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Zack Spence of Cochrane, Alberta, was actually wearing a cast on his arm the day he hooked this 210-pound halibut off British Columbia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Pollock of Cedar City, UT, with a massive bull elk he killed on public land last November. Field & Stream Online Editors
Devin Johnson of Dexter, MI, shot this nice deer on a hunt in Southern Utah. Field & Stream Online Editors
Hunter Anthony, 10, took this 25-pound long beard on his first turkey hunt. The bird fell near his home town of Granger, IN. Field & Stream Online Editors
This snapping turtle spit at Craig Snook of South Euclid, OH, constantly until Snook released the beast. He caught it during an outing for catfish. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Doyle of Somerville, MA, battled this 16-inch perch during an outing in New Hampshire. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Hudson of Indian River, MI, boated this 17-pound lake trout during an annual trip to Dog Lake in Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fifteen-year-old Mike Lictenwalner with his first New Mexico bear kill. The trophy weighed in at 325 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Patrick Murray of Ewa Beach, HI, with a fat coho salmon he bested while trolling alone of Mackinac Island in Michigan. Between clearing lines and fighting the fish, the battle last 30 minutes. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brayden Novello. 14, of Windsor, CA, poses proudly with his first buck. He shot it while hunting with his mother, Regina. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Shannon Temple of Angola, IN. used crickets to nail these two bull bluegills on Lake James in the fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
Randy Sartin sent us this shot of his wife with her first deer, a nine-pointer that scored 132 B & C. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamie Kenney with his first black bear. He shot it while hunting with his father-in-law and his best friend in Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tony Evans of Milltown, MT, hoists up a big Clark Fork River pike. Field & Stream Online Editors
Frank Hibbs of Pittsburgh, PA, with an 18-inch largemouth taken on a jig. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lewis Mazer IV of Brookhaven, MS, holds up the first fish he had caught since he was about 12 years old. His wife had always been into fishing, and managed to turn Lewis into an “angler reborn.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jesse Gonzales says the fishing the Spotted Bear River in Montana during fire season comes with low-flying hazards. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dan Mayer with his 38-inch pike caught this August in Ontario. Field & Stream Online Editors
Craig Snook of South Euclid, OH, fooled this largemouth with a live nightcrawler. Field & Stream Online Editors
Beto Gutierrez of Edinburg, TX, shot this 148-pound hog with a 20-year-old recurve bow and cedar arrows. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Richardson caught this nice rainbow trout on the Sedanka River while visiting the Kamchatcka Peninsula in Russia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christine Mariglia sent in this photo of “her hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman” who we assume is her boyfriend or husband with a giant rainbow trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
Carl Pickett of Toronton, Ontario, with two “buckets” he hooked on Lake Scugog with a green pumpkinseed YUM worm. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jessica Winborne caught this nice crappie from a private pond near Brookhaven, MS. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ken Demaree with a big cutthroat trout he connect with near Buffalo Fork, WY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Warren Bloom, 13, of Tenafly, NJ, with a 2 1/2-pound largemouth he reeled in while fishing local waters close to home. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Hintz of Lum, MI, with the 8-point buck he shot last season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeffery Kohler of South Bend, IN, used a jig and minnow to hook up this bronze back. Field & Stream Online Editors
Evan Bradshaw with a rainbow trout from Eagle Lake in California. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Schratz, 8, holds up a trophy bluegill caught near Clarendon Hills, IL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Martin Rinke of Ferndale, MI, caught this smallmouth of Lime Island in Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Morgan Smith of Jonesboro, AR, struggled to land this 12-pound catfish from the banks of the Tennessee River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ann Frier shows the bounty of her first fishing trip. She caught this little walleye on Rainy Lake in Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jaime Reyes and daughter Abbey shared a day casting the Barbie fishing rod and lucked into this largemouth near McKinney, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bruce Wilder used his cell phone camera to snap this shot of a nice bass he caught on a black grub in Sodus Bay, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Brandshaw sent in this photo of his wife and granddaughter with a rainbow trout they hooked outside of Lookout, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bradley Roy caught this stringer of bass in 2008 near Waterbury, VT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Payne of Mansfield, PA, with a near 11-pound bass he pulled from his grandfather¿s pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Brunet is stoked after boating this 4-pound largemouth bass in a small Connecticut pond. Field & Stream Online Editors