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Young Jon Allibriton proudly displays his first deer. He shot it on a hunt with his dad in Brookhaven, MS. Field & Stream Online Editors
Seth Thurmond, 12, caught and released this largemouth, estimated at 12 pounds, on a Rat-L-Trap near Lexington, KY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lacey Leppert shot this 22-pound gobbler with her bow while hunting on her dad’s property in Onalaska, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
James T. Church, 12, with his first elk. He shot it near his home town of Torrington, WY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Diane Holman sent in this photo of her dog, Buddy Love, with one of his favorite chew toys – a yellow perch from Lake Shirley in Massachusetts. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
“I’m mainly a trout fisherman,” says Barry Gibson of Seven Fields, PA, who is holding a giant Delaware Bay black drum. “So catching this fish was a real experience with a lot of excitement.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Alexis Arguello Jr. with a peacock bass caught near Miami, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Belcher, 13, shot this 22-pound turkey near Florence, NJ. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mac Johnson holds up a 20-inch largemouth he caught on a live shiner during the pre-spawn period this May in Southern New Hampshire. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jordan Boniface shot this 8-point buck on a hunt near Pauline, SC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bryan Syrett of Rehoboth, MA, scored this largemouth – the biggest of his life – while fishing Toho Lake in Florida. Field & Stream Online Editors
Darrell J. McDonald sent us this photo of his daughter with her first coyote. She shot it near Olney Springs, CO. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Pinckney of Atlanta, GA, boated this monster black grouper while deep-dropping off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Field & Stream Online Editors
Juan Moreno and his son Gabe, 13, caught and released this 89-inch sturgeon they battled in California’s Montezuma Slough. Field & Stream Online Editors
Alan Pelesic of Utica, NY, with one of six beavers he trapped last season on a private lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Bechard of Easton, NY, with a 20-inch brown trout from the Battenkill River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Gross and his dad hold their trophies from a morning of hunting near Daniels, WV. This was the first time both father and son took a bird on the same trip. Field & Stream Online Editors
During a hunt last September, the elk were giving Jason Wonch the slip out in Montana, but the grouse were plentiful. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gino Valpredo of Bakersfield, CA, used a swimming frog to catch this big bass on Lake Tejon Lebec. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ric Trask of Red Bud, IL, shot this 22-pound bird while hunting with his son. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Harvey of Gildford, MT, with a pronghorn he shot two years ago. Field & Stream Online Editors
This big rainbow trout completed a grand slam – brook, brown, and rainbow – for Jeremy Mills of Atlanta, GA. He was fishing the Davidson River in North Carolina. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Key of Toccoa, GA, with his 343-pound halibut caught on a trip to Anchorage, AK. Field & Stream Online Editors
Hunter Kirby with a wide grin after shooting his first turkey. It weighed in at nearly 22 pounds and was taken in North Carolina. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ken Lay of Great Falls, MT, caught all these trout from the shore of an unnamed lake using wet flies. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rob Sykes got a nice surprise when this 7-pound walleye crushed his lure during opening weekend on White Iron Lake near Ely, MN. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Norvell smiles for the camera with his dad, who shot this 10-point buck in Kentucky. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cindy Campbell with a jake she shot this season not far from Mount Morris, Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
All it took for Craig Wall to nail this nice largemouth was a black plastic crayfish imitation. He caught the lunker in Southwest Missouri. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Baker landed this whopper 32-inch, 11-pound rainbow trout during a fishing outing with the family near Bayse, VA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Twelve-year-old Richard Gregg shows of his first turkey. This 21-pound bird was taken outside of Lantana, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andy Unger of Reading, PA, hooked into this 18-inch brown trout on the Schuylkill River on his first cast. Field & Stream Online Editors
Don Link with a 22-pound gobbler he took outside of Madison, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dan Bushey hauled in this giant catfish while wetting a line in Lake Champlain in Northern Vermont. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gregory Hudson grabbed his camera and shot out the kitchen window when he saw these two bobcats in his backyard in Oro Valley, AZ. Field & Stream Online Editors
Colin Wehrle of Rock Island, IL, with a 2-pound smallmouth caught on a fire tiger Wally Diver. Field & Stream Online Editors
Hunter Sambrick wrenched in this 21-pound striped bass in Chesapeake Bay during a charter trip with his grandfather. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jessica Horning of Monroe, OH, caught this bass on the Indian River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Behler captured this shot of mayfly during a hatch on French Creek in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Field & Stream Online Editors
Frank Jenkins poses with his son and a nice tally of flathead catfish from the Kentucky River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Dahlstrom with a hefty steelhead pulled from the Salmon River in Idaho. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Moore of Seymour, TN, with a 12-pound freshwater drum hooked in Norris Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Moe Trout fooled this fat bluegill in a small pond near Tuscaloosa, AL. Moe was on a business trip at the time. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 10-pound bass inhaled Richard Brumbalow’s offering of a live bluegill while fishing near Tucker, GA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Len Harris of Gays Mills, WI, tricked this big brown trout into slamming a black woolly bugger. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Sikkink with a sturgeon from the Rainy River in Minnesota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chuck Henriques and his wife hold up a pair of stripers caught off Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Field & Stream Online Editors
April Moresi decided to try a slightly different angle when shooting this trout from the Sacramento River in California. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lydel Bibby of Enid, OK, caught this big wolf eel off the Oregon coast a few years ago. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Schaumburg of Albuquerque, NM, with a trophy pronghorn taken with his bow at 41 yards. Field & Stream Online Editors