Cast aluminum.
Platform Size: 19¿¿x27¿¿ in.
Fastening System: Nylon strap, V-bracket, and Versa Button attachment.
Extras: Leveling system, backpack straps, bow holder.
The Skinny: The Assault is deadly quiet, simple to hang, and incredibly lightweight. Field & Stream Online Editors
North Starr Starr Lite ATA
($190; 517-439-1313;
Weight: 9 lb.
Construction: Welded aircraft aluminum.
Platform Size: 18×30 in.
Fastening System: Fast Ratchet top strap; bottom strap with S-hooks.
Extras: Leveling system, hanging aid, foam backrest, backpack straps.
The Skinny: With the best leveling system going, it’s perfect for crooked trees. Field & Stream Online Editors
Summit Deer Deck Lite
($120; 256-353-0634;
Weight: 12 lb.
Construction: Welded aluminum.
Platform Size: 20×28¿¿ in.
Fastening System: Nylon straps with ratchets, top and bottom.
Extras: Leveling system.
The Skinny: The ideal stand for tall hunters, this model has a generous seat height, and you’ll love the big platform on such a light stand. Field & Stream Online Editors
Loggy Bayou Monarch XL
($110; 870-881-9778;
Weight: 10 lb.
Construction: Aluminum.
Platform Size: 20×36 in.
Fastening System: Reversible, removable straps.
Extras: Padded ADC (All Day Comfort) seat.
The Skinny: Another light stand with a big platform, this one has the most comfortable seat-“great for all-day hunting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cabela’s E-Z Hang
($100; 800-237-4444;
Weight: 13 lb.
Construction: Welded aircraft aluminum.
Platform Size: 20×26 in.
Fastening System: Chain with E-Z Hang bracket.
Extras: Leveling system.
The Skinny: Chain-on stands are typically noisier, of course, but the E-Z Hang bracket makes this very affordable model quiet and simple to put up. Field & Stream Online Editors
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