How To Hunt Deer On The Sides Of Hills

1. Logging Road In steep country, loggers often cut roads across the face of a hill to reach downed timber they can't access from the top or bottom. It doesn't take long for deer to adopt these paths as their own. The Setup: Doe-seeking bucks love to cruise these roads where they wrap around the end of the hill. Place your stand within shooting distance of any line of scrapes or rubs that you find. This is an excellent all-day site during the pre-rut and rut. 2. Bench Sidehills often feature benches, which bucks love. They make for easy walking, and they are ideal for bedding because a buck can detect danger from any direction and has multiple escape routes available. The Setup: Hang your stand on the uphill side of the bench and hunt in the morning, when rising thermals will keep your scent above the deer as they pass through or arrive to bed. Approach from the bottom of the hill to avoid bumping deer in the cornfield. 3. Ravine Funnel Bucks can cross this gulch wherever they need to, but they'll usually take the easiest path, which leads across the top of this deep ravine, making it a perfect funnel. The Setup: This spot sets up best for an evening hunt. Hang a stand on the downhill side of the funnel, so that cooling air carries your scent into the wash below. Simply drop down from the field edge above to access your stand.Field & Stream Online Editors