The Floater. Yes, those are plastic. Yes they do float. Yes, they have hooks in them. And yes, this guy hung them all over his body, knowing we were with Field & Stream. Whatever it takes to get on . Field & Stream Online Editors
These Longshank buzzbaits and spinnerbaits have (as the name implies), longer shank hooks, to cut down on short strikes, and improve the hookup ratio on bass. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ah … a completely utilitarian fishing tool. The Brewskey trails the bottle opener right from your hat, where you won’t forget it. That’s keeping your priorities top-of-mind. Field & Stream Online Editors
Worm-Glo … Mmmm … makes us want to eat them. Sprinkle this stuff on worms and they turn chartreuse and glow like the night shift at Chernobyl. Field & Stream Online Editors
How big is this lure? Strike Pro’s model is, truthfully, about the size of a large (18-inch-ish) trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
Do-It jig molds and paints allow you the versatility to create your own jig colors … and play with fire and chemicals at the same time. Excellent. Field & Stream Online Editors
Finally, someone has figured out how to imitate a time-proven fish favorite -” mermaids. Luscious Lures put this classic pin-up mermaid art on lures. Okay, the arty lures are mostly for lookin’ at, but we imagine they’d catch fish also. Field & Stream Online Editors
Here’s a cool concept from Sebile -” a liquid (mineral oil) filled “Stick Shadd” incorporating droplets of blood-colored oils. Like the company’s successful scale shedding look-alikes, the impression created is a wounded baitfish -” a predator’s favorite meal deal. Field & Stream Online Editors
News flash: Age-old issue of disgorging hooks from deep inside fish finally solved by German guys in hit man attire. Actually, the Larchy hook remover works like a charm, otherwise we would not have written about it (but we’d have still featured those neckties). Field & Stream Online Editors
The best “tricky advertising slogan” award goes to Rapala, for “Take a Fish Boating.” Field & Stream Online Editors
“I put the bling on a string and I know how good my knot is.” So says Mac McBurney of MacDaddy’s Fishing Lures, makers of this $1million gold, platinum, diamond, and ruby creation. Yes, they fish this thing, and apparently, they caught a marlin on it, though supposedly the fish rubbed off a couple diamonds. Bluewater fishing is pricey, but this is downright nuts. Field & Stream Online Editors
Here are a couple diamonds of in the rough …. Flats masters Jose Wejebe and Rick Murphy. Field & Stream Online Editors
Photographer Romano snapped this shot of editor Deeter in the tuna’s mouth. Apparently, it’s easy to be “consumed” by everything going on at ICAST. Field & Stream Online Editors
Here is one of our favorite product/technology slam-dunks. Shimano scores again with improvements to its Stradic and Stradic MG series. Retailing between $159 and $199, they’re smooth … really smooth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Okay … we had to show a few booth babes. We had another shot in mind, but Romano was reprimanded by a convention center staffer for chasing the bikini-clad model through the exhibit hall. Apparently, her outfit wasn’t up to “code.” Field & Stream Online Editors