Chris Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama took this 265-pound, 11-point buck on the day after Thanksgiving. Says Chris, "he was the largest deer taken on our property in the 7 years we have had the lease and the largest deer taken on Gulf States Paper Company property that year.". Field & Stream Online Editors
Two monster brown trout caught in New York by Chad Evans. Both fish were holding behind spawning king salmon, chowing down on their eggs. Both were caught on 5X tippet. The top fish was 31 inches long and weighed 16.5 pounds. The other was 27 inches long. “Hope to catch them again this year!” says Chad. Field & Stream Online Editors
“Strategically placed largemouth bass!” says Elizabeth Hartenstein, on Lake Damariscotta, Maine in July. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ph.D. candidate Paul Vescei, here with a huge muskie, attends the Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. Field & Stream Online Editors
“I just read your article about the Tau Phi Delta fraternity at Penn State, and had to put in a plug for my alma matter as a great school for sportsmen to attend,” says Andy Knitt. “The school is Michigan Technological University, located in Houghton, Michigan in the middle of the UP’s Keweenaw Peninsula. It’s an engineering school with an enrollment of about 6000 students, and it’s right in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres of state and national forest and public access lumber company land. “I spent hours in the woods in the fall chasing grouse and woodcock and scouting for deer and bear sign. We’d hit the dorm cafeterias for leftovers to use as bear bait. In the winter it was icefishing time, mostly for big northern pike (like the one above) on Chassell Bay.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Dave Peterson of Moose Hollow Outdoors ( took this picture in July of this year while stalking the hills west of Salt Lake City for deer photographs. He waited for about 3 hours until he could get this shot with the city in the background. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Huff, of Missouri, with a 177-inch buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donna Dial was fishing the Arkansas River with her husband last labor day and only had her line in the water for 10 minutes when this 47-pound flathead catfish took her minnow. Donna was using a motorcraft sparkplug for her weight. The fish broke their net at the end of the fight. Field & Stream Online Editors
“After still-hunting in steep, high-altitude pines all day we took this big muley buck at 2:00 p.m. after sneaking to within 30 yards of him.” Says Jason E. Golly, of Orem, Utah. “This is the second big buck we’ve taken from this spot in as many years and both times I forgot to put my camera in my backpack! We had to bone and cape him out due to the nasty terrain so this is the best photo we could get. Equipment – Browning bow, Gold Tip 5575 arrow, NAP Spitfire broadhead.” Field & Stream Online Editors
“A picture from my northwest Montana bachelor party weekend. I may be the only guy that has ever been in a hurry to get home and show his fiance pictures his party!” (continued on next slide) … Field & Stream Online Editors
“Catching an evening hatch after the ceremony, still in a tux …”
-Darren Schuldheiss, Seattle, Washington Field & Stream Online Editors
Lee Lawson of Centennial, Colorado trained for more than a year to get in shape for his Alaskan dall sheep hunt. And despite twice falling into a river with his rifle, and once dropping it down a 40-foot rocky slope, he still shot true at at 200 yards. “My outfitter said that in his 30 years of guiding in Alaska, this was one of the largest sheep he has ever had a client take,” says Lawson. “The Alaskan Game and Fish officials measured him at 14 1/2 inches around at each base and 37 1/2 inches in length, a little more than a full curl. The tip to tip spread was 26 inches. And very symmetrical.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jon Solseth of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota caught this world record (on 4-pound-test line) muskie in June of this year. His girlfriend Joyce Rodgers tells the story below: “It was the last hour of the last day of our trip, about 5:30 pm. Jon, his brother Brian, and I were fishing for walleyes in 12 feet of water. Brian and I had gotten hung up on the bottom a bunch, and Jon was lecturing us about it when he got snagged himself and broke his walleye rod in half. So he grabbed the only rod he had left( an ultra-light reel spooled with 4-pound-test line) to keep on fishing. A few minutes later he hollered out for us to reel up because he was snagged again! He was working on getting the snag loose, when it all of a sudden started to move … and he said “I guess I have a fish.” He played it for about 15 minutes before we even got a glimpse of what it might be. Brian had been waiting all that time with the net. But when it got close to the boat and we saw the size of the fish, I coaxed the net reluctantly away from him (as he is legally blind). I netted the fish and Jon hoisted it into the boat. We almost lost it as it flopped around, but Jon eventually grabbed it by the tail and got it under control on the floor of the boat. So there we were, we knew we had a huge fish but none of us really grasped at that moment just how big it really was. We took several photos and measurements. 57-inches long with a 29 or 30-inch girth. We have since learned it is estimated to have weighed over 60 pounds and was probably one of the largest muskies caught in the last 10 years!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Oles caught this 21-inch largemouth in a small farm pond near August, Michigan while he was waiting for his girlfriend to get out of work. “This is the largest bass I have ever caught,” he says. Field & Stream Online Editors
This is not a walleye, but a zander, a closely-related European species (Sander lucioperca). Tonya Fehr of Lisbon, North Dakota caught the fish this June in Spiritwood Lake, North Dakota, where zander were stocked in 1987. According to the North Dakota Game and Fish department, she says, this fish is the largest zander ever caught in North America. “Based on the size of my fish,” says Tonya, “it is considered to be an Adam or an Eve fish, estimated to at 19 years old and over 12 pounds.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Amy Schick with a 62-inch, 130-pound halibut caught off of Larsen Bay, Alaska. “The fish was as tall as she was and weighed more!” says her husband James. “Amy pulled the fish up out of 200 foot of water while the rest of us waited patiently for bites of our own. It wasn’t until the fish was in view of the boat that we realized its size.” Field & Stream Online Editors
4-year-old Blake Querio with his first fish, caught on a camping trip taken with his grandfather on Michigan’s Au Sable River. Field & Stream Online Editors
“My name is Katie Crews, and this is a picture of a 31.5-pound blue catfish that I caught in the Dan River.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Cory Christnovich’s little brother shot this big buck on public land in Wisconsin last year. It scored 153 2/8 and weighed 180 pounds field dressed. “The best part about it was it was my little brothers first buck,” says Cory. Field & Stream Online Editors
5-year-old Sydney Blakemore caught this nice bass out of a pond near her family’s dairy farm in Horseheads, New York. Says her mother, Gina, “I hope you enjoy this picture as much as we do. Teaching our kids conservation and how to be good stewards of the land is a big deal to us, thanks for all your hard work in providing us with great reading and teaching material!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Lydia Davis, of Scott, Louisiana, caught this 65-pound king salmon in the Kenai River near Soldotna Alaska in July 2006. She was fishing with Greg Bush of EZ Limit Guide service. Field & Stream Online Editors
“My 3-year-old son caught this 14-inch smallmouth bass as we trolled Lake Medora (in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula). It jumped 3 feet out of the water about 10 feet from the kayak but he held on and reeled it in with his 2-foot-long Taz rod.”
-Larry Field & Stream Online Editors
Philip Helling and friends, (from left to right, Sean, Tim, Phillip, and Victoria) of Fort Worth, Texas, with a mess of sandies caught on spoons and motor oil-colored jigs near the dam on Lake Grapevine. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Piazza of Lakeland, Florida, caught this cubera snapper about 15 miles off the coast of Key West while on a private charter earlier this year. “We were night fishing during the start of the full moon while the Snapper were spawning. To my amasement I thought that I would be bringing up a Red Snapper when up popped this fanged Cubera. It weighed in at about 40 pounds.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Tanya Clark caught this salmon on her first salmon fishing trip, on Lake Ontario out of Olcott, New York with Captain Eric Bickel (through Bob Cinelli Sportfishing). In two days she caught 17 fish weighing between 20 and 27 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Berlyoung caught this 17-inch walleye on Isle Royales’ Lake Whittlesey, where he and a buddy were on a 9 day canoeing and backpacking trip. He caught the fish on a marabou jig. Field & Stream Online Editors
“This is what we call a ‘Gator Trout’,” says NJ Hrabko, of Delray Beach, Florida. “It’s almost as much fun as a bonefish.” Field & Stream Online Editors
“Last year my best friend and I were out bass fishing when we saw these huge fish jumping out of the water. After getting close to one we dicovered that they were huge carp. Being an avid bowhunter I decided I wanted to try and shoot them with my bow. “After missing a few i finally hit this one. It took us over half an hour to get it into the boat. When we hung it on my scale we determined it weighed 53 pounds (the scale only goes up to 50 pounds but it wrapped around to the 3 again). “About a month later my best friend told me he had read on the Massachussetts wildlife page that the state record for carp was 44 pounds and that carp could be taken with bow and arrow for the record. Boy I sure wish I could had that fish back to turn it in. Oh well I know where there are more for next year!”
-Jason Canaday Field & Stream Online Editors
Krista Borkowski of Old Saybrook, Connecticut, with a nice striper. Field & Stream Online Editors
Writer Bob Robb shot this nontypical Yukon Dall sheep, with a 39-inch curl on one side, a 32-inch curl on the other (13-inch base on both) while hunting the Ruby Range east of Kluane Lake. It was filmed for the Gore-Tex Outdoors TV show and will air on OLN soon. “I think I will call it the Chernobyl Ram,” says Robb. “The hunt was very tough physically, it took five days of riding horses, 4 to 6 hours and 2000 to 3000 vertical feet a day, plus the usual long hikes and scrambling about tough country. Did a lot of Spidermanning on cliffs and it rained, monsooned, and hailed on us, and the winds blew hard daily. We had a horse wreck at least once a day in the bogs and going across the creeks and rivers. As you can see in this picture when I shot this ram it was hailing. What a surprise in the north country mountains in September ….” Field & Stream Online Editors
Tobias Lertzman of Phoenix took his girls camping and fishing for the first time. “I found this awesome camping site in Show Low, Arizona, called Fools Hollow,” he says. “Between the two of them 11 fish were caught. The fish were biting so much I didn’t have time to cast myself!” Field & Stream Online Editors
“My husband and I were spending our anniversary and my birthday week in Door County, Wisconsin. We motorcycled on our Harley, and were staying at a cottage on Clark Lake, near Sturgeon Bay. This was the result of our first fishing expedition, a 19-inch, five-pound, two-ounce smallmouth, caught on a night crawler.”
-Georgann Kalhagen, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dr. Robert Carlson and son caught this 20-inch rainbow trout while trolling Saddlebag Lake at the top of Tioga Pass in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains last August. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin McDillI of Maricopa, Arizona with a silver salmon caught on his final day of fishing near Yakutat, Alaska this summer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jerry Krajci of Arnold, Pennsylvania with a 30-pound king salmon caught in Lake Ontario (out of Lake Port, New York). Field & Stream Online Editors
Sophia Sharp, 4 years old, of Brighton, Michigan caught this 13-inch bass on Long Lake this summer while fishing with her cousins. When she ran out of worms, she used a stale pretzel to catch this bass. Field & Stream Online Editors