Reader Photos: Best Of 2006

I took this photo last fall. I was steelhead fishing at the Rocky River near Cleveland, Ohio when this 14 point buck decided to cross the stream next to me.
--David French
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Twins, Scot (pictured) and Steve Harlacher, both brought down nice bucks from the same tree stand about a month apart from each other while hunting in central Pennsylvania.Field & Stream Online Editors
This 53-inch sturgeon was caught in the Columbia River in Vancouver, Wash. by Tony Klundt.Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Johnson took this 6 by 6 bull on Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 8:20 A.M. while hunting the Perroulis Ranch, located outside of Craig, Colorado.Field & Stream Online Editors
Reader Photos
Reader Photos
"Hunting with my 15-year-old son in North Branch, Minn. He shot this 8-point buck and doe back to back in the first hour opening morning. I taught him everything I know." - Tom Tschida, Hugo, Minn.Field & Stream Online Editors
Elizabeth Collins caught this 87-pound halibut on an Alaskan fishing trip this summer.Field & Stream Online Editors
Ph.D. candidate Paul Vescei, here with a huge muskie, attends the Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources at the University of Georgia.Field & Stream Online Editors
Reader Photos: August, 2006
From top to bottom:
Hugh Sanderson with daughters Amy and Natalie and wife Sonya on safari in Botswana, in June 2006, posed here with Hugh's elephant. Amy Sanderson with a common springbok taken in South Africa in June 2005. Hugh Sanderson with a cape buffalo taken in Botswana in June 2006. Sonya Sanderson with an ostrich taken in South Africa in June 2006. 5-year-old Natalie Sanderson with a roan antelope taken in South Africa in June 2005.
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"I shot this 10-point in Western Montana on Halloween. It was not the biggest buck, but the view was unbelievable." - Mark FullerField & Stream Online Editors
Reader Photos
Reader Photos
3-year-old Elijah Scott caught this crappie with a Scooby-Doo Shakespeare while on vacation in north Louisiana.Field & Stream Online Editors
Reader Photos
Reader Photos
Scott Norkey bagged this 13-pointer with his Mossberg 12-gauge in the early hours of opening day in Michigan.Field & Stream Online Editors
Amy (on left), of Austin, Texas, and her friend Kristen took a break from hunting hogs to go swimming in the Frio River near Concan, Texas, when they caught this monster largemouth.Field & Stream Online Editors
Reader Photos: August, 2006
Christine Ward with her first-ever chinook salmon, taken near Muskegon, Michigan in September of 2004. She caught the fish jigging a 3.5-inch silver and pearl LOCO spoon in 35 feet of water.Field & Stream Online Editors
In the world of field fashion, pink just might be the new camo. At least for three-year-old Bailey Hughes. She used a bright pink squid and jig head rigged to her pink Disney Princess rod to land this sunfish.Field & Stream Online Editors
Christmas lasted an extra day for Chase Farmer, who tagged this 8-point buck in Lowndes County, Miss. on Dec. 26, 2005.Field & Stream Online Editors
John Snyder rattled in this 12-point, 300-pound whitetail at Tower Lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was the 13th buck he had seen on the very first day of his hunt. "It was a perfect day with fresh snow and cold temperatures that got the rut going full blast," says Snyder. "I've hunted Saskatchewan for the last six years, taking a number of good bucks, but this was the most exciting trip to date."Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Soles, of Erie, Pennsylvania, killed this 20-pound gobbler 15 minutes before noon after napping in the woods all morning. The bird had an 8-inch beard and 1-inch spurs. "My son Jacob and daughter Alexa had to get in on the picture-taking once I got home," says Soles.¿¿Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Kliewer from Pierre, S.D. downed this nice pronghorn in mid-December.Field & Stream Online Editors
While fishing Alaska's Talkeetna River drainage, Josh First, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, hooked this 74-pound king salmon, which actually pulled him into the water and dragged him 300 yards downstream through a stretch of whitewater. He distinctly recalls watching the stream bed zip by and thinking, "I am going to to die here under water, and I'm not happy about it, but I have to accept it." When he got to shore a tour guide found him "puking his guts up," but with his rod still in hand, and the fish on the bank. As for the fish's fate: "In return for him dragging me through 300 yards of whitewater and nearly drowning me, and breaking my rod, I ate him." Now that's a fishing story.Field & Stream Online Editors
Reader Photos: August, 2006
29-year-old Heather Murakami, of Tampa, Florida, with her first-ever dolphin, caught on a personal charter in the gulf.Field & Stream Online Editors
Sophia Sharp, 4 years old, of Brighton, Michigan caught this 13-inch bass on Long Lake this summer while fishing with her cousins. When she ran out of worms, she used a stale pretzel to catch this bass.Field & Stream Online Editors
"A picture from my northwest Montana bachelor party weekend. I may be the only guy that has ever been in a hurry to get home and show his fiance pictures his party!" (continued on next slide) ...Field & Stream Online Editors
Amy Schick with a 62-inch, 130-pound halibut caught off of Larsen Bay, Alaska. "The fish was as tall as she was and weighed more!" says her husband James. "Amy pulled the fish up out of 200 foot of water while the rest of us waited patiently for bites of our own. It wasn't until the fish was in view of the boat that we realized its size."Field & Stream Online Editors
I'm a subscriber to field and stream. In January I lost my hunting buddy and best friend my yellow lab Maxwell to cancer. Here's a pic of him retrieving a canada goose for me. I have a 7month old lab pup in training but I still miss my Max greatly."
Scott Fisher
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Donna Goss shot this ram in Bunch Gulch, Ravalli County, Montana on Halloween.Field & Stream Online Editors