Number 20:
Summer Urbanek, 3, caught her first fish on Easter Sunday at Port Richey, Fla. She may be camera shy, but she sure is happy. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 19:
Brandon Holzhauer caught this largemouth over spring break in Lake Havasu, Arizona. At 5 pounds and 8 ounces that fish is no light weight, and we hope he’s still smiling about it today. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 18:
Caitlin and Laila Sellars show us double the fun after a good day of fishing. Booneville, Mississippi. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 17:
Flashing the ivories: in her first season deer hunting, 19-year-old Ashley Hill of Asheville, N.C., downed this 9-pointer in Georgia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 16:
Larry Leschper and his daughter with a 10 point buck in South Texas. Everyone’s happy here. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 15:
“Strategically placed largemouth bass!” says Elizabeth Hartenstein. Lake Damariscotta, Maine. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 14:
Jack’o’lantern grins: on Halloween, Donna Goss shot this ram in Bunch Gulch, Montana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 13:
Feeling good and feeling the burn, Melissa hoists this 24 pound king on Lake Ontario. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 12:
A grin to remember, and quite a fish too! Nelson Ruiz caught this nearly 6-pound largemouth at Lake Mascuppic in Tyngsboro, Mass. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 11:
Sun, fish, and smiles ear to ear: Deb Ginn and her daughter, Jonnah, caught this 8-pound wiper at Swanson Reservoir in Nebraska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 10:
Dappled light and dimpled cheeks: Taylor Farrar, 14, with a bluegill she took from the Hocking River in Logan, Ohio. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 9:
The curve of George Hansel’s smile and the curve of his 26-inch brown are both impressive. The Caney Fork River, Gordonsville, Tenn. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 8:
Julie LeGault grinning like her fish, a 21-inch plus smallie on the New River in Virginia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 7:
Dustin Brown is, well, as giddy as a man with a 6-pound, 11-ounce largemouth bass should be. Table Rock Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 6:
Jason E. Golly: a jolly man with a jolly good Muley, which he stalked to within 30 yards and killed with a Browning bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 5:
Hans J. Henrich, of Bingen, Germamny, says of Christian (pictured above with a roebuck), “I cannot remember any other pictures showing my son this happy before the hunt.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 4:
Fletcher Davis could not be happier about pulling in his first fish, a small spot, from the Potomac River in Tall Timbers, Md. Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 3:
Ooh what an ulua! Nic Nash on Lanai’i, Hawaii. Says Nash, “Life is good.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 2:
David Macellari reeled in this 55-inch sturgeon from the Columbia River in Washington. It’s hard to believe a grin could get much bigger… Field & Stream Online Editors
Number 1:
…but Tiffanie Bridges outdoes herself and all of us, and at the age of ten! A smile rivaled only by her 7-pound largemouth: now that’s hard to top. Silver Lake, Maine. Field & Stream Online Editors