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Emily Norby hooked this sockeye salmon while fishing the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Her dog, Fila, always comes along for the ride in her backpack. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dean Sankey of Menomonie, WI, has his 14-year-old son to thank for this buck, as he performed a one-man drive and pushed the monster right to dad. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jake McDanel, 5, of Boerne, TX, enjoys his first pheasant hunt with dad Brad. Jake carried this bird directly to his grandma, who we’re guessing was going to turn it into dinner for the family. Field & Stream Online Editors
Thomas Cooprider of Pembroke Pines, FL, with a 12-foot gator he shot during a hunt in 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
Three-year-old William Millage does his best impression of Gene Simmons from KISS while mugging it up with the elk sheds his dad found near Kamiah, ID. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Van Winkle of Marshall, MO, snagged this paddlefish during a trip with his wife to Lake of the Ozarks. Field & Stream Online Editors
Zane Moore of Arlington, TX, with a 14-point buck he shot last November. Field & Stream Online Editors
For their 50th birthdays, Lumberton, NJ, residents Anthony Berkley and his brother went fishing in Hawaii. Their prize with this 194-pound yellowfin tuna. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Parker of Berlin, WI, caught the tagged 27-inch walleye while trolling in Lake Winnebago. Field & Stream Online Editors
Travis H. Bowlin took this 189-pound boar during a bow hunt near Chattanooga, TN. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Merrill of Nortonville, KY, harvested this 8-pointer with his crossbow at 32 yards. It was the first buck he ever shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jill Williams of Crothersville, IN, got a little help from son Garrett when it came to reeling in this lunker bass. They released the fish right after this photo was snapped. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Bemke shot this 24-pound gobbler this spring in Missouri. Field & Stream Online Editors
While throwing a frog lure, Milun Mraz caught this owl. After removing the hook from the bird’s claw, the owl just hung out with Milun and his friend for about ten minutes before taking off. Field & Stream Online Editors
Adam Crail of Cut Bank, MT, scored this 10-pound female rainbow trout through the ice at Mission Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Marrissa Lee-Sasser with a 23-pound Alabama gobbler. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dave Smith, 11, of Fort Wayne, IN, attributes catching this big largemouth to the fact that he was wearing his lucky Peyton Manning jersey. Field & Stream Online Editors
Game Faces all-star Colin Wehrle of Rock Island, IL, nailed this gar on a gumball jig tipped with a silver Mister Twister grub. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeffrey Bird of Provo, UT, sent in this shot of his 17-year-old son posing with the second buck he’s ever shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Guess of Tifton, GA, shows daughter Cassidy all the basics of safe shooting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jerome Fail with a giant 227-pound buck he shot last season near Mt. Olive, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Adam Matson sent us this photo of his cousin with her first turkey. She shot it near Waukesha, WI, and it weighed in at 24 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
While not the biggest trout in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Jared Rice of Cullman, AL, wasn’t complaining about his rainy day catch. Field & Stream Online Editors
Glen Goodsell of Alburg, VT, shot this buck on opening day of the 2007 rifle season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cameron Hendewerk of Rathdrum, ID, snapped this shot during his first elk hunt of the season. The quad is actually floating in a sink hole. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Millage of Kamiah, ID, captured this photo while stalking a mountain lion. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joshua Hunt of Dexter, MO, with a 22-inch, 6-pound largemouth bass he landed earlier this June. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Andrews nabbed this 13-pound rainbow trout while fishing in Eastern Washington. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brothers Thomas and James Hughes hold a pair of big carp they shot while bowfishing on Lake Erie. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lance Leonard and his grandson Julius with two 20-inch trout they caught outside of St. Joseph, MO. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Meeks shows off a 30-pound carp. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nine-year-old Ty Gresset battled this 30-pound red drum during a cub scout outing at Lake Jackson, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Moyer with a nice fly-caught rainbow trout from the North Fork River in West Virginia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Merrell captured this shot of his little brother during a spring turkey hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eleven-year-old Katie Layton with her first redfish. She caught it on a live finger mullet near Port Aransas, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Hanks was lucky enough to find this shed during a spring turkey hunt in New Hampshire. Field & Stream Online Editors
Todd Burda of Wilber, NE, took this photo of a curious doe that approached him during muzzleloader season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Abare of Saint Albans, WV, with a fat largemouth taken from a local pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Redding of Winfield, MO, caught this 15-pound flathead catfish on a trot line. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kayla Hoiser, 13, shows off her third buck taken in four years of hunting. Her dad Scott played guide for her during this hunt near Sheffield Village, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brendon Wilson of Butler, PA, with a 26-pound turkey he took this spring. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cain Longan, 13, with his first buck, shot near Woodward, OK. Field & Stream Online Editors
Travis Arnold sent in this shot of friend Norm Klaver with three does he harvested near Rochester, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Stevens of Hoosick Falls, NY, got in close enough to get a good photo of this loon sitting on eggs in the Adirondack Mountains. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jerid Herman of Springville, UT, used a walleye rig on Yuba Lake to hook up this 15-pound northern pike. Field & Stream Online Editors
Young Ethan Ferraro of Skippack, PA, used a spinner to fool this 12-inch rainbow trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
“I was fly fishing in Montana when I hooked this trout,” says Jim Labus of Dunwoody, GA. “When my friend snapped the picture, the fish got camera shy and took off.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Two-year-old Hannah Charles caught this bluegill while fishing at her grandfather’s pond on Father’s Day with dad Larry. It was her first fish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ani Lowery took the opportunity to go hog hunting while on vacation in Florida. He killed this hog with a Cold Steel OSS. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charlene Juedes pulled this 11-inch bluegill through out of Wisconsin’s Menomonie River with an ice-fishing jig. Field & Stream Online Editors