A Fly Fishing Expedition to the Indian Ocean

An assortment of milkfish and bonefish flies. Crabs and Gotchas are standard patterns in the Seychelles.Patrick Ford
Anglers stalk the flats, hoping for shots at tailing milkfish.Patrick Ford
When milkfish cruise through skinny water, they look similar to bonefish. But they're longer tails are a dead giveaway.Patrick Ford
Guide Arno Matthee reaches out to land a milkfish.Patrick Ford
Milkfish have a reputation for tearing into the backing seconds after the strike.Patrick Ford
Arno Matthee holds a fat milkfish prior to release.Patrick Ford
The flats of the Seyechelle Islands are also notorious for hosting countless schools of bonefish.Patrick Ford
A bonefish is revived after a grueling fight.Patrick Ford
To chase fish like this, you'll need sturdy wading shoes, quick-dry shirts and a face mask to thwart the sun.Patrick Ford
This big bone couldn't pass up a lead-eye Gotcha.Patrick Ford
An angler drops his rod while trying to release a bonefish that went berserk.Patrick Ford
Skiffs launched from the Sea Pearl drop you off in the morning, bring you lunch around noon, then pick you up at dusk.Patrick Ford
It's not easy walking the flats all day with so much gear, but it's necessary considering you never know what you'll encounter.Patrick Ford
When giant trevally come into casting range, it's time to focus.Patrick Ford
Giant trevally hit with incredible force that has been known to shatter 12-weight fly rods.Patrick Ford
Guide Corin Smith with a average-size Seychelle flats GT.Patrick Ford
Smith gives a final farewell to his trophy before sending it back out to fight again.Patrick Ford
It's not difficult to find your own schools and hot flats when you've got miles of area to roam.Patrick Ford
Another school of milkfish cruises past Ford's camera lens.Field & Stream Online Editors
Yellow margin triggerfish are just one of many exotic species that won't hesitate to grab a fly.Patrick Ford
This moustache triggerfish was easy to spot considering it was tailing like a bonefish.Patrick Ford
While not the biggest fish on the flats, swallow-tail darts are quick to snatch a bonefish fly.Patrick Ford
Emperor snapper will put a nice bend in a 9-weight rod.Patrick Ford
They may not be as big as some of their cousins, but honeycomb grouper have a bad attitude and the teeth to match.Patrick Ford
When the day is done, nothing airs out your sweaty clothes like a little hang time aboard the Sea Pearl.Patrick Ford