Whitetail Hunting photo
Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamey Hendrix of Newton, AL, boated this 250-pound blue marlin during a trip to Quepos, Costa Rica. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kelly Pence of Bedford, TX, with her biggest buck in two years of hunting. Says Pence, “If only more women knew what they were missing!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jacob Holtz, 14, with his first turkey. He shot the 25-pound bird during Indiana’s first Spring Youth Turkey Season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jessica Wier of Austin, TX, shot this elephant in Botswana while hunting with her dad. She put three rounds into the animal as it charged her. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eight-year-old Cameron Peabody of Mobile, AL, used his sharp-shooting skills to get a few squirrels for his “Paw Paw” to eat for dinner. Field & Stream Online Editors
Little Suzanne Wylie of Cary, NC, preparing to cook a nice crappie in her toy oven. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Kirkley of Los Altos, CA, gives a farewell kiss to a nice Clear Lake largemouth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Colter Gerald (left) and friend Jarod Ensor of Hamilton, TX, shot these Aoudad on the last day of mule deer season while hunting in Caprock Canyons State Park. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Lovgren of Natrona Heights, PA, used a Barr emerger to fool this 23-inch rainbow in Spring Creek this May. Field & Stream Online Editors
On his birthday this June, six-year-old Finn Mott of Gypsum, CO, landed this big brown trout while stripping a soft hackle streamer in a local pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jessica Wier poses with the second buck she’s ever taken. The deer was shot on her friend’s ranch near Llano, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Says Kyle Bragg of Amarillo, TX, “This was the biggest largemouth I’ve ever caught. Of course, my older brother just had to stick his ugly face in the shot. Sure messed up a good picture.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Gabriel Hnat of Philadelphia, PA, scored this fat carp while kayak fishing on the Delaware River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Espy Price of Houston, TX, got this monster snook to slam a shrimp-tipped jig while fishing the surf in Sanibel Island, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mel Hollis of Houston, TX, shot this Axis deer on a June hunt near San Antonio. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ed Vasquez of Lomita, CA, boated this 30-pound halibut while fishing on a party boat out of Southern California. Field & Stream Online Editors
“This is the biggest turkey I ever shot with my bow,” says Keith Miller of Atascadero, CA. “I owe it all to my cammo visor that kept me hidden. Of course the blue jacket helped, too.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben Hilsabeck with the biggest buck he’s ever taken. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Degler hauled up this giant halibut in Alaska’s Lower Cook Inlet. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Kohrt caught this 13-pound walleye at 4:30 a.m. near Menominee, MI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jim Hines took this big buck with his bow during a hunt last November with friend Dale Peterman outside of Buffalo, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Knapp hooked this 25-pound flathead catfish on a live bluegill while fishing the Mississippi River near La Crosse, WI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kev Abbott of Detroit, MI hooked this 15-pound mirror carp on the Detroit River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gabriel Hobson caught and released this 6-pound bass on the Haw River in Saxaphaw, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
This fish smacked a rubber worm for David L. of Cranford, NJ, during a spring trip this year. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cole Sellers shows off the results of a cast-and-blast near Homosassa, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ron Boone used a willow-leaf spinnerbait to nail this 6-pound bass during the spawn near Klamath Falls, OR. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jacob Holtz, 14, of New Albany, IN, with a bluegill that nearly hit the 3-pound mark. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler Newhouse of Lebanon, PA, had to smear deer blood on his face and eat a piece of the heart, as is a family custom when you shoot your first one. Field & Stream Online Editors
Evan Mural of Round Lake, IL, thought he had a snag. What he ended up with was his first channel catfish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Seth Hutcheson of Gainesville, GA, with an Ontario smallmouth. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tadd Hutcheson with a 4 1/2-pound smallmouth bass caught on a Baby -1 in Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jackson Hunter Norris, 2, with a couple birds his dad shot near Torrington, WY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brad and Garret Gabriel with two marlin they caught on a father-son trip in the Dominican Republic. Field & Stream Online Editors
Don Hogan of DeSoto, MO, used a white fluke to nail this northern pike on a fishing trip to Ontario. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher Tyler of Chelsea, MI, bested this nice brownie while fishing a late-night Hex hatch on the South Branch of the Ausable River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamey Hendrix of Newton, AL, with a 14-point buck he shot last January. Field & Stream Online Editors
David M. Jones with a 6-pound Lake Marion blue catfish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Price of Custer Park, IL, caught these two largemouth on a black Zoom this June while fishing in Central Florida. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Fisher fooled this bluegill while spending a day fishing a local pond with his brother. Field & Stream Online Editors
Five-year-old Luke Chapman with his first fish. The monster was caught near Gate City, VA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charlie Aleval of Brownsville, TX, hooked this redfish in the surf at South Padre Island. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tim Knutson of South Elgin, IL, boated this flathead on a spinnerbait while smallmouth fishing on the Fox River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dana Siekawitch of Yakima, WA, shot this 20-pound turkey just this past season. It was his first bird. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andy Brasseur of Grand Rapids, MI, used a SPRO frog to hook into this largemouth bass. Field & Stream Online Editors
Adam K. Spotanski with a 3-pound largemouth caught near Grand Island, Nebraska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Doug Gurriell of Hawthorne, NJ, fooled this largemouth with a popper made from a broom handle. Gurriell says he got the idea after reading a Field & Stream article. Field & Stream Online Editors
Megan Mills Smith clearly won the battle with this 61-pound flathead catfish hooked up on the Alabama River using a live gizzard shad. Field & Stream Online Editors
Father-son team Keith and Ronnie Howell took these 8-pointers on the same morning while hunting near Mobile, AL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Walker Knight battled it out with this 37-pound redfish off the North Galveston Jetty in Houston, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors