A Son's First Buck
Here's a photo taken of my son when he shot his first buck. His friends encouraged me to send this along as a candidate photo if you were considering doing an article on youth hunting and the power of the sport to keep kids on the right track! Keep up the good work! Kevin B. Kernan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Craig Arnold’s First Hunt
This is 12-year-old Craig Arnold’s first hunt ever. He entered an essay contest with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and received a cow elk guided hunt up in the northwest part of the state. Itwas also his first time using a .270 caliber rifle, which he had to qualify with at a range before going on this hunt. The only other type of gun used by Craig before this was a .22. The first day of the hunt, he stalked for this cow over several ridges and through 3 draws, finally taking one shot at 160 yards to down it. His dad is new to hunting and was able to accompany him. Both of them are on fire for future hunts. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dylan Smith’s Monster Buck
I took this buck on the evening of November 13th. I had video of this deer in velvet from thispast summer and ended up taking him over two miles from where I’d filmed him. Field & Stream Online Editors
Katelynn Russell’s 5×5 Mule Deer
On the afternoon of October 22, 2005, in Silt, Colorado,12-year-old Katelynn Russell dropped this big mule deer at 30 yards with one shot from her Browning 7mm-08 Microbolt. Katelynn’s Dad has been hunting his whole life and has never harvested such an animal. What a way for a young lady to start her hunting career! Way to go, Katelynn. We are all so proud of you. Submitted by Paul and Paula Russell of Parachute, Colorado Field & Stream Online Editors
A Thank You From Mary
I love your magazine and just wanted to share the photo of this beautiful buck¿¿I got a couple of weeks ago.¿¿ He was 250 lbs field dressed.¿¿¿¿ Thanks, and I look forward to reading more issues of Field And Stream. –Mary¿¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
Mary’s Eames First Hunt
A 6 X 7 bull elk , taken by Mary Eames on September 20th, 2005 Field & Stream Online Editors
Dr. Simonds Heart Attack
This December (2005) I harvested a¿¿green score 192 2/8 SCI non-typical¿¿ with a perfect 5×5 main frame¿¿and 3 non-typical points on each side.¿¿ Each side also had a beautiful¿¿drop tine and¿¿a double eye guard on the left. Dr. Ross Simonds Field & Stream Online Editors
Cerebral Palsy Can’t Slow Anthony Engler
I thought you might be interested in a 13 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy taking his first deer. Anthony Engler, of Newport, Ar., was one of twelve disabled hunters selected to participate¿¿ in the Wheelin’ Sportsman’s sponsored youth hunt held at the¿¿ Kentucky Refuge in Benton, Ar. He was chosen because of his disability and it is in this that the hunt was so memorable.–Travis Engler (PROUD DAD), Newport, Ar. Field & Stream Online Editors
The Soul of an Angler
Labor Day Weekend our family decided to go to Lake Arthur¿¿(in Pennsylvania) to enjoy the day.¿¿ We¿¿woke up before sunrise to start our trip.¿¿ We got to our spot just in time¿¿to see the mist lifting from the lake and as the sun was just peeking over the hillside.¿¿ In this picture, you can see the silhouette¿¿of our 8 year old son, Jeremy,¿¿and if you look closely, you can also see the lure in the water.¿¿ We had a great¿¿morning catching some perch and blue gill.¿¿¿¿There’s no better way than to spend the day fishing with family!¿¿–Amy Hess, Pittsburgh, PA¿¿ Field & Stream Online Editors