Field & Stream Online Editors
Randy Smith fooled this salmon with a purple egg-sucking bunny leech on the middle fork of Alaska’s Goodnews River last fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Campbell with his first gobbler – a 22-pounder taken near Chattanooga, TN. Field & Stream Online Editors
Damien Rzepka with a 40-inch tiger muskie from Conesus Lake in upstate New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nickles Mirmow – bass fisherman extraordinaire – caught both these fish at the same time on a Bagley Small Fry. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert A. Floyd, of Austin, TX, walks out of the marsh after a good day of duck hunting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Sutherin finally caught up with this 12-pointer after sitting for three days near Urbana, OH, trying to get a shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brock Callicoat with his monster whitetail shot near Dresden, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
This big Colorado rainbow couldn’t resist a red copper John in the Roaring Fork River. Angler Bob Wooten fought it for 20 minutes before it hit the net. Field & Stream Online Editors
Frank Boyle of Greenup, KY, with a nice whitetail taken last fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
From left to right, Matt Uber, Chet Swancey, Kurt Tallstrom, and Steve Macelmoyl show off their trophies after a successful hunt outside Visalia, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Zoe Krause celebrates her first Montana antelope with a lollipop. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark A. Higgins with a 210-pound hog he shot on E-M Ranch in George West, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cole Naert with a 6X7 elk he shot in Gallatin Gateway, MT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Tatum and son John proudly show off a big gobbler taken with a bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Father and son team Bill and John Tatum strike again with a Montana antelope. Field & Stream Online Editors
When Mark D. Thompson got an invite to fish a farm pond on the property of an Amish community in Indiana, he jumped at the chance. It’s not hard to see why. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Flewelling of Collingwood, Ontario, with a fat brownie from the Beaver River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Six hours of waiting paid off for Scott Marshall when this turkey came along. Field & Stream Online Editors
It was a good opening day of duck season in Alton, IL, last year for these wily hunters. Pictured left to right, Zach Elmore, Brendan Farrell, Drew Elmore, and Shannon Farrell. Field & Stream Online Editors
This photo, taken by Bradley Fimrite near Billings, MT, proves that there is no bait too big for a brown trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
Karen Cabral used a watermelon-colored worm to trick this hefty bass on Worden Pond in Kingston, RI. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Blanchard was a long way from his home state of Florida when this shot was taken, but the travel was definitely worth it. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eight-year-old Karen Neace needs a bit of muscle from Dad Mark to lift her 8-pound rainbow caught on the Millers Fork in West Virginia. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Newkirk of West Palm Beach, FL, with his 4-pound peacock bass taken on a gold Rapala twitchbait. Field & Stream Online Editors
A few live grunts was all it took for Candace Robinette of Fort Pierce, FL, to score these two mangrove snapper. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rill Thompson with some pheasants he shot near Springfield, OH Field & Stream Online Editors
This big non-typical buck came into the sights of Aaron Guiterman while he was hunting last December in Cumberland County, VA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Bielinski of Brookfield, WI, says, “You’re never too old to start hunting.” This is Tom’s first whitetail taken on his first ever hunt in 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lucy the English pointer learned real fast that taking on a porcupine isn’t very wise. “She definitely won the battle,” says Lucy’s owner Greg Feist. “But the porcupine scored some points.” Thankfully, Lucy’s fine, and maybe now she’ll just stick to scaring up rabbits. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cody Booker, 14, took this 8-pointer with his bow last season near LaSalle, IL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Summers with a nice mule deer from the 2007 season. Field & Stream Online Editors
“This was my first Pope and Young buck in almost 20 years of hunting,” said Dale Nafzger. Dale scored this trophy near New Glarus, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donnie Silmon’s first black bear taken in September 2007 during a hunt in northern Minnesota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Corporal Larry Rucker took this 18-pound bird while hunting with his cousin near his hometown of Wren, MS, during predeployment leave. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 52-inch snook slammed Charles Rutterbush’s live bait in Florida’s Sebastian Inlet. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steven Howes with a nice male steelhead from the Clearwater River in Idaho. Field & Stream Online Editors
Five-year-old John Beckman with his first turkey from Nevada County, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Pat Chapman (right) and buddy Nick Howard took these toms outside of Winters, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Andrews from Richland, WA, shot this buck near Yakima during the 2007 season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Wensink landed this 21-pound flathead catfish in the Fox River in Illinois last July on a live sucker minnow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Wes Fassnacht trolled up this 90-pound wahoo while fishing off Marathon, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Hocevar caught this chunky largemouth in northern Wisconsin. Field & Stream Online Editors
W.C. Brown of Shasta Lake, CA, took this 27 1/2-inch, 4X3 muley with a muzzleloader. Field & Stream Online Editors
Erik Rogers makes hunting a family affair every Thanksgiving weekend. He took this buck last season on a ranch in San Angelo, TX, where the family gathers every year for the holiday. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Maglione had always dreamed of joining the hunt and taking a turkey with his relatives. That dream came true when he got a shot at this bird while hunting near Plantation, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
We agree that Martin Hager of Bowie, MD, has one nice bottle of soda there, but the smallmouth is a little sweeter. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dean Bolin scored this colorful brown trout in southeast Minnesota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cody Hallanger with his first buck harvested in northern Wisconsin. According to Cody’s father, three other hunters fired a total of 16 shots trying to take the buck down. Cody took it with just one shot from across a field. Field & Stream Online Editors
During a trip to the Outer Banks, Jonathan Dale of Wilmington, DE, hooked this dolphin near the surface while the rest of the anglers focused on bottom fishing. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sue Xiong Lee pulled this largemouth through the ice while fishing for panfish near St. Paul, MN. Considering Lee was only using 2-pound test, he’s lucky to have landed the fish – it weighed 6-pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors