Field & Stream Online Editors
Emma Schiemer, 5, with a goose she shot near Hughsville, MD. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Eide shot this big muley in Northwestern South Dakota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Stephanie Cornejo with her 6-foot alligator gar. She shot it while bowfishing at Three Rivers, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Katelyn Bronsell, 8, and Jack Bronsell, 6, are happy as can be with the reward from their first grouse hunt near Blackfoot, ID. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gary Tompkins of Greenville, SC, joins some long-time friends to show off the trophies from their Texas turkey hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bobby Owens battled this 32-pound lake trout just after ice-out on Lake Athabasca in Saskathewan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Blankenship of Pikeville, KY, with a 45-inch, 56-pound flathead catfish that ate a live bluegill. This fish earned Blankenship a distinction for catching the longest flathead of 2007 in Kentucky. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Mann of Mitchell, IN, caught this 4-pound carp while on duty with the National Guard in Baghdad. Field & Stream Online Editors
J.J. Kapuchuk and his dad, Joe, smile with a 22-pound turkey they team-hunted near Butler, PA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Gee of Elmira, NY, with a steelhead caught in the Genesee River last January. Field & Stream Online Editors
Beverly C. Smith (left) pose with her sister and a few wood ducks they shot in Blue Gurth Swamp near Browns, AL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian McCoy of Spring, TX, caught this sailfish while trolling off the coast of Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
Believe it or not, this 45-inch, 25-pound northern pike swallowed up a nightcrawler. Then it took angler James Calvert for a long ride as the battle raged along the Alleghany River in New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler James Staples, 8, caught this 19-inch brown trout in Town Creek in Maryland. Says his grandfather Gerald “Poppy” Staples, “We now have hooked another life-long outdoorsman.” Field & Stream Online Editors
It only took 15 minutes from the time Jeff Doyle set up to take this bird. He shot it near Poland, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
-Ric Heller of Waukesha, WI, hooked into this 18-pound king salmon is Alaska’s Kasilof River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charlie Clement of Wayne, MI used a Sexy Shad to fool this 7-pound largemouth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Roy R. Dalsace proves he is a great fishing guide. This is a shot of his daughter-in-law hoisting a New York bluefish from Long Island Sound. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robbie Estes shot this 20-pound gobbler near Mamie, AL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Les Claypool shows off a fat largemouth he scored on a green pumpkin worm near Collinsville, IL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Despite it being freezing cold, the weather couldn’t stop Rocky and Riley Copiskey from chasing walleyes the morning of opening day on Cass Lake in Minnesota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Marco Lanni used an ultra-light setup and a Panther Martin spinner to fool this trout on a Northern Michigan stream. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rick Navarro snapped this photo of his son with a nightcrawler-caught bass taken near Bakersfield, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mikel Hoh, 4, with the first fish she ever caught all by herself. This wily bluegill was lurking in her uncle’s farm pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler Marsh of Morgantown, IN, holds a 36-inch lake trout caught in Manitowish Waters, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sonja Horton with the first turkey she ever shot. The bird weighed 17 pounds and was taken in Prince George, VA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Hutcheson of Soperton, GA, with a 6-pound bass caught while fishing with his wife – who landed a 5-pounder earlier – on a local pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Thirteen-year-old Melissa Childs of Scio, NY, with a 19-pound gobbler. This was her first turkey, shot just this spring. Field & Stream Online Editors
Paul Kapuchuck scored this 40-inch striped bass during a fishing trip out of Virginia Beach, VA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Eide of Corsica, SD, and his buddies with a bunch of coyotes they shot one day last winter. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Van Maele of Rochester Hills, MI, with an 861-pound blue marlin caught off Hawaii’s Big Island. Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Knoll of Vassalboro, ME, shows off a tom he shot on May 21st right near his house. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dan Peterson and his buck tracker, Frankie (bottom right), pose for a victory shot with this 9-pointer taken in Mount Pleasant, MI. Field & Stream Online Editors
George Loeser of Southbury, CT, with a 17-pound steelhead caught on the Salmon River in Altmar, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Frequently featured in Game Faces, master angler Colin Wehrle holds a striper fooled with a Rapala Shad Rap. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler Reinhardt, 10, with his first turkey kill. He shot the bird near Pittsgrove, NJ, and it weighed 21 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kinsey Keeling, 3, of Springfield, MO, gave her dad Jayme a little help catching these trout with her Spiderman rod. Field & Stream Online Editors
James Miller with his first turkey. He shot on opening day in North Dakota while hunting with his dad. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Ewing, 15, with a bird he shot on May 6th. Daniel was hunting with his grandfather, and this trophy weighed in at 23 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Hannah Schiemer, 4, with her first trout, caught in Maryland. Field & Stream Online Editors
Richard Jenkins sent us this shot of his uncle and one of the rainbow trout he caught last season on Big Lake in Arizona. Field & Stream Online Editors
Larry W. Ross caught this 24-inch rainbow trout on the Soque River near Clarkesville, GA. Field & Stream Online Editors
C.G. Glover with a 4-pound Lake Witten brown trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
Luke Lowery with an 8-pound pink salmon pulled from the White River in Ketchiken, AK, using a streamer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dennis K. Barnett of Wrightsville, PA, shows of his first ever gobbler. The bird tipped the scales at 19 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Six-year-old Caitlin Lucientes caught this 8-pound striper while fishing with her grandfather in Ukiah, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler W. McLaughlin used a Sonic Roostertail to hook up this 2-pound brook trout near Robbinsville, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Alex Porzondek of Gaylord, Michigan, didn’t fire the shot that killed this deer, but he did sit quietly enough in the stand for his dad to take the deer. Apparently, Alex he broke his silence quickly after it went down. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Boudreau shot this photo of his brothers Mark, Dave, and Jerry holding up a loaded stringer of Alaska steelhead. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dakota Hogge of Hopewell, VA, with a 22-pound gobbler he shot this season. Field & Stream Online Editors