Field & Stream Online Editors
Meagan Cathey, 7, lured in this buck with a grunt call during a hunt near Lone Grove, OK, with dad Michael. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donald Parker sent us this photo of his granddaughter Lori and her first turkey. She shot the bird last April near Durant, OK. Field & Stream Online Editors
Young Ethan Townson holds an 8-pound bass he caught all by himself from his family’s private pond. Of course, dad Chris needed to provide a little muscle for the photo. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Downs of Cape Cod, MA, shot this coyote last winter in two feet of fresh snow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jessica VanBuekenhout, 2, of Manitoba, Canada, battles her first-ever northern pike. Check out the bend in that rod! Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jennifer Rutherford took this 10-point buck last season on her family lease in Campbell County, TN. Field & Stream Online Editors
John McDonald of Rockwood, MI, landed the 42-inch northern pike on Prickett Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tony Perea of Bartlett, IL, yanked this heavy king salmon from the Kenai River in Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Megan and Brian Erikson mug it up with a striper Megan scored off Kennebunkport, ME. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Cates of Raleigh, NC, made out okay on his first trip to Canada when he bested this fat muskie. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kenny Wampler nailed this big tiger muskie in the North Branch of Maryland’s Potomac River using only 6-pound line. Field & Stream Online Editors
Will Fults, 8, with his first big catch…a 12-pound drum from Rock Island State Park. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Moss shot this stud buck in December 2007 on a hunt in Delaware County, Ohio. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tony Martin of La Grange, IL, with a 12-pound silver salmon hooked on the fly during a visit to Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rebakah Villanti of Milwaukie, OR, holds her biggest trout catch to date. Field & Stream Online Editors
Max Schumacher of Phoenix, AZ, hoists up his 40-pound king salmon taken in Alaska’s Talkeetna River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Greefield with his first bullhead of the season taken near Waterloo, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ty Davis of Atlanta, GA, gives a victory kiss to a bloody amberjack he boated while fishing a gas rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nick Hudson, 6, with his first crappie. He caught the trophy near Bemidji, MN. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ron Crow of New London, IA, holds a 4-pound largemouth he duped with a blue-fleck Power Worm in a private pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Doug Keele and buddies David and Rolland show off a rabbit from a successful hunt in Vermont. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kerri Davis snapped this action shot of a big wahoo getting ripped over the rail of a charter boat during an offshore trip out of Dauphin Island, AL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Hob Weiss with a nice rainbow taken from the Bighorn River near Fort Smith, MT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sal Cornejo holds and 8-pound he caught on Falcon Lake in Zapata, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dan Hills proudly poses with his first mule deer taken near Ontario, Oregon. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Migliori of Pleasant Hill, CA, hold his largest rainbow trout ever hooked. The monster fell in Lafayette Reservoir. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dick Hill of Waterloo, NY, with a perch triple-header from Dean’s Cove. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jennifer Lanners, 17, of Fall Creek, WI, with a 25-pound tom she shot last April. Field & Stream Online Editors
Reiss Barnfield with a near 50-pound cobia he beat during his first saltwater fishing trip in Destin, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mia Kraklow, 9, of Franklin, WI, poses with an early-season goose she helped dad Tim harvest. Field & Stream Online Editors