Reader Shots: Photos of the Week

Greg Braaksma and one-year-old daughter Clara are all smiles over Greg's turkey he shot in eastern Montana.Field & Stream Online Editors
Teresa Vaughn of Rapid City, SD, with a near 8-foot black bear she shot outside Saskatoon. The bear ranked #39 in the SCI record book.Field & Stream Online Editors
Bruce Jabaay with his trophy after a long day of hunting in Nambia last July.Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Atwood's long hike to a high mountain lake near Leadville, CO, paid off when he stuck this monster 27-inch, 6-pound cutthroat trout.Field & Stream Online Editors
Dale Reisert of Coram, NY, took a 31-yard shot at this buck while hunting in Iowa.Field & Stream Online Editors
Who says there's no big fish in the big city? Joe Apice nailed this chunky striper in the Delaware River on the Philadelphia, PA, waterfront.Field & Stream Online Editors
Beverly C. Smith shot this lion while hunting in Africa during the summer of 2006.Field & Stream Online Editors
All it took to fool this 34-inch lake trout was a "trusty Northland buckshot spoon," according to angler Jay Siemens. He hooked this trophy on Lake of the Woods in Ontario.Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeremy Pagano (right) helped guide clients to this monster sheep in Colorado.Field & Stream Online Editors
Bob Gunderson of Canton, GA, clearly couldn't have been happier with this turkey he shot. He took it to the taxidermist so he could cherish it eternally.Field & Stream Online Editors
Zach Robbins hauls a 68-pound blue catfish from the Mississippi River into the boat for a quick "lap dance" before releasing the trophy.Field & Stream Online Editors
Andy McIntyre with his first Pope and Young mule deer taken with his bow near Sparwood, BC.Field & Stream Online Editors
After a long day of hunting near Nome, AK, Matthew Culley rides out with the trophy from his bull moose secured to his ATV.Field & Stream Online Editors
Kathy Wooten kisses a steelhead she caught on Oregon's Wilson River.Field & Stream Online Editors
Jayson Shaffer of Prescott Valley, AZ, fought this 85-pound lingcod for 45 minutes after hooking it up off Seward, Alaska.Field & Stream Online Editors
Ray Poling, 17, of Ohio shot this 31-point buck with a crossbow.Field & Stream Online Editors
This ten-pound walleye from the Ohio River was no match for the fish-fighting skills of Bader Hassan.Field & Stream Online Editors
Robyne Gold of Bayton, TX, with a leopard she shot on a hunt in South Africa.Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Hewitt's bobcat taken during the 2007 Missouri deer season. He shot it with his AR-15.Field & Stream Online Editors
What did William Robbins of Rock Hill, SC, do with his spring break? Busted out the turkey calls. Time well spent.Field & Stream Online Editors
Clearly the Robbins boys are expert turkey callers. Here is William Robbins's (previous photo) cousin Jacob with a tom he scored this April.Field & Stream Online Editors
Curtis Wilson with a career best rainbow taken on the Kenai River in Alaska.Field & Stream Online Editors
Rachel Sanger with her first muley buck taken while hunting with her father in western South Dakota.Field & Stream Online Editors
This native Idaho bighorn ram kept giving Jonathan Dahlstrom the slip. But after a month of tracking, he finally caught up to itField & Stream Online Editors
Lana Dunkerley of Sugar Land, TX, caught this 15 1/2-inch largemouth. This is the biggest bass she's ever landed.Field & Stream Online Editors
After three days of trudging through New Zealand's back country, Brian Grant fooled this heavy brown trout on a March Brown fly just minutes before the helicopter arrived to fly him out.Field & Stream Online Editors
Luke Mingee caught this steelhead near Traverse City, Michigan.Field & Stream Online Editors
Charles Standish with a giant snook he caught while rock-hopping on the Florida coast not too far from Orlando.Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Haege shot this buck on his 17th birthday.Field & Stream Online Editors
Six-year-old Dakota Strubble with a nice crappie that put up a scrappy fight.Field & Stream Online Editors
Ron Marks of Missoula, MT, shot this buck in an "undisclosed location."Field & Stream Online Editors
Brenda Schmitt with her three-year-old tom taken 15 minutes after turkey season opened near New Glarus, WI.Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom and Chris Moore of Clearfield, PA, with two 20-plus-inch trout. This fat rainbow and golden were fooled in Little Clearfield Creek.Field & Stream Online Editors
A nice haul of salmon caught out of McKinley Harbor near Milwaukee, WI.Field & Stream Online Editors
Jerrich Banks, 9, with a 30-inch pike he hooked in Coeur d'Alene Lake in Idaho.Field & Stream Online Editors
Fourteen-year-old Joe Everhart shot this jake during a youth day hunt on the eastern shore of Maryland.Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Anthony hooked this rainbow trout on the fly rod drifting a Copper John. To date, it's the largest fish he's pulled from Kinzua Creek in Pennsylvania.Field & Stream Online Editors
Keith Knox poses with a black buck antelope he shot at LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, TX.Field & Stream Online Editors
Rod Stoddard with the first buck he's ever taken with a muzzleloader. He shot it near Cambridge, NE.Field & Stream Online Editors
Mitch Wilson of Squaw Lake, MN, hooked into this sturgeon on the Rainy River while walleye fishing.Field & Stream Online Editors
Cola, the 13-year-old chocolate Lab, doing what she does best for owner Steve Freese.Field & Stream Online Editors
This 8-pound carp gave George Horvath quite a fight on the Millstone River near Princeton, NJ.Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher (left) and Billy Cooprider with a buck Christopher shot last November near Pembroke Pines, FL.Field & Stream Online Editors
After dealing with the stress of teaching high school kids all week, Pere Ware of Chicago loves to unwind by bass fishing on the weekends.Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Morton's trail cam caught these two bucks mid-fight near Chillicothe, OH.Field & Stream Online Editors
Albert Peterson with his first elk taken just south of Butte, MT.Field & Stream Online Editors
During his first trip of the year after ice-out, Michael L Balan hooked into this 30-inch pike on the fly.Field & Stream Online Editors
Duane Ehrler with a buck he shot on his farm near Seneca, NY.Field & Stream Online Editors
Kenneth Texeira of Falmouth, MA, never saw this buck while sitting in his ground blind, but his trail cam got a clear shot while the deer chowed down on some apples.Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark McClure with his first gobbler shot in March near Birmingham, AL.Field & Stream Online Editors