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Andy Bautz says finding these sheds was too easy. They were right near his backyard bird feeder in Waukesha, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Glenn Blaine of Lancaster, OH, had been watching this buck for two years before finding one of its sheds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brandon Hunt with a shed found on his property in Flemingsburg, KY. Despite having game cameras out, he never saw this buck during the hunting season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brandon Peterson’s sheds that he picked up in Arnold, NE. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nine-year-old Haleigh Streacker holds a pair of sheds from Fremont, OH. Her dad saw this buck five times in season, but never got a shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charles Miller found these sheds on the same work road just 200 yards apart in Blandford, MA. They were so fresh, they still had wet blood on the bases. Field & Stream Online Editors
Conner Bowen found these elk sheds in a known winter bedding area during a spring fishing trip near Salt Lake City, UT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Bryant of Huntingtown, MD, found these sheds in a no hunting zone. He dubbed the buck they belonged to “lobster claw.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Darwin Grabow found this elk shed while trout fishing near Onaway, MI. It was the first he’d found in the area in 25 years of fishing there. Field & Stream Online Editors
Young Connor West picked up these moose sheds while snowmobiling near his family’s hunting camp in Amherst, ME. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dan Young went on a hunt for the second shed from this set after a friend saw the buck drop the first in his yard in Centerville, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Doug Grands noticed this 10-point shed sticking out from a pile of leaves near a buck rub in the woods outside Frametown, WV. Field & Stream Online Editors
Emil Daniels of Kenosha County, WI, found these sheds while walking his dog. Field & Stream Online Editors
Floyd B. Johnson of Alvarado, TX, had to settle for this shed after spending two years trying to get in bow range of the buck with no success. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gary Benrud found all three of these sheds in one day near his home town of Holmen, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Geoff Sunderman’s father found these sheds in a field near his house in Kingman, KS. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gretchen Roman searched out the second shed from this set after her dog sniffed out the first one during a hike near Challis, ID. Field & Stream Online Editors
Seeing that 11-year-old Jacob Antley goes shed hunting four times a week near his home in Drexel, MO, it’s no wonder he finds antlers like these. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeffrey Cameron watched a buck drop these antlers outside his house and ran out in his pajamas to pick them up. Field & Stream Online Editors
After missing this buck with his bow, John Bourcier of Ludlow, MA, found its sheds in the same place he shot at it from earlier in the season. Field & Stream Online Editors
After finding these sheds 70 yards from his stand, John Kwasek of Lakeville, MN, says he will be moving the stand next season. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Beninghof found these antlers on his property in Ashland, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Wakefield proudly holds up a shed he found in Lewiston, ID, that matches another his dad picked up two years earlier. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Snyder stumbled upon this shed set while spring turkey hunting near Caldwell, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
After finding the first antler from a giant buck that has become legend in her home town, Kelsey Wagner found the second right in her own backyard. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ken Gher is a self-proclaimed shed hunting fanatic who found this half a rack near his home in LaValle, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Despite never getting a shot at this buck with his bow, Marek Gutoski of Sheboygan, WI, was happy to learn that the deer survived gun season after finding this shed in the off-season. Field & Stream Online Editors
While Mark Leider of Lake Bluff, IL, was happy to find this shed, he saw this deer’s grandpa a day later and it had a bigger rack with “drop-tines like summer sausage.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Mitchell of Wadesville, IN, found these matching sheds tangled in some honeysuckle near a fence. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Etheridge was lucky enough to spot this shed while taking his little sister for a ride on the four-wheeler in Wilson, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Caldwell’s dogs, Radar and Maggie, will seek out and retrieve sheds for their owner. But these elk racks found near Colstrip, MT, were a little too heavy for them to carry. Field & Stream Online Editors
According to Nick Huelskamp of Augusta, KS, finding this shed was as good as shooting the buck it belonged to. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rayomond Isbell found most of these sheds just this past season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Two-year-old Luke Hanks of Dadeville, AL, is a deer hunter in training and already proving to be a shed hunting star. Field & Stream Online Editors
This shed found near Northwood, OH, adds to Richard Parrish Jr.’s 3-year-old collection from the same buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Newhouse found this rack on the way to the mailbox at his home in Manhattan, KS. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Rhodes stumbled upon this shed while turkey scouting near the Salamonie Reservoir in his home state of Indiana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sebastion Hiebert found the matching shed the day after finding this one. He estimates the buck at 160-pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
After picking up 13 deer sheds the day before, Sklyer Barnett of Walla Walla, WA, found this 8-point elk horn – his first ever. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Slovak found these matching sheds not far from his tree stand. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Greca of Ypsilanti, MI, found the first of these matching antlers while tracking a deer his friend shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Although he’s found many sheds in the woods near Twin Mountain, NH, this was Tadd Bailey’s first matching set. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tim Guglomo displays a rack dropped by a blacktail deer near Kelso, WA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Timothy Lord holds up the shed of a buck that has been eluding him for two years during hunting season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Todd Plaster of Martinsville, VA, never got a shot at this buck during bow season, but finding its rack was still a thrill. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Stewart (left) found these sheds while scouting a spot to set up his tree stand outside his home town of Sturbridge, MA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Ackerman holds the second shed set he and his dad have found from the same deer over the last two seasons. Field & Stream Online Editors
Vernon Emery of Ekalaka, MT, with a rack dropped by a buck he had been chasing for a few seasons. Field & Stream Online Editors
Virgil Shook of Dutchess County, NY, could not have been happier when his 3-year-old sun spotted this shed and cried out, “Look dad, a big buck!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Zach Middleton found these matching mule deer antlers while shed hunting in a field near Glen Elder, KS. Field & Stream Online Editors