A November brown trout caught by our daughter, Annie Beck, on Fishing Creek in PA. It weighed about five pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy Beck with a six-pound brown trout from the South Island of New Zealand on a small nameless spring creek that we walked 7 miles to find. It was the only fish for the entire day, but worth the walk. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy with the largest brown trout we’ve ever caught from the Rio Malleo, in Argentina. It weighed nine pounds. The fly was a tan Super bugger and the rod was a five-weight. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy and Julie Demilliac, a So. Island New Zealand guide with a brown trout ipushing six pounds. She caught the fish on a size 16 beadhead. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy’s first double-digit bonefish. The fish weighed 11 pounds and was caught on the west side of Andros Island, in the Bahamas. We were fishing out of Mangrove Cay and the fly was a size 4 Beck’s sili-leg. Field & Stream Online Editors
Barry’s only bonefish on a very tough day on Andros Island, Bahamas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fishing buddies, Ron Taniwaki and Tony Rado, with two fine Fishing Creek PA rainbows. Barry was the guide and photographer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy’s first Giant Trevally from the Seychelles. The Seychelles are located north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The fish weighed close to 30 pounds taken on a 10 weight rod on a size 2 black deceiver. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Flick and guide, Toby Thompson, worked for 2 hours to catch this huge rainbow on Fishing Creek in PA. The fish probably weighed between five and six pounds and ate a size 8 globug. Field & Stream Online Editors
Guides Leo and Jorge Bisso on either side of Barry Beck. The fish was caught on the Rio Limay, Argentina on a black #4 Super bugger. It was the biggest fish of the trip. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy with a Los Roques, Venezuela, barracuda. The fish was big and we didn’t have a scale heavy enough to weigh it. The fly was a 2/0 gray-and-white deceiver. The guide was Oswald from Pez Raton Lodge. Field & Stream Online Editors
A triggerfish from Alphonse Island, Seychelles, taken on a size 4 tan crab. It was the only triggerfish caught on the trip. Cathy was the lucky angler. Field & Stream Online Editors
Marc Bale with one of the nicest rainbows we’ve ever seen from the Rio Traful, Argentina, caught with a small beadhead on a five-weight rod. It weighed close to ten pounds. The guide was Federico Wehncke. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy and a Seychelles milkfish taken on a surface fly. This is one of the hardest fish to catch with a fly rod. It weighed approximately 20 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy with a summer brown trout taken on a size 4 tarantula in PA. We were doing a photo shoot for Outcast boats and never expected to catch a fish this big in the middle of the day. Field & Stream Online Editors
Barry with a five-pound rainbow. Barry was guiding a client in PA who said “Why don’t you make a few casts.” Unfortunately, the biggest fish of the day immediately took the fly. Barry got to hold the fish, the client volunteered to be the photographer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kulik guide Sean Johnson and Cathy with a Kulik River, Alaska, rainbow. This is our favorite Alaska destination and Sean is one of our favorite guides. Field & Stream Online Editors
This was a tarpon of a lifetime for Barry and was almost lost at the boat. Luckily Cathy saved the day by jumping in and holding the tarpon for the photo. The tarpon was caught out of Belize River Lodge. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathy and Jorge Bisso on a tough morning on the Rio Traful in Argentina. They only caught one fish, this nice rainbow, but any day spent with Jorge is a day to be remembered. Field & Stream Online Editors
Barry with a 12-pound permit caught with a size 6 Cathy’s Fleeing Crab out of Boca Paila, Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors