Easton Quality Inn
Book a room at the Easton Quality Inn, just a short walk from the river ($65 per night; 610-253-9131; ¿¿qualityinn.com). Field & Stream Online Editors
Owl’s Nest
To get tackle and licenses, hit the Owl’s Nest (908-995-7903) Field & Stream Online Editors
The Shad Den
To get tackle and licenses, hit the Shad Den (610-252-5469) Field & Stream Online Editors
Bull’s Island Recreation Area
Be sure to hit the Bull’s Island Recreation Area, where wading anglers can score big along the wing dam that diverts the Delaware into a historic canal (609-397-2949). Field & Stream Online Editors
Park Headquarters
The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area; park headquarters just south of Bushkill, Pa., is a good place to start (570-426-2452; nps.gov/dewa) Field & Stream Online Editors
Rivers Bend
Shore-based anglers should toss a shad dart at Rivers Bend. Field & Stream Online Editors
Smithfield Beach
Shore-based anglers should toss a shad dart at Smithfield Beach. Field & Stream Online Editors
Forks of the Delaware
Hit the famous Forks of the Delaware, where the Pennsylvania side has great wade fishing. Field & Stream Online Editors
Delahant’s Tavern on the Square
At day’s end, watch the action at the Forks from Delahanty’s Tavern on the Square (dinners up to $12; 908-213-3500) Field & Stream Online Editors
Forks on the Delaware Shad Fishing Tournament and Festival
The 25th annual Forks of the Delaware Shad Fishing Tournament and Festival is in Easton, May 12/19 (610-597-7423) Field & Stream Online Editors
American Shad
Called he “poor man’s tarpon” for its athletic leaps, American shad can reach sizes of 8 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Shad Darts
You’ll want to use specialized lures called shad darts and flutter spoons, available at local tackle shops. Field & Stream Online Editors
Shad Fest
Lambertville’s Shad Fest has shad hauling demonstrations, plus food and music. Field & Stream Online Editors