Ten Slide Show: A Beginner's Guide to Carp Fishing With a Fly Rod _ (31-May-2006)_
Got no respect for carp? Try stalking them in shallow water, and get ready for a big surprise. These slides will show you how. Field & Stream Online Editors

big whitetail buck photos

Nine Giant Whitetail Bucks _ (21-July-2006)_
Photographer Don Jones (who shot the cover photo for our August issue) takes amazing pictures of really big whitetail deer. We’ve collected 25 of them here. If you weren’t already counting down the days to deer season, you will be after this.
Eight Photo Gallery: Fly Fishing 3,000 Feet Under The Earth _ (13-September-2006)_
The jungles of Borneo, one of the most remote places on the planet. Herpetologist and fly fisherman Ralph Cutter risks his life deep underground to catch blind catfish on a fly rod for science. Here are the photos from his trip. Ralph Cutter
Seven Man vs. Catfish: Catching flatheads by hand in Mississippi’s Yazoo River _ (22-June-2006)_
It takes a certain type of person to dive into a muddy river, stick his hand in a fish’s mouth, and then wrestle the thrashing beast into a boat. The word nut comes to mind Jason Sealock
Six Classic Deer Hunting Photos from the Field & Stream Archives _ (08-November-2006)_
Every deer season we pack our magazine with the latest gadgets and techniques for Bagging Your Biggest Buck Ever. But hey, hunters were killing deer long before the invention of Scent-Lok and RealTree. Here’s the proof. Field & Stream Online Editors
Five Hunting Dog Gallery: Retrievers and Pointers from Photographer Bill Buckley _ (22-June-2006)_
Few things in hunting are more beautiful than the sight of a working dog locked up on a grouse, or bounding through the water to retrieve a downed pintail. These 31 images prove it. Bill Buckley

Alaska Salmon Fishing by ATV

Four One Wild Ride: Fishing Alaska By ATV (16-November-2006)
Five riders who couldn’t fish teamed up with one fisherman who couldn’t ride to find out if ATVs are the smartest way to access the best salmon rivers in Alaska. Here’s that fisherman’s trip diary, along with unpublished photos, only on fieldandstream.com

Fly Fishing Colorado’s Gore Range

Three Expedition Report: Searching For High-Altitude Cutthroats In The Backcountry (05-December-2006)
Four fly-fishermen bushwack deep into Colorado’s rugged Gore Range to find and fish an unnamed, untapped lake full of big trout. Here’s their story.
Two The View from Below: Underwater Action Shots from Professional Photographer Bill Lindner _ (27-June-2006)_
24 new photos were added to this popular gallery this week! Check out these rare shots of pike, muskie, walleye, catfish, bass, trout and more in action. Bill Lindner

Giant Mako Shark Caught On Fly Rod Off San Diego

One Giant Shark Caught On Fly Rod Off San Diego Coast _ (31-August-2006)_
Brendan Mason, of Seattle, caught this 11-foot-long, 600-pound mako shark on a fly rod off the coast of San Diego. Mason hooked the fish on a red/white streamer after it attacked the boat he was chumming from.