Andy Lundbohm hauled in this lake trout from Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada. It weighed 50 pounds, was 45 inches long, and measured 33 inches in girth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kat and Michelle caught their limit of crappie on Lake Kissimmee, Fla. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ray Schlotterbeck used a box call and an old Winchester 1300 NWTF model shot gun (along with a serious ghilly suit) to take this 22-pound turkey with an 11-inch beard. “I was waiting under a pine tree,-¿ Schlotterbeck says. “He was 15 yards out when I shot. He had no clue the tree was alive.-¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
Amy (on left), of Austin, Texas, and her friend Kristen took a break from hunting hogs to go swimming in the Frio River near Concan, Texas, when they caught this monster largemouth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Another photo of Amy … Field & Stream Online Editors
And another … Field & Stream Online Editors
… and finally, Amy with her boyfriend (sorry guys), firefighter Tim Francis (who sent us these pics). Thanks Tim! Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Bacon pulled this largemouth bass in from the Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore, Md. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Wood went on a fishing and hunting trip to Ontario brought back these two trophies. “I was as proud of the brookie as I was the bear,” says Wood. Field & Stream Online Editors
When he moved overseas from his native Virginia two years ago for business reasons, Ralph Dixon knew he couldn’t leave his hunting roots behind. After attending an eight-week course to get his jagdschein, or German hunting license, Dixon booked a weeklong hunt for red stag on a U.S. military training facility in Bavaria. On the last day of his trip, with only 15 minutes left before the army started sending off mortars in his direction, he spotted an animal in the distance. Once his guide, Herr Einsline, told him it was a legal, mature stag, Dixon dropped it with a heart shot at nearly 200 yards with a Sauer .30/06. “We had less than 10 minutes to pick up the truck, locate the deer, load it, and get it out,-¿ he says. Field & Stream Online Editors
After pulling only his second Wisconsin bear tag in 16 years, Steve Zwicke shot this monster with a Browning .30/06. “I tried for a live weight but he broke my 440 lb scale as if it were a kid’s toy,” says Zwicke. “Going by measurements, its girth was 66 inches, 47-inch neck, 6-feet nose to tail, 7-inch wide front paws, estimated live weight of 638 pounds, and unofficial green score of 20 3/8 inches on the skull.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Terry Ostrom made a great hunt to East Kootenay in British Columbia, Canada and brought home this bull. Field & Stream Online Editors
“Last summer I lived in the Kappa Sigma frat house at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kan. I only missed two days of fishing, visited 17 bodies of water, and caught 19 different species. I think I’m going to try to top that next summer. This is a picture of a big flathead my buddy, Dan Thompson, and I caught on a trout line.” – Jordan Olsen Field & Stream Online Editors
Fletcher Davis with his first fish, a small spot, from the Potomac River in Tall Timbers, Md. Field & Stream Online Editors
12-year old Libby Hodge shot this 8-pointer during a youth hunt in Montcalm County, Mich. Field & Stream Online Editors
After graduating from law school, Taylor Williams decided to treat himself with a trip to Craig, Mont. This was the first trout that he ever brought in on a fly rod. “After landing it, I knew fly fishing would be a life-long activity for me,” says Williams. Field & Stream Online Editors
Noah Weems reeled in his first catch of the day at his Grandparents’ house on Lake Murvaul in Carthage, Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nathan Steckel caught this greenback cutthroat in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park while fishing at an elevation of 11,500 feet. The fish, which is an endangered species, was released immediately after the photo, so no length or weight measurements were taken. Field & Stream Online Editors
Elizabeth Collins caught this 87-pound halibut on an Alaskan fishing trip this summer. Field & Stream Online Editors
With his great grandfather’s Winchester Model 12 in his hands, 8-year-old Dustin Hines passed up 18 turkeys one morning. “I want to wait for the right shot,-¿ he whispered to his dad. His patience was rewarded by this 22-pound bird with a 101?4-inch beard. Field & Stream Online Editors
“I went out well before daylight to deer hunt the day after Thanksgiving. Upon returning, my two-year-old granddaughter was waiting to greet me. The sunsets in the mountains can be beautiful in November, this day was one of the best. Did I get a deer that day? Who cares, it was a beautiful day hunting and the evening was spent with my family.” – Jeffrey McCracken Field & Stream Online Editors
This is Joe Rivera’s son’s first fish ever, caught in Lake Sonoma, Calif. Field & Stream Online Editors
Angela Shouse went hunting for the first time ever this year and shot this 7-point buck at 20 yards. Field & Stream Online Editors
After three years of trying, Emily Roth shot her first buck, this 8-pointer, on the first day of the Kansas Youth Season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Staten Island native Robert Nelson caught this 20-pound carp out of a small pond in Northern New Jersey. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sarah Johnson from Boise, Idaho didn’t even get her dress dirty when reeling in her first fish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chase Hudson, 8 years old, from Tennessee, with his first buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ralph Dixon and his son, Joshua, are Virginia outdoorsmen living in Germany. They caught this string of trout while fishing in Birkenfeld, Germany. “Joshua caught the first fish and the largest fish of the day, a “lachs forella” or salmon trout,” says Dixon. Field & Stream Online Editors
“It was a long week, and I decided to go to the pond in my neighborhood for some quiet time alone and fish. What a way to end the week. This largemouth bass was caught on 4-pound-test with a Zoom Finesse Worm. The fish weighed in at 10 pounds and 3 ounces. I usually catch bass weighing between one and two pounds. This pond is extremely clean and very active, and sits between a busy street and a neighborhood.” – Doug Guerriero Field & Stream Online Editors