On opening day of the Illinois shotgun season, Patrick Quernheim of Waterloo, Ill., shot this buck in Monroe County. The deer weighed 209 pounds dressed, and green scored over 160 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
After serving in Iraq for three years, John Steele entered the fishing business. Here he holds a sea-run trout near Stockholm, Sweden. Field & Stream Online Editors
“I will return!” says Jim Young-“and for good reason. After making the trip from his home in Monson, Maine, to Iowa, Jim shot this hefty buck in December. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rob Boeckman killed this mule deer on public land in Colorado while on an 8-day hunt. He was three miles in, shot the buck during the last half hour of light, and didn’t have it packed out until 11:30 P.M. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rob’s friend John Starzynski shot this muley while on the same trip-“on the last day of the hunt, and with less than 10 minutes of daylight remaining. Field & Stream Online Editors
Thirteen-year-old Waylon Dude shot this 379-inch bull in September with a .30-06 on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bryan Dude took his buck about a month later with a .300 WSM. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben Kozak, 17, shot this 12-point in Wisconsin. The buck had an 18-inch spread and grossed 170 2/8-inches B&C;. Field & Stream Online Editors
Two does led Mark “Sody” Finch to this buck on his family’s farm in Hancock County, Ill. last November. He killed the whitetail with a 12-gauge Winchester Speed Pump. Field & Stream Online Editors
April with a 40-inch steelhead from the Thompson River in British Columbia. Click here to see another picture of April on our flyfishing blog, FlyTalk. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eleven-year-old Chance Galloway of Port Charlotte, Fla., with a 25-inch snook that he caught after pursuing the species for months without success. Says his mom Renee, “Fishing is his life!” Field & Stream Online Editors
During the last minutes of shooting light, this 16-point and another buck came to a food plot in northern Missouri last October. Andrew Phelps killed the deer, his first with a bow, and it green scored 173 3/8-inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tristan holds his first ocean fish, a nice puppy drum that he caught off the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Field & Stream Online Editors
Thomas Schwab spent an afternoon pheasant hunting with his father on a North Carolina preserve, where he killed his first ringnecks. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rey Lara of Sahuarita, Ariz., holds his first 3-pound bass, which caught at the town lake in Arivaca, Ariz., while fishing with his father. Field & Stream Online Editors
Vance Bosch shot this 5×4 last November in Alberta, making a nice shot through thick timber. The buck weighed over 280 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
After growing up Montreal, Vikki MacDonald moved to Northern Ontario where she fell in love with the outdoors. Here she holds a stick full of fish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sixteen-year-old Cody Kunde of Marengo, Ill., shot this buck on the first day of the Illinois gun season. The deer grossed 140 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Waleska hoists a fine honker from his first goose hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Three days after Christmas, Tristan Graves, 10, killed this 9-point with a .308 in Doloroso, Miss. The buck weighed 170 pounds and scored over 160 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michaela Gottman of Monroe City, Mo., started hunting two years ago at the age of seven. She shot her first buck, a 9-point, at 140 yards while hunting with her Grandpa Del. Field & Stream Online Editors
From left, Greg Brown of Green, Ohio, Brad Ure of Lindenhurst, Ill., and Tom Peel of Green, Ohio, with their dogs outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa on January 4. The day had been long, the snow deep, the temperatures frigid, but it all paid off with this bounty of pheasants. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jim and his 11-year-old daughter Shelby pose with this 22-pound, 46-inch Northern pike, which they caught through two feet of ice on 8-pound test on Lake Sakakawea, N.D. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Ballowe of Great Falls, Mont., sits with his daughter’s one-year-old Weimaraner, Kintla, after a good day of pheasant hunting in December. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Hess of Marietta, Pa., shot this male mountain lion with a .357 pistol in Wyoming’s Star Valley on December 11. Temperatures were 20 below zero. Field & Stream Online Editors
Coy Sneed shot this 10-point with his compound bow on January 11, about 14 miles north of Roswell, N.M. Field & Stream Online Editors
On December 21, Tammy Bass of Humboldt, Tenn., shot this 10-point piebald whitetail with her .243 Winchester. Though she only started hunting last year, Tammy says, “I absolutely love hunting! I guess I’ve got the fever.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Megginson shot only one deer this season, but he made it count-“it’s his biggest buck to date and has a 14′-inch spread. Says Megginson, “He would have been a pretty 8-point, but he liked to do a little battling from time to time.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Katelyn Hidalgo with a 10-point that she shot with a .243 on the morning of December 30th near Abilene, Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Janet Hidalgo, Katelyn’s step-mom, had shot her own 10-point two days earlier on the same land. Field & Stream Online Editors
Terry Leblanc harvested this 10-point with a .30-06 in Louisiana’s Natchitoches Parish, near Ashland. Field & Stream Online Editors
On the seventh day of the seventh month of 2007, Master Sgt. Norman Drzewicki caught this smallie, his biggest to date, off of Kelleyes Island in Lake Erie with a watermelon tube jig. Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Healy shot this 5×6 150-class buck in 2006 while hunting the ridge behind his house in Kalispell, Mont. Because Josh’s deer bested his father’s from the year before, the old man had this one mounted. Field & Stream Online Editors
At the end of November, Kevin Vitols shot this 166-pound 8-point near Royalston, Mass. Field & Stream Online Editors
On the last day of the early season in Upstate New York, Chris Tokar killed his first mallard drake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Glen H. Whitfield shot this 12-point on a ranch in King County during the last day of the season, January 6, at 4:30 P.M. Earlier in the season, he shot an 11-point with smaller antler mass but a larger body (to see that picture, just click through our previous Reader Gallery, our first of 2008). Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Taylor of Utah caught this 9-foot 3-inch sailfish off of Ixtapa, Mexico, during his honeymoon after his wife got sea-sick and they had to head back to port. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Ehrenfried shot this 8-point with a .50 caliber muzzleloader out of Mecklenburg, Va., on December 22. It was his first year hunting and his first deer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sean Johnson of Great Falls, Mont., arrowed this big 36-pound carp the first time he went bowfishing. Field & Stream Online Editors
Says Jeff Broeder, “I’ve been jealous for many past rifle seasons because my best friend always came back with better deer stories than I could dream of. After years of asking to join his hunting party, I finally went and saw more deer than in all my past seasons combined. I was fortunate enough to take this nice Missouri buck.” Field & Stream Online Editors
The day after Thanksgiving, David L. Nicholas shot this 13-point whitetail with a Matthews bow near his home in southeastern Kansas. The buck grossed 170 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
On December 27, Marty Man Smith shot this nice buck with a Winchester Model 70 7mm WSM in Tate County, Miss. It scored 140 2/8-inches B&C.; Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe O’Grady and his best friend Jim took turns trying to push deer to each other while hunting on the last day of the New Hampshire season. Jim took this nice 4-point, and when Joe got back to him, “We looked at each other and pumped our fists,” Joe says. “It may seem strange to be so excited about a deer I didn’t shoot myself, but it was the experience of working a plan with your hunting buddy on a beautiful day, and getting a great deer.” Field & Stream Online Editors
On the opening day of the Wisconsin deer season, Mark Radke of Cottonwood, Minn., shot this 112-inch, 200-pound buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donald J. Kairewich, 27, shot this 10-point on his last day hunting his uncle’s Pennsylvania property. The buck dressed out at 170 pounds and had 19-inch spread-“the largest deer that Donald has ever taken, as well as the largest harvested on that property. Says Donald, “He was extremely rutted out, his coat was ragged and loose. He’d been very busy.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jerry Snowden of Greenbrier, Ark., harvested this 240-pound black bear with his Matthews bow on the opening day of the season. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Sunders holds his first barracuda, which he caught off the Florida Keys in August. Field & Stream Online Editors
After hunting for 4 years, Kyle finally harvested his first deer, which he shot in Wisconsin on opening weekend. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cathleen Dunn-Macellari shot this whitetail doe in November in an alfalfa field. Field & Stream Online Editors