Chad Larsen took this whitetail buck last November in Northeast Iowa. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Mittner shot this big bull caribou in Quebec. Field & Stream Online Editors
As if this catfish weren’t enough, Robby Robinson says he expects to be catching even bigger flatheads soon, when the waters cool in the fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tickled pink: Emily Rouse celebrated her birthday by taking out her brand new tackle and catching her first fish, her father Michael at her side. Field & Stream Online Editors
In a day full of minnows, one 8-pound pike makes up for a lot. Eric is all smiles after landing this one. Oseetah Lake, New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Thatcher went to Key West for a friend’s wedding, and ended up cranking in this 40-pound Mahi-mahi. Field & Stream Online Editors
Doug Loehr of West Liberty, Ohio, raises a 23-inch smallmouth in front of the mist over Lake Erie. Field & Stream Online Editors
Five-year-old Shiloh Blasczyk reeled this 17 ¿¿-inch rainbow out of the Chattahoochee River in North Georgia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Erik Johnson is a Kansan who loves to angle for Oklahoma spoonbills. For two years, he’s made the trip to the Neosho arm of the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees with his wife and friends. Here he hoists a 50-plus-pounder. Field & Stream Online Editors
Connie Schmitt went to Rockbridge, Missouri for her birthday, where she hooked into this 10-pound 3-ounce rainbow, holding it delicately alongside a slightly smaller trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
While jigging for bass in Colorado, Mike Klein caught this 14-pound carp. “Hooked in the mouth,” he says. “No foul catch. What a rush.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Meg Anderson’s first cast into saltwater yielded this hefty striper out past Nantucket, Mass. She used a home-tied squid fly. Field & Stream Online Editors
This impressive 6×6 scored 387, taken by Jon Cornell on his first elk hunting trip in the West. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nikki Hagen caught this beautiful laker in northern Wisconsin. “She’s got the touch,” her husband Adam says. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gilma Saravia poses behind her blue wildebeest, the first big game animal she’s taken. The horns measured over 57-inches. Namibia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kenneth Higgins and his friends brought in quite a catch: the hanging groupers weighed up to 6-pounds, and the red snappers 7, and the tuna 11. Panama City Beach, Fl. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cristy Peavey holds this plump September goose, her first, which shot near Lowry, Minn. on opening day. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 3-year-old, 15-pound king bit a green trolling fly. Stacy Braun holds him proudly, her first fish out of Lake Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kaile Vuyk holds out a big smallmouth, which gobbled up her rubber worm in August in the Sylvania Wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Cieslarski of Woodridge, Illinois, stretches out a nice pike. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 40-plus-inch king sucked down an orange egg sack and ended up in the arms of John Murley. Murely was using 12-pound test, fishing in a tributary of Lake Ontario. He released the fish after posing for this photo. Field & Stream Online Editors
Laura Reden caught this smallmouth at the Parker Dam on the Colorado River, Ariz. She and her husband, Justin, were celebrating the anniversary of their first date. Justin remembers that fateful day: “I put her on bluegill while I dropped 4-inch plastics for bass, and before I knew it she was throwing the plastics and outfishing me. Right then I knew I had to marry her.” Field & Stream Online Editors
This 40-inch northern pike came from the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Magaly Ojeda Voelzer holds it proudly-“it tipped her 15-pound scale. Field & Stream Online Editors
In 35-years of fishing, Dennis Nunnold never doubled up on largemouth bass. But his daughter Amanda did just that at 11. Southern Mich. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kris W. DeLaurier caught this 32-inch northern on a Texas rig in Ontario. The fish was eating a smaller pike, Kris says-“he never had a hook in it. It was just an ornery fish that wouldn’t let go. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathon Parker holds a thick 8 ¿¿-pound largemouth in the rain in Virginia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nathan Boe, with his first pintail. Field & Stream Online Editors
15-year-old Amy Schweitzer caught this 12-pound rainbow while fishing in Lake Michigan out of Algoma, Wis., in July. Field & Stream Online Editors
Five-year-old Isabel Barron caught this largemouth bass in a farm pond in Upstate New York using her Barbie poll. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Visocchi’s six-month-old pup, with her first three New Hampshire rabbits. Field & Stream Online Editors
Susan “FisherMom” Brownell caught this largemouth bass in July in Byron, New York at Godfrey’s Pond. It was 19-inches long and had a 17-inch girth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Keating was trolling for walleye in Lake Erie when he caught this big carp. Field & Stream Online Editors
Greg and Olivia Moriates, with her first fish. Field & Stream Online Editors
This giant bass was taken by Michael Lang of St. Louis, Missouri while he was fishing in Wisconsin this summer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Three-year-old Ethan Daughtry caught his first fish this March at a private pond in Trinity County, Texas. He couldn’t reel it in fast enough so he dragged it up on shore. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Kirdahy’s ten-year-old son Ryan caught this 22-inch smallmouth on a recent perch fishing trip to Lake Erie. Ryan also bagged a big gobbler this spring. “With deer season approaching I can only assume he will bag a bigger buck than Dad,” says Bill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Erin Gahringer with a Kenai River silver salmon that she caught this August. Field & Stream Online Editors
Elissa Panczak with the result of her first alligator hunt. “It was a 10-foot, 10-inch gator, and I had a BLAST!” she says. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kirk Armstrong with a 10.42-lb largemouth bass he caught out of Ray Roberts Lake in North Texas this March. The fish hammered a red spinnerbait. Field & Stream Online Editors
“Hi Field and Stream! I just subscribed to your magazine for my fianc¿¿e John Oliver, who is teaching me all about fishing (and soon, hunting!). He took me to a nearby lake here in southern New Jersey and showed me how to catch BIG bass …this was the first one I ever caught, as you can see from my amazed expression!! I couldn’t believe it!”
–Kristin Holder Field & Stream Online Editors
“My name is Stephen Duso Jr. I just started bass fishing this year. I had to try the Roland Martin Fish Kiss after reading the correct technique in your magazine. Thanks to you and your staff for getting with Roland Martin for the technique. This largemouth was caught on Lincoln Pond in Elizabethtown, N.Y., on July 1, 2007.”
–Stephen F Duso Jr. Field & Stream Online Editors
Renee Kean, 23, on her first fishing trip with her boyfriend (“NOT my first time ever fishing”) at his pond in Brown County, Indiana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fifteen-year-old Kevin Sollenne with a 20-inch largemouth he caught in a farm pond in Pa. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Atkinson with the deer he shot on his first hunting trip. Near Craig, Col. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sierra Lewis, 3, from Hesperia, Ca., caught this catfish while soaking a nightcrawler at Silverwood Lake with her daddy, Matt. She caught the fish on four-pound-test line and a rod he’d made for her. “She is used to catching trout and didn’t know what to make of this cat. She wanted nothing to do with it and insisted it be put back in the water,” he says. Field & Stream Online Editors
“I caught this 8-pound carp while stationed here in Baghdad. It was hooked in one of the many man-made lakes that surround what used to be Saddam’s many palaces. Since fishing equipment is limited around here I had to make my own hook out of a nail and to my surprise it actually worked. “I’m an avid reader of your magazine and I’m glad to see each month’s issue stocked at the PX. When I saw the Game Faces section I had to submit my photo. I know carp aren’t looked at as great fish back home but out here there isn’t a wide variety of species. As a matter of fact this is actually the first carp I have ever caught because I’m so used to fishing for bass back home.”
–SPC Max Taylor Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher Sherman, 10, caught this 7-pound bluefish in New Jersey, just across the state line from Pennsylvania home. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nancy Hill presents a 12 ¿¿-pound walleye, which she caught near the Bass Islands in Lake Erie. Field & Stream Online Editors
After 25-years of fishing, Michael P. Fasanello finally got a striper. He caught the fish off the coast of Maine with his daughter Giovanna, who only had to wait 8 years. Field & Stream Online Editors