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After almost canceling his hunting trip because he had the flu, Richard Hebert of Pineville, LA, opted to tough it out and get in the field. It was a good decision. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eight-year-old Bryan Mitchell used a gray and black rubber worm to hook up this 8-pound bass in Alabama’s Lake Tholocco. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nathan Nielsen with his first turkey, shot in Iowa. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Hagler of Abilene, TX, shot both these bears on his first Alberta bear hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Isles of Duluth, MN, just happened to have a camera handy when he saw this eagle circling a dead deer along the road. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Larry Hixon of Forth Worth, TX, with a big buck taken in November 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
Keith Udut admitted that he was pretty tired after battling this 28-pound male salmon on the Salmon River in New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
Teressa Hagerman poses with an elephant she shot with her bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Patterson of Charlo, MT, with a buck he shot last season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Derrek Cory with his first tom harvested on opening day in Missouri. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brock Bond, 14, with his 4×4 bull elk shot in Montana in November 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
D. Morales shot this buffalo in southwestern Montana in 2006. Field & Stream Online Editors
This lunker largemouth was hiding in a canal right in Dakota Bilao’s backyard in Coral Springs, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cody Canale with his first turkey called in with a little help from his uncle near Zenia, CA, this April. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 22-inch smallie was released back into the St. Lawrence River after Mack Gardner got a few victory photos with his catch. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 45-pound paddlefish nearly pulled Aaron Sadler’s brother off the bank and into the Arkansas River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Hall called in this 25-pound female coyote near the end of the Oklahoma predator season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brad Zahar with a nice Lake Erie steelhead. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Trado of Kingstree, SC, with his first turkey that was called in by his wife, Ivy. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kyle Burgess with two hefty Wisconsin pike. Field & Stream Online Editors
Shakeila Johnson with an 8-point buck she took on a youth hunting day in Missouri. This trophy is now hanging proudly in her room. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Stanley, 13, of Lawrenceville, GA, with the 6th buck he’s ever shot. This was his biggest to date, scoring over 100 inches and weighing 177 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Planka with a 24-pound gobbler from opening day in Wisconsin. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Baker with a big Nebraska gobbler. Field & Stream Online Editors
Blake Pilgrim with a trophy from his first father-son hog hunting trip near Forney, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Roxanne Dorman with a black bear she shot in Camden, NC, last December. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Miller used a red midge to score this late March rainbow on Colorado’s Yampa River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lynn Vellios of Wildwood, MO, says she can’t tell us exactly where she caught this big rainbow, because if she did, her husband might divorce her. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bruce Pietila with a 35-pound coyote he shot outside of Calumet, Michigan, last February. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jake Doty of Kendall, NY, with his first whitetail. The 4-pointer weighed in at 145 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian “The Koz” Kozminski with two nice Michigan trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
A lower Sacramento River trout fooled by John Burk of Santa Barbara, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Grant Barry of Tifton, GA, with his first turkey. Upon taking it to the taxidermist, he learned that it was a rare black phase bird. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Allen holds a fat 4-pound largemouth taken in Oklahoma. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ruben Ramos with a buck he shot while hunting a ranch near Sonora, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tim Tague caught this brownie on the Bighorn River in 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joey Adkins, 14, of Kingston, OH, with his first turkey – a 22-pounder. Field & Stream Online Editors
Paul Gamblin of Newnan, GA, with his first buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Alex Yudell says, “It’s a long walk to this lake in the Spanish Peaks near Bozeman, Montana. But the trout just can’t resist a woolly bugger.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Ebbert with a steelhead he caught during a trip to Ohio. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jackson Bell with a 25-inch rainbow he pulled through the ice in Montana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Clifford Foster says catching this muskie was a good way to start the spring season on Conneant Lake in Pennsylvania. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jack Kline with his first doe taken in Wisconsin during the 2007 season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Victor Capetillo with a 30-inch freshwater drum he hooked while fishing the Lake Erie shoreline. Field & Stream Online Editors
Connor Kmiec of Green Bay bagged this salmon during a trip on Lake Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jordan Garlock of Wells Tannery, PA, looking very excited over his first trout caught on a nightcrawler. Field & Stream Online Editors
Aaron Rowe of Dawson, PA, shows off his channel catfish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rebeka (left) and Renada Villanti are clearly pumped over their first fish – a trout caught near Milwaukie, OR. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rahman Ashraf of Hollywood, MD, with his first buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
“This trout may not be a record-breaker,” says Tom Haley, of Pawlet, VT. “But oh, what a fight!” Field & Stream Online Editors