Hunter Burgund celebrated his recent pre-school graduation by catching his first fish, this bass, in Plainfield Ill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Quest Baker, 6, shows his 13-inch crappie to his little brother, Kaden, 3. Field & Stream Online Editors
While trolling the Hudson River near Red Hook, N.Y., Patrick Hynes caught this 15-pound striped bass. Field & Stream Online Editors
James Stroh hauled in this 22-pound striper this May. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Milam, 6, outfished his dad catching these crappies measuring 14- and 15-inches long. Field & Stream Online Editors
Laura Butcher, 10, caught this bass on a Culprit worm in a lake by her house. Field & Stream Online Editors
George Horvath reeled in this 31-inch, 19-pound carp in Carnegie Lake at Princeton, N.J. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bob Hedden caught this 34-inch, 18-pound striped bass from the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pa. Field & Stream Online Editors
“My daughter caught her first fish on Memorial Day using a Barbie Shakespeare rod,” says Tim Finney. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Migliori hauled this 9-pound rainbow out of the Lafayette Reservoir in California. Field & Stream Online Editors
Pauline Quigley caught this 30-pound carp while fishing in Hay Bay Ontario. Field & Stream Online Editors
“This is my wife with a trout she caught while we were fishing a lake in Colorado near Kremmling,” says Erik Kemps. Field & Stream Online Editors
After three years of hunting, Monica Runge, 16, got her first buck last season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Terry Kalkwarf caught this 6-pound largemouth with a Yo-Zuri popper in a private farm pond outside of Minonk, Ill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Curtin caught this bowfin snakehead while kayak fishing in Washington, D.C. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Little caught this salmon fishing on the Lower Kenai River in Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steven Swenson caught this 37 ¿¿-inch northern pike in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area with a jig and a minnow out of a canoe. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Feigley reeled in this 160-pound halibut minutes after catching a 75-pounder in Deep Creek, Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Carlson caught this 45-pound dolphin off the coast of Key West, Fla. Field & Stream Online Editors
Wayne Lennington downed these two Merriam’s toms in Nebraska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sue Vodarsik caught her first largemouth ever while fishing with her husband in New Jersey. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jameson Rembert, 3, caught his first fish ever this year fishing with his dad. Field & Stream Online Editors
Clark Moore killed this gobbler this April in Mississippi. The bird had two beards and 1 and 1/8-inch spurs. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Siemens holds up one of his tournament-winning freshwater drums caught on the Whitemud River in Manitoba. Field & Stream Online Editors
Buddy McKeller pulled in this 39-pound, 8-ounce striped bass out of Lake Walter F. George in Georgia. It is reportedly the largest fish ever caught at the lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Milliken caught this 31-pound king salmon caught last August in Sitka, Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fishing on Lake Erie, Patrick Herbert caught this smallmouth using a Rapala Husky Jerk. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Laflamme caught this splake in Maine’s Belgrade region this May. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Russo harvested this black bear at Fort McMurry in Alberta, Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Todd Taylor caught his first walleye on Norris Lake in Tennessee. It was 26 inches long and weighed around 8 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jean Rapson bagged this gobbler earlier this spring. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michelle Tibbs caught this 5-pound bass in northern Ontario on a recent fishing trip. Field & Stream Online Editors